Automate Your Shopify Analytics with Data Export Reports

Automate Your Shopify Analytics with Data Export Reports

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Need for Automated Analytics
  3. Introducing Data Export Reports
  4. Installing and Setting Up Data Export Reports
  5. Generating Customizable Sales Reports
  6. Creating and Managing Reports
  7. Exporting and Sharing Reports
  8. Additional Features and Settings
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ


Welcome to Educate E-commerce, your go-to destination for Shopify tutorials and e-commerce solutions. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of automated analytics and how you can integrate it into your Shopify store using Data Export Reports.

Understanding the Need for Automated Analytics

Running an e-commerce store requires constant analysis of sales data, order values, and customer reports, among other things. While Shopify provides an analytics app, it may not offer the level of customization and integration needed for a comprehensive analysis. This is where Data Export Reports comes in.

Introducing Data Export Reports

Data Export Reports is a Shopify app that allows you to automate your analytics by generating customized reports based on your store's data. With over 2,000 different types of reports, you can gain deeper insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions.

Installing and Setting Up Data Export Reports

To get started with Data Export Reports, you can find the app in the Shopify app store and install it on your store. Once installed, you will be asked to provide your details for enrollment. After enrollment, the app will sync with your Shopify store to gather all the necessary data for generating reports.

Generating Customizable Sales Reports

One of the key features of Data Export Reports is its ability to generate customizable sales reports. You can choose from a variety of filters and fields to create reports that match your specific requirements. Whether you want to track sales by date, product variant, or any other parameter, Data Export Reports has you covered.

Creating and Managing Reports

With Data Export Reports, you can create multiple reports and categorize them according to your preferences. You can easily edit the name of the report, select the desired fields and filters, and even customize the date range. Once you have created a report, it will be saved in your account for future reference.

Exporting and Sharing Reports

Data Export Reports allows you to export your reports as CSV files, which can be easily accessed and analyzed in spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets. Additionally, you can schedule reports to be generated at specific intervals, such as monthly or quarterly, and have them emailed to you or saved in your preferred cloud storage.

Additional Features and Settings

Apart from sales reports, Data Export Reports offers a range of other features and settings. These include inventory management, tax reporting, customer information collection, refund details, and more. You can customize these settings according to your business needs and automate various processes to save time and effort.


Automated analytics is an essential tool for any e-commerce store owner who wants to make data-driven decisions. With Data Export Reports, you can easily generate customizable and detailed reports, saving you both time and manual effort. Start leveraging the power of automated analytics today to optimize your store's performance.


Q: Can I create reports for specific time periods?

A: Yes, you can choose the date range for your reports, allowing you to analyze data for specific periods such as months, quarters, or even custom intervals.

Q: Can I schedule reports to be generated automatically?

A: Absolutely. Data Export Reports enables you to schedule the generation of reports at predetermined intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Q: Can I export the reports to a Google Sheet?

A: Yes, you have the option to export your reports directly to a Google Sheet, making it easy to collaborate and further analyze the data.

Q: Can I customize the fields and filters in my reports?

A: Yes, Data Export Reports provides a flexible interface that allows you to select and customize the fields and filters included in your reports.

Q: Is Data Export Reports compatible with Shopify meta fields?

A: Yes, you can sync up your meta fields with Data Export Reports to include additional information in your reports.

Q: Can I track and manage inventory using Data Export Reports?

A: Yes, Data Export Reports offers inventory management features, allowing you to track and restock products that are out of stock.

Q: What account settings are available in Data Export Reports?

A: In the account settings, you can manage your subscription, sync meta fields, choose to sync customer details, connect with cloud storage services, and more.

Q: Is Data Export Reports compatible with Shopify Plus?

A: Yes, Data Export Reports can be used with Shopify Plus as well as other Shopify plans.

Q: Is the data exported by Data Export Reports secure?

A: Yes, Data Export Reports prioritizes data security and ensures that your store's data is handled with utmost confidentiality.

Q: Can I generate reports for specific product variants?

A: Yes, Data Export Reports allows you to filter and include specific product variants in your reports for a more detailed analysis of your sales.

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