Automate Your Email Marketing with Klaviyo and Zapier

Automate Your Email Marketing with Klaviyo and Zapier

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Logging in to Klaviyo and Zapier
  3. Integrating Klaviyo and Zapier
  4. Using Klaviyo and Zapier for action triggers
  5. Using Klaviyo and Zapier for adding subscribers
  6. Adding additional information in Klaviyo
  7. Using Zapier to start from Klaviyo
  8. Considerations when using Zapier and Klaviyo
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

How to Integrate Zapier and Klaviyo and Start Using It

In today's video, Andriy from Flowium email marketing agency will guide you through the process of integrating Klaviyo and Zapier and getting started with it. This tutorial will walk you step-by-step on how to log in to your Klaviyo and Zapier accounts, how to integrate them, and how to use them for various actions and triggers.

1. Introduction

Before we dive into the technical details, Andriy provides a brief introduction to himself and his role as a creator of the Flowium YouTube channel. He sets the stage for the video by explaining the purpose of the tutorial and the valuable information it will provide.

2. Logging in to Klaviyo and Zapier

The first step in integrating Klaviyo and Zapier is to log in to both platforms. Andriy demonstrates how to access your Klaviyo account and showcases his own Klaviyo account as an example. He then proceeds to show you how to navigate to the Zaps section within Zapier, where you will find Klaviyo listed as an option.

3. Integrating Klaviyo and Zapier

To integrate Klaviyo and Zapier, you will need to provide Zapier with your Klaviyo public ID and private API. Andriy walks you through the process of obtaining these credentials within your Klaviyo account settings. He emphasizes the importance of properly naming your API keys for organizational purposes.

4. Using Klaviyo and Zapier for Action Triggers

Once the integration is complete, Andriy explains the two methods for using Klaviyo and Zapier together. The first method involves triggering actions in Klaviyo based on activities in external platforms, such as submitting a sign-up form or survey. Andriy provides a hypothetical example using a Google Form to illustrate this process.

5. Using Klaviyo and Zapier for Adding Subscribers

Another way to leverage Klaviyo and Zapier is by adding subscribers to Klaviyo from external sources. Andriy demonstrates how this can be done by connecting a Google Form response to Klaviyo. He explains the steps involved in selecting the appropriate Klaviyo site and list, and recommends including additional information such as name along with the email address.

6. Adding Additional Information in Klaviyo

Andriy emphasizes the importance of collecting and adding relevant data in Klaviyo, such as names in addition to email addresses. This additional information can be used to personalize email communications and enhance the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

7. Using Zapier to Start from Klaviyo

Andriy introduces the concept of creating a Zapp in Zapier that starts from Klaviyo. He explains the process for configuring a new event in Klaviyo and highlights the events that can be tracked, such as email opens, unsubscribes, purchases, and cart abandonment. He advises caution when using this method due to potential duplication of actions.

8. Considerations when Using Zapier and Klaviyo

Andriy provides some valuable considerations when using Zapier and Klaviyo together. He acknowledges that while creating a log of actions per user may be helpful in some scenarios, it may not be appropriate for all use cases. He advises against using this method unless you have a specific requirement.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, Andriy recaps the main points covered in the video and emphasizes the benefits of integrating Klaviyo and Zapier for automation and efficiency in email marketing.


Q: Can I integrate Klaviyo and Zapier if I don't have a Klaviyo account? A: No, you will need an active Klaviyo account to integrate it with Zapier.

Q: Are there any limitations to the actions and triggers that can be used with Klaviyo and Zapier? A: While there are various actions and triggers available, it's important to note that not all platforms or activities may be supported. It is recommended to explore the options within both Klaviyo and Zapier to determine compatibility.

Q: Can I use Klaviyo and Zapier for other types of integrations besides email marketing? A: Yes, while the focus of this tutorial is on integrating Klaviyo and Zapier for email marketing purposes, both platforms offer a wide range of integrations with other tools and services. It's worth exploring the possibilities beyond email marketing automation.

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