Automate Shopify Invoices with Zoho Books Integration

Automate Shopify Invoices with Zoho Books Integration

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Manual Invoice Creation
  3. Automation with Public Connect
  4. Setting up Public Connect
  5. Creating a Workflow
  6. Trigger and Action
  7. Connecting Shopify Store
  8. Setting up Webhooks
  9. Capturing Webhook Response
  10. Checking Customer Existence in Zoho Books
  11. Creating Invoices for Existing Customers
  12. Creating Contacts for New Customers
  13. Testing the Integration
  14. Conclusion


In this article, we will discuss the process of automatically creating Zoho Books invoices from new Shopify orders. As an ecommerce platform owner, you may receive a large number of orders on a regular basis, making the manual invoice creation process time-consuming and repetitive. We will explore an automation solution using Public Connect, an integration software that simplifies the process without requiring coding skills or programming knowledge.

Manual Invoice Creation

Before diving into the automation process, let's understand the manual method of creating invoices from Shopify orders. This involves manually extracting order details from your Shopify store and creating individual invoices for each order. While this method may suffice for a small number of orders, it becomes impractical and labor-intensive when dealing with hundreds or thousands of orders.

Automation with Public Connect

To streamline the invoice creation process, we will utilize Public Connect, an automation and integration software that bridges the gap between Shopify and Zoho Books. This software eliminates the need for manual intervention by automatically generating invoices in your Zoho Books accounting software based on the details of new orders received in your Shopify store. Public Connect simplifies the integration process, making it accessible even to non-technical users.

Setting up Public Connect

To get started with Public Connect, visit the official website and sign up for a free account. Once logged in, navigate to the "Products" section and click on "Public Connect." This will take you to the Public Connect landing page, where you can create your new account in just a few minutes.

Creating a Workflow

After setting up your Public Connect account, access the dashboard. To automate the invoice creation process, we need to create a workflow. Click on the "+" sign and select "Create Workflow." Assign a name to the workflow, such as "Shopify to Zoho Books Integration," and click "Create."

Trigger and Action

Every workflow in Public Connect revolves around a trigger and an action. In this scenario, our trigger will be a new order in Shopify, and the action will involve generating a Zoho Books invoice based on the order details.

Connecting Shopify Store

To establish the connection between your Shopify store and Public Connect, you need to set up webhooks. Copy the webhook URL provided by Public Connect and navigate to your Shopify store's settings. Under the "Notifications" section, select "Webhooks" and create a new webhook using the copied URL. Ensure the event is set to "Order Creation" and save the webhook.

Capturing Webhook Response

Return to the Public Connect dashboard and verify that it is waiting for the webhook response. To capture the response, you need to create a test submission by placing a new order in your Shopify store. Once the test order is placed, the response will be captured and displayed in Public Connect. You can see all the order details, including the customer's email, creation date, product information, and more.

Checking Customer Existence in Zoho Books

Before creating an invoice, it is crucial to verify whether the customer already exists in your Zoho Books account. Public Connect allows us to query the contact by email in Zoho Books to determine if the customer exists. If the contact is found, we proceed with creating an invoice for the existing customer. If the contact is not found, we need to create a new contact in Zoho Books before generating the invoice.

Creating Invoices for Existing Customers

In the case of an existing customer, we can directly create an invoice in Zoho Books using Public Connect. By mapping the order details, including the customer's contact ID, we ensure that the correct customer is billed for the order. This automation eliminates the need for manual invoice creation and reduces the chances of errors or discrepancies.

Creating Contacts for New Customers

When a customer is not found in your Zoho Books account, Public Connect allows us to create a new contact before generating the invoice. By mapping the relevant customer details, such as name, email, address, and phone number, we ensure that the contact information is accurately reflected in Zoho Books.

Testing the Integration

To ensure the integration is functioning correctly, it is essential to conduct real-time testing. Place test orders using Shopify for existing and new customers to observe the automation in action. Verify that invoices are created accurately in Zoho Books for both scenarios, indicating the successful implementation of the integration.


Automating the creation of Zoho Books invoices from new Shopify orders significantly reduces manual effort and streamlines the invoicing process. Public Connect serves as a powerful integration tool that enables seamless communication between Shopify and Zoho Books, eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming tasks. By embracing automation, ecommerce platform owners can focus on core business activities while ensuring accurate and efficient invoice management.


  • Streamline invoice creation from new Shopify orders
  • Automate the process using Public Connect
  • Link Shopify and Zoho Books seamlessly
  • Validate customer existence in Zoho Books before creating invoices
  • Create invoices for existing customers directly
  • Generate contacts and invoices for new customers
  • Conduct real-time testing to ensure integration success


Q: Can I use Public Connect without any coding skills? A: Yes! Public Connect is designed for non-technical users and does not require any coding skills or programming knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface for easy automation setup.

Q: How does Public Connect eliminate manual invoice creation? A: Public Connect establishes a connection between your Shopify store and Zoho Books, capturing order details automatically. It verifies customer existence and creates invoices accordingly, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Q: Can I test the integration before implementing it with actual orders? A: Yes, testing is a crucial step. Public Connect allows you to place test orders in your Shopify store, capturing the responses and validating the invoice generation process in Zoho Books. This ensures a seamless integration experience.

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