Boost Shopify Conversion Rates with Perfect Collections

Boost Shopify Conversion Rates with Perfect Collections

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Curated Collections
  3. The Importance of Curated Collections
  4. The Challenges of Creating Optimized Collections
  5. Introducing Advanced Collections App
  6. Overview of Advanced Collections App
  7. Creating Custom Curated Collections
  8. Using Tags to Include and Exclude Products
  9. Leveraging Price Includes in Collections
  10. Incorporating Collection Includes for Granular Control
  11. Excluding Products in Curated Collections
  12. Case Study: Creating a Curated Collection with Advanced Collections App
  13. Syncing and Managing Collections with Advanced Collections App
  14. Integration with Navigation, Ads, and Email Marketing
  15. Conclusion

Boosting Conversion Rates with Curated Collections

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, increasing the conversion rate is essential for the success of any Shopify store. One effective strategy to achieve this is by creating curated collections of products that resonate with your target audience. This article will dive deep into the world of curated collections, explore their importance, and introduce an advanced app called Advanced Collections that simplifies the process of creating and managing optimized collections.


As an e-commerce store owner, you're constantly looking for ways to improve your store's performance and generate more revenue. Increasing the conversion rate, which is the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action (such as making a purchase), is a crucial aspect of achieving this goal. One powerful technique to boost conversion rates is by utilizing curated collections in your Shopify store.

Understanding Curated Collections

Curated collections are a product organization strategy that aims to present the perfect products to the right customers at the right time. Unlike generic product listings, curated collections are meticulously arranged to showcase the most intriguing and relevant products to your audience. This strategy works exceptionally well for niche stores, where customers are often tempted to purchase every product they encounter. By strategically positioning the most enticing products at the forefront, curated collections entice customers to explore your catalog further and make more purchases.

The Importance of Curated Collections

Curated collections play a pivotal role in increasing your conversion rate. By presenting customers with strategically selected products instead of randomly arranged ones, you create a personalized shopping experience that greatly influences their buying behavior. When customers encounter products that align with their interests and needs right from the start, they are more likely to convert into paying customers. The direct correlation between a well-curated collection and a higher conversion rate makes it imperative for Shopify store owners to focus on optimizing their collections.


  • Increased conversion rates
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Increased revenue potential


  • Requires careful product selection and organization
  • Continuous monitoring and updating of collections
  • Time-consuming without the right tools and strategies

The Challenges of Creating Optimized Collections

While the concept of curated collections sounds promising, implementing it effectively can be challenging. Store owners often struggle with determining the right data to use for optimization and collecting accurate data in the first place. Traditional analytics tools like Google Analytics may not provide the specific insights needed to curate collections. Additionally, manually updating collections and ensuring they remain relevant day after day can be time-consuming and impractical.

Introducing Advanced Collections App

To overcome the pain points associated with creating and managing optimized collections, Shopify offers an advanced app called Advanced Collections. This app revolutionizes the collection creation process and simplifies the optimization workflow, allowing store owners to effortlessly curate collections that drive conversion rates.

Overview of Advanced Collections App

Advanced Collections is an app specifically designed for Shopify store owners who want to take control of their curated collections. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, the app empowers users to organize products, customize collections, and automate updating processes. Let's explore some of the key features of Advanced Collections:

  1. Creating Custom Curated Collections: Advanced Collections provides an intuitive interface for creating custom collections tailored to your specific needs. Simply give the collection a visible name, and then utilize powerful inclusion and exclusion criteria to define which products should be included.

  2. Using Tags to Include and Exclude Products: Tags are an excellent way to categorize and organize products within your store. Advanced Collections leverages tags to allow precise inclusion and exclusion of products in curated collections. You can include products based on specific tags, such as "cats" or "sale," and even apply advanced tag criteria like starting with, ending with, or containing specific phrases.

  3. Leveraging Price Includes in Collections: Price can be a significant factor in curating collections, especially when running promotions or showcasing discounted items. Advanced Collections offers the ability to include products based on price reductions, allowing you to effortlessly create collections for sale items or products with certain price thresholds.

  4. Incorporating Collection Includes for Granular Control: Advanced Collections takes optimization to the next level by enabling collection includes. This feature allows you to combine multiple collections seamlessly, creating highly targeted subsets of products. Choose from a range of collection options, such as pushing out-of-stock items to the bottom or displaying collections in a specific order.

  5. Excluding Products in Curated Collections: In addition to including products, you can also exclude specific products from your curated collections. This is particularly useful when you have products that are already performing well or are already discounted. By excluding these products, you can ensure that your collections only showcase the most relevant and enticing items.

Case Study: Creating a Curated Collection with Advanced Collections App

To better understand how the Advanced Collections app works, let's walk through a case study. Imagine you run a Shopify store specializing in cat-related merchandise. You want to create a curated collection showcasing all cat-themed products but excluding any items with the tag "dogs" or products that are already on sale.

Using the Advanced Collections app, you can easily set these criteria. First, create a new advanced collection titled "Cat Sale." Next, select the tag includes option and specify the tag "cats." This ensures that only products with the tag "cats" will be included in the collection. To exclude products tagged as "dogs" or products on sale, utilize the exclusion criteria options. By doing so, you create a curated collection that exclusively features cat-related products on offer.

Syncing and Managing Collections with Advanced Collections App

Once you have created your curated collections, the Advanced Collections app simplifies the syncing and management process. With a single click, you can sync your collections, ensuring that all updates and changes are immediately reflected on your storefront. This automation eliminates the need for manual maintenance and ensures your curated collections are always up to date.

Integration with Navigation, Ads, and Email Marketing

The true power of curated collections lies in their ability to be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of your store's marketing. Advanced Collections provides easy integration with navigation menus, allowing you to feature curated collections prominently. You can also leverage your collections for targeted ad campaigns and email marketing, increasing the chances of converting prospects into customers.


Curated collections are a powerful tool for increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify store. With the Advanced Collections app, creating and managing optimized collections becomes a straightforward and efficient task. By using the app's advanced features, you can easily include and exclude products, leverage tags and price criteria, and build highly curated collections that resonate with your target audience. Embrace the power of curated collections and watch your conversion rates soar, ultimately leading to increased revenue and business success.


  • Boost conversion rates with curated collections
  • Exclusively showcase the most relevant products to your audience
  • Advanced Collections app simplifies the creation and management of optimized collections
  • Utilize tags, prices, and collection includes for granular control
  • Seamlessly integrate curated collections into navigation, ads, and email marketing
  • Automation with syncing ensures always up-to-date collections
  • Witness increased revenue and business success with curated collections


Q: Can I use Advanced Collections to create collections for my niche store? A: Yes, Advanced Collections is especially beneficial for niche stores as it allows you to curate collections that perfectly cater to your target audience.

Q: Is it time-consuming to update and maintain curated collections? A: Not with Advanced Collections. The app automates the syncing and updating process, eliminating the need for manual maintenance.

Q: Can I exclude specific products from my curated collections? A: Absolutely. Advanced Collections offers exclusion criteria, allowing you to exclude products that are already selling well or are already on sale.

Q: Can I integrate my curated collections into my navigation, ads, and email marketing? A: Yes, Advanced Collections easily integrates with navigation menus, ad campaigns, and email marketing. This allows you to promote your curated collections effectively and boost conversion rates.

Q: Will using curated collections increase my conversion rate and revenue? A: Yes, by presenting customers with curated collections that resonate with their interests and needs, you create a personalized shopping experience that significantly influences their buying behavior, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue.

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