Boost Sales with Effective Product Reviews

Boost Sales with Effective Product Reviews

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Customer Reviews
  3. Tips for Generating Customer Reviews 3.1 Ask your customers to review your products 3.2 Add photo reviews 3.3 Offer free samples 3.4 Don't write fake reviews 3.5 Utilize review apps
  4. Recommended Review Apps 4.1 Product Reviews by Shopify 4.2 Reviews Add-on by Stamped 4.3 Photo Reviews by Loox
  5. Continuous Efforts for Getting Reviews
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

How to Get Customer Reviews: 5 Tips for Effective Marketing

When it comes to marketing your products, customer reviews can be more powerful than even the most brilliant copywriting. But how do you actually get customers to write reviews? In this article, we will explore five effective tips for generating social proof through customer reviews. From asking your customers to review your products to utilizing review apps, we'll cover various strategies to help you boost your brand's reputation and drive more sales. So let's dive in and learn how you can make your customers your best marketing team.

1. Ask your customers to review your products

Straightforward but highly effective, asking your customers for their thoughts is the most direct way to generate reviews. According to Search Engine Land, about 70% of customers will leave a review when asked. It's important to be genuine and emphasize the importance of their feedback. Timing is also crucial, so it's best to ask for reviews shortly after the customer has received their product. You can even offer a discount as an incentive for leaving a review.

2. Add photo reviews

Incorporating photo reviews can significantly enhance the impact of customer testimonials. Seeing a picture of a satisfied customer with your product is like gold for your marketing efforts. If a customer posts a photo on social media, reach out to them and ask for their permission to use it on your own channels. This not only provides valuable social proof but also creates a sense of community and authenticity around your brand.

3. Offer free samples

When starting out, offering free samples can be a great way to generate reviews. Identify individuals who are interested in your niche and ask them to try your product in exchange for an honest review. Use this opportunity to gather market research as well by asking for their feedback on aspects like the product's appearance, usability, and potential barriers to purchasing. This dual approach can help you gather valuable reviews while also gaining insights to improve your product.

4. Don't write fake reviews

Building trust is paramount for your brand, so it should go without saying that writing fake reviews is a big NO. Fake reviews not only undermine trust but are also easily detectable by customers. Focus on providing genuine value and delivering excellent products and services. Once you start gaining customers, you can then focus on encouraging them to write authentic reviews.

5. Utilize review apps

To streamline the process of collecting reviews, there are several review apps available that can automate and simplify the task. For example, you can use apps that send automated emails to customers after they make a purchase, making it easy for them to leave a review directly in the email. Some apps even allow customers to upload photos along with their reviews, amplifying the visual appeal. Additionally, there are apps that curate user-generated content from platforms like Instagram, automatically requesting permission for reuse. Take a look at some of the highly recommended review apps like Product Reviews by Shopify, Reviews Add-on by Stamped, and Photo Reviews by Loox.

By implementing these strategies and utilizing review apps, you can not only increase the number of customer reviews but also improve their quality and authenticity. Remember, getting reviews is an ongoing effort, and continuously reaching out to your customers is vital to growing your store's reviews and driving conversions. So start engaging with your customers, ask for their feedback, and let their reviews do the talking for your brand.


  • Customer reviews are a powerful form of social proof for marketing products.
  • Asking customers for reviews is the most effective way to generate them.
  • Incorporating photo reviews and offering free samples can boost the impact of customer testimonials.
  • Avoid writing fake reviews as it undermines trust in your brand.
  • Utilize review apps to automate and simplify the review collection process.
  • Continuous efforts are required to consistently grow your store's reviews and drive conversions.

FAQ: Q: How can I encourage my customers to write reviews? A: One of the most effective ways is by directly asking them for their thoughts. You can also offer incentives like discounts or freebies in exchange for reviews.

Q: Are photo reviews more influential than text-only reviews? A: Yes, photo reviews can significantly enhance the impact of customer testimonials as they provide visual proof and authenticity.

Q: Is it ethical to write fake reviews for my products? A: No, writing fake reviews is not ethical and can harm your brand's reputation. Trust and authenticity are crucial for building long-term customer relationships.

Q: How do review apps help with collecting and managing customer reviews? A: Review apps automate the process of collecting and organizing reviews, making it easier for customers to leave feedback and for you to showcase them on your website or social media channels.

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