Boost Your Sales in 2021 with the Best Shopify Apps

Boost Your Sales in 2021 with the Best Shopify Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Choosing the Right Shopify Apps
  3. App #1: Smart Search and Instant Search
    • Streamlining the Search Process
    • Enhanced Conversions
  4. App #2: Crush Pics - Image Optimizer
    • Increasing Site Loading Speed
    • Optimizing File Sizes
  5. App #3: Looks - Review App
    • Importance of Product Reviews
    • Integrating Reviews from AliExpress
  6. App #4: Klaviyo - Email Marketing
    • Advanced Functionality for Email Marketing
    • Abandoned Cart Emails
  7. App #5: Lucky Orange - Heat Mapping and Customer Behavior Tracking
    • Understanding Customer Behavior
    • Identifying Areas of Improvement for Increased Conversions
  8. App #6: After Ship - Tracking and Order Notifications
    • Meeting Customer Expectations
    • Reducing Customer Support Queries
  9. Conclusion

The Best Shopify Apps for Your Store in 2020

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, it's crucial to choose the right Shopify apps for your store to stay ahead of the competition. With an overwhelming number of apps available, it's important to select ones that are not only effective but also ensure a smooth user experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Shopify apps that will enhance the functionality and performance of your store while improving conversions and customer satisfaction.

App #1: Smart Search and Instant Search

Search functionality plays a vital role in helping customers find the products they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Smart Search and Instant Search app enhances the basic search feature of your Shopify store, streamlining the search process for users. By allowing visitors to set different filters such as price range, sizes, colors, and more, this app ensures that customers find exactly what they want. The ease and convenience of finding the desired products will lead to increased conversions for your store. With over 800 positive reviews and an average rating of 4.9 stars, this app comes highly recommended.

App #2: Crush Pics - Image Optimizer

The loading speed of your online store is crucial in capturing and retaining customer attention. Crush Pics - Image Optimizer app helps increase your site's loading speed by optimizing the file sizes of your product photos and other images. By reducing the file sizes while maintaining the quality of the images, this app ensures that your pages load quickly, minimizing bounce rates and improving customer experience. With faster loading times, you can provide a seamless browsing experience and encourage visitors to explore your products further.

App #3: Looks - Review App

Product reviews are essential in building trust with potential customers. Looks - Review App is a highly recommended review app that offers valuable functionality and features. With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, this app allows you to import reviews directly from AliExpress, even if you don't have any yet. Customer reviews provide social proof and help increase conversion rates by instilling confidence in potential buyers. By integrating this review app into your store, you can showcase positive feedback and encourage more purchases.

App #4: Klaviyo - Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool in driving sales and customer engagement. Klaviyo is a comprehensive email marketing app that offers advanced functionality, allowing you to run effective email campaigns all in one dashboard. With this app, you can set up abandoned cart emails, helping you recover potentially lost sales. Additionally, by sending out newsletters and promotions, you can stay connected with your audience and drive repeat purchases. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to generate revenue, and Klaviyo simplifies the entire process.

App #5: Lucky Orange - Heat Mapping and Customer Behavior Tracking

Understanding how customers interact with your website is vital in optimizing your store for better conversions. Lucky Orange is a heat mapping and customer behavior tracking app that provides valuable insights into user behavior. By analyzing heat maps and video recordings of customer activity on your site, you can identify areas of improvement and tailor your store to meet customer needs. This app allows you to see which links and elements on your pages are receiving the most clicks, making it easier for you to optimize your website for better conversions.

App #6: After Ship - Tracking and Order Notifications

Providing a seamless post-purchase experience is integral to customer satisfaction and repeat business. After Ship is an app that helps you streamline the tracking and notification process for your customers. With this app, customers can easily track their orders and receive timely updates on the delivery progress. This level of transparency and reassurance enhances the overall customer experience and reduces the number of support queries related to order tracking. By meeting customer expectations for order visibility, you can build trust and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, selecting the right Shopify apps for your store plays a significant role in its success. By utilizing apps such as Smart Search and Instant Search, Crush Pics - Image Optimizer, Looks - Review App, Klaviyo - Email Marketing, Lucky Orange - Heat Mapping, and After Ship - Tracking and Order Notifications, you can enhance your store's functionality, improve conversions, and provide a superior shopping experience for your customers. Choose wisely and ensure that the selected apps align with your store's specific requirements and goals.

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