Boost Sales with Imported Amazon Reviews

Boost Sales with Imported Amazon Reviews

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Same Product on Amazon
  3. Importing Reviews Automatically
  4. Importing Reviews Manually
  5. Using the Easy Amazon Reviews Importer App
  6. Using the App
  7. Creating a Review Manually
  8. Asking Customers to Import Reviews
  9. Conclusion

Importing Amazon Reviews into your Shopify Store

Welcome, everybody, to Disney videos! In this article, we will explore how you can import reviews from Amazon into your Shopify store. Reviews play a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility among potential customers. By displaying reviews from real people on your store, you can boost sales and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Finding the Same Product on Amazon

The first step to importing Amazon reviews is to find the same product that you're selling on your store. This ensures that the reviews are relevant and helpful for your customers. You can search for the exact product on Amazon by using keywords, brand logo, and color. Once you find the product, make sure to browse through the reviews section and select the ones that reflect the quality and features of your product accurately.

Importing Reviews Automatically

There are two ways to import Amazon reviews into your Shopify store: manually and automatically. If you prefer an automated approach, you can use various applications available on Shopify's App Store. One popular option is the "Amazon Reviews" application, which allows you to import reviews seamlessly. Look for an application with a free plan and excellent reviews/ratings. Install the application and follow the instructions to import the reviews automatically.

Importing Reviews Manually

If you can't find a suitable application or prefer a manual approach, you can still import Amazon reviews into your Shopify store. One such method is by using the "Easy Amazon Reviews Importer" application. Install the application from Shopify's App Store, and then select the product you want to import reviews for. Copy the Amazon URL of the product and paste it into the application. Customize the import options, such as filtering reviews by star ratings, and choose the appropriate plan. Once done, view your imported reviews directly on your Shopify store.

Using the Easy Amazon Reviews Importer App

The "Easy Amazon Reviews Importer" is a highly recommended application for importing Amazon reviews automatically. It comes with a free plan that includes one template and allows you to list up to 20 reviews with images, dates, and names. The application also offers paid plans with additional features if you require more functionality. By using this app, you can easily import reviews for your products and provide valuable insights to your potential customers.

Using the App

Another reliable application for importing reviews into your Shopify store is "" This application is completely free and provides an easy way to add reviews manually. Once you've installed the app, you can start creating reviews for your products directly within the app's interface. Simply enter the necessary details, such as the reviewer's name, rating, title, and review body. You can even add a product image or a YouTube URL if desired. This app allows you to create authentic and informative reviews for your products.

Creating a Review Manually

To create a review manually, you can use the "" app or reach out to customers and ask them to import a review. If you choose the former, simply navigate to the app's dashboard and follow the instructions to add a review. Enter the required information, and submit the review. The review will then be added successfully to your store. Alternatively, you can ask customers who have already purchased your product to leave a review. This way, you can ensure genuine feedback from satisfied customers.

Asking Customers to Import Reviews

A proactive approach to acquiring reviews is to directly ask customers to import reviews. If you have an app or an email system in place, you can send requests to customers encouraging them to share their experience and feedback by importing a review. By making it easy for customers to leave reviews, you can gather valuable insights and build a loyal customer base.


Incorporating Amazon reviews into your Shopify store is an effective strategy to boost sales and enhance customer trust. By following the methods described in this article, you can seamlessly import reviews and provide potential customers with valuable information about your products. Choose the approach that suits your needs, whether it's using an automated app or manually adding reviews. Utilize the power of reviews to create an engaging shopping experience for your customers and drive success for your Shopify store.


  • Import Amazon reviews into your Shopify store
  • Boost sales and enhance customer trust
  • Find the same product on Amazon
  • Import reviews automatically or manually
  • Use apps like "Easy Amazon Reviews Importer" and ""
  • Create reviews manually or ask customers to import reviews
  • Engage customers and provide valuable information about your products


Q: Can I import reviews for any product on Amazon? A: Yes, as long as you can find the exact same product on Amazon, you can import the reviews for that product.

Q: Are automated apps like "Easy Amazon Reviews Importer" safe to use? A: Yes, these apps are designed to simplify the process of importing reviews and are widely used by Shopify store owners. However, it's essential to choose a reputable app with good reviews and ratings.

Q: Is it better to import reviews automatically or manually? A: It depends on your preference and the number of reviews you want to import. Automated apps offer convenience, while manual import allows more control over the selection and customization of reviews.

Q: Can I ask customers to import reviews even if they haven't purchased the product from my store? A: Yes, you can reach out to customers who have bought your product from any source and ask them to import a review. This helps in gathering genuine feedback and enhancing credibility.

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