Boost Sales with Klarna in Your Shopify Store

Boost Sales with Klarna in Your Shopify Store

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Logging in to Shopify
  3. Creating a Store
  4. Searching for Klarna in the Shopify App Store
  5. Adding Klarna to Your Shopify Store
  6. Connecting with PingPong Checkout
  7. Connecting with
  8. Adding Klarna Manually
  9. Setting Up Payment Methods
  10. Conclusion



Welcome back to another video! In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step on how to add Klarna to your Shopify store. Klarna is a popular payment platform that offers flexible payment options and on-site messaging, which can help you convert more sales. By adding Klarna to your Shopify store, you can provide your customers with a smooth and convenient checkout experience. So, let's get started!

1. Logging in to Shopify

To begin, log in to your Shopify account. If you don't have an account yet, create one by signing up with your email. Once logged in, you will be directed to your Shopify dashboard.

2. Creating a Store

If you haven't created a store yet, click on "Create a Store" and follow the prompts. If you already have a store, skip this step and proceed to the next section.

3. Searching for Klarna in the Shopify App Store

In the Shopify dashboard, look for the search bar at the top and click on "Apps." Type "Klarna" in the search bar and hit enter. You will be taken to the Shopify App Store.

4. Adding Klarna to Your Shopify Store

In the App Store search results, you will find Klarna. There are two options: Klarna On-Site Messaging and Klarna Creator Platform. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Note that Klarna may not be compatible in all regions, but we will provide an alternative solution later in the article.

5. Connecting with PingPong Checkout

If Klarna is compatible in your region, click on the Klarna app and click "Install App." This will guide you through the installation process. You will need to create a PingPong Checkout account if you don't have one already. Follow the instructions to connect PingPong Checkout with your Shopify store.

6. Connecting with

If Klarna is not compatible in your region, you can choose to connect with instead. Click on the Klarna app and follow the prompts to connect with You will need to create a account and obtain API credentials to complete the integration.

7. Adding Klarna Manually

If neither of the options mentioned above works for you, you can add Klarna manually. In the Shopify dashboard, go to "Settings" and click on "Payments." Choose the "Manual Payment Methods" section and click on "Add Manual Payment Method." Enter the necessary details, including the Klarna name, and save the changes.

8. Setting Up Payment Methods

Once Klarna is connected to your Shopify store, you can customize your payment methods further. You can add additional payment providers like PayPal or Stripe, or set up a custom payment method. In the Shopify dashboard, go to "Settings" and click on "Payments." Explore the available options to configure your preferred payment methods.

9. Conclusion

Congratulations! You have successfully added Klarna to your Shopify store. By offering Klarna as a payment option, you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers and potentially increase sales. If you encountered any issues during the process, feel free to reach out for assistance. Thank you for watching this tutorial, and we hope it helps you optimize your Shopify store for success.


  • Step-by-step guide on adding Klarna to your Shopify store
  • Options for connecting with PingPong Checkout or
  • Manual setup for regions where Klarna is not compatible
  • Customizable payment methods to cater to your customers' preferences
  • Enhance the shopping experience and potentially boost sales


Q: Can I add Klarna to my Shopify store if I'm not located in a supported region?

A: Yes, you can manually add Klarna to your Shopify store by following the steps outlined in this tutorial. Check the "Adding Klarna Manually" section for detailed instructions.

Q: Are there any additional fees for using Klarna?

A: Klarna may have its own fees and charges for processing payments. It is recommended to review Klarna's pricing details and terms to understand the associated costs.

Q: Can I use Klarna with other payment methods like PayPal or Stripe?

A: Yes, you can use Klarna alongside other payment providers like PayPal or Stripe. In the Shopify dashboard, you can configure multiple payment methods to offer your customers a variety of options during checkout.

Q: Is Klarna available for all Shopify plans?

A: Klarna should be available for most Shopify plans, but it's always recommended to check with Shopify support or the Klarna app documentation for any specific plan requirements or limitations.

Q: How long does it take to set up Klarna on Shopify?

A: The setup process for adding Klarna to your Shopify store can vary depending on your familiarity with the platform and the specific steps involved. Generally, it should take about 20-30 minutes to complete the integration.

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