Boost Sales with Personalized Recommendations on the Thank You Page

Boost Sales with Personalized Recommendations on the Thank You Page

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Product Recommendations Widget? 2.1. Using a Specific Collection 2.2. Rebuy Recommendations 2.3. Shopify Recommendations
  3. Setting Up the Widget 3.1. Choosing Products to Display 3.2. Customizing Loader Text 3.3. Setting the Title 3.4. Adjusting Display Settings
  4. Adding a Discount 4.1. Premade Discount vs. Automatic Discount 4.2. Choosing the Discount Type 4.3. Limiting the Discount to Higher-Priced Products 4.4. Adding Free Shipping to the Discount
  5. Pricing Options 5.1. Original Price 5.2. Final Price on Shopify 5.3. Price After Discount
  6. Customizing Colors and Buttons 6.1. Quick View Settings 6.2. Shop Now Button 6.3. View All Button
  7. Testing the Widget on a Thank You Page
  8. Conclusion

What is the Product Recommendations Widget?

The Product Recommendations Widget is a powerful feature offered by Reconvert that allows you to add a scrollable product recommendation section to your Thank You page. This widget provides personalized recommendations to your customers based on their previous purchases or your general bestsellers. With the ability to customize and optimize the widget, it can greatly enhance your conversion and retention rates.

The widget offers three options for displaying product recommendations: using a specific collection, utilizing Rebuy recommendations, or relying on Shopify recommendations. Each option has its own benefits and considerations, allowing you to choose the most suitable approach for your store.

Setting Up the Widget

To set up the Product Recommendations Widget, you will need to navigate to the Reconvert page builder. Once there, you can add the widget to a designated area on your Thank You page. Before configuring the widget, you have the option to choose which products to display. You can either select a specific collection, utilize Rebuy recommendations, or take advantage of Shopify recommendations. Each option offers unique advantages in tailoring the recommendations to your customers' needs.

In addition to choosing the product display, you can customize the loader text, which appears while the widget loads. This provides an opportunity to communicate a unique message to your customers or simply ask them to wait a few seconds until the recommendations load.

The title of the widget can also be adjusted to suit your branding and style. By default, the title corresponds to the chosen collection or recommendations type, but you have the freedom to make it more prominent or eye-catching.

To further enhance the appearance and functionality of the widget, you can modify the display settings. This includes options such as showing or hiding product vendors, displaying variant options with drop-down menus, and showing prices for different variants.

Adding a Discount

One of the key features of the Product Recommendations Widget is the ability to offer discounts to your customers on the Thank You page. Discounts can be a powerful upselling tool, encouraging customers to make additional purchases. Reconvert offers both premade discounts and automatic discounts for your convenience.

Using the automatic discount option allows Reconvert to manage the discount for you seamlessly. You can choose from four types of discounts: free shipping, a fixed amount per unit, a percentage discount, or a discount applied once for the entire order. By selecting the discount type that aligns with your strategy, you can entice customers to take advantage of the recommended products.

To provide flexibility, you can limit the discount to products that are above a certain price. This ensures that the discount is applied only to higher-priced items, making it more appealing to customers without compromising your profit margins.

Additionally, you have the option to include free shipping with the discount if the customer has already made a purchase on the Thank You page. This avoids charging for shipping multiple times if the customer adds more products to their order.

Pricing Options

The Product Recommendations Widget provides various pricing options to display to your customers. You can choose to show the original price from Shopify, the final price on Shopify after any discounts, or the price after the Thank You page discount. Each option serves a different purpose, allowing you to demonstrate the savings and value to your customers effectively.

It is important to note that the discount calculation is based on the original price in Shopify, not the compare-to price. This ensures accuracy and consistency in applying the discount.

Customizing Colors and Buttons

To match the widget with the overall design of your store, Reconvert offers customization options for colors and buttons. You have the ability to adjust the appearance of the quick view button, the "Shop Now" button, and the "View All" button. By selecting appropriate colors, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing shopping experience for your customers.

The quick view button allows customers to see a product description page without leaving the Thank You page. This feature enables quick purchases and provides a seamless user experience.

The "Shop Now" button directs customers to the product page, allowing them to explore more details before making a purchase decision. Meanwhile, the "View All" button can be customized to either lead customers to a specific collection or display all available products. These buttons provide additional flexibility and options for navigating your store directly from the Thank You page.

Testing the Widget on a Thank You Page

After configuring and customizing the Product Recommendations Widget, it is crucial to test it on a real-life Thank You page. This allows you to see how the recommendations appear and ensure that everything functions as intended. By thoroughly testing the widget, you can make any necessary adjustments to optimize the customer experience and maximize conversions.


The Product Recommendations Widget offered by Reconvert is a valuable tool for boosting conversion and retention rates on your Thank You page. By utilizing personalized recommendations based on customer preferences, you can enhance the shopping experience and drive additional purchases. The ability to customize the widget's appearance and functionality allows for a tailored and cohesive branding experience. With the right setup and optimization, the Product Recommendations Widget can be a powerful asset in your e-commerce strategy.


  • The Product Recommendations Widget adds a scrollable recommendation section to your Thank You page.
  • Three options for displaying recommendations: using a specific collection, Rebuy recommendations, or Shopify recommendations.
  • Customizable loader text, title, and display settings.
  • Offer discounts to customers on the Thank You page using automatic discounts.
  • Multiple pricing options to display original price, final price, or price after discount.
  • Customize colors and buttons for a cohesive store design.
  • Test the widget on a real-life Thank You page to ensure functionality.
  • The Product Recommendations Widget enhances conversion and retention rates on the Thank You page.


Q: Can I choose specific products to display in the widget? A: Yes, you have the option to choose a specific collection, utilize Rebuy recommendations, or rely on Shopify recommendations.

Q: Are discounts available with the Product Recommendations Widget? A: Yes, you can offer discounts to customers on the Thank You page. Reconvert provides both premade and automatic discount options.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the widget? A: Yes, you can customize the loader text, title, colors, and buttons to match your store's branding and design.

Q: How can I test the widget before implementing it? A: You can test the Product Recommendations Widget on a real-life Thank You page to ensure its functionality and optimize the customer experience.

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