AliExpress vs. Wish: A Tech Shopping Showdown

AliExpress vs. Wish: A Tech Shopping Showdown

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopping on AliExpress
    1. Finding Tech Deals
    2. Xiaomi Fitness Band
    3. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
    4. Shotgun Shell Holder
    5. Cell Phones on AliExpress
    6. AirPods and AirPod Knockoffs
    7. Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager
  3. Testing the AliExpress Items
    1. Earbuds
    2. Flip Phone
    3. Intelligent Neck Massager
    4. Massage Gun
    5. Smartwatch
    6. AirPods
  4. Conclusion



Alright, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another video! Today, we will be diving into the world of AliExpress to see if it can serve as an alternative to Wish. By popular demand, we are exploring this site, which is often considered one of the most similar to Wish. In the past, I have made purchases on AliExpress, but it has been quite some time. So, without further ado, let's begin our very first video on AliExpress!

Shopping on AliExpress

When we first land on the site, we are greeted with a plethora of product options. Since we are primarily interested in tech deals today, we navigate to the "Top Selections" section. One item that immediately catches our eye is the "Xiaomi Fitness Band 5." We have seen similar smartwatches from this brand on Wish, so we decide to give it a try. Another interesting find is the "Bluetooth Wireless Headphones TWS 60." This item takes us back to the beginning of our Wish series, where we explored different headphone options. We add these items to our cart, excited to see how they compare to their Wish counterparts.

As we delve deeper into the website, we come across various tech gadgets, including cell phones, air pods, and even an electric neck and shoulder massager. The selection seems endless, and we can't help but get sidetracked by the wide variety of items available. It's tempting to stray from our original focus, but we stay true to our mission of exploring the tech side of AliExpress. However, we make a mental note to potentially revisit the site for future videos.

Testing the AliExpress Items

After a wait, the items we ordered from AliExpress finally arrive. We start by testing out the earbuds, as they are a staple in our Wish series. These AliExpress earbuds, known as the TW60, impress us with their solid sound quality and secure fit. The sleek and compact case adds to their appeal. Overall, these earbuds prove to be a great alternative to the ones we've previously tried on Wish.

Next up, we take a look at the flip phone we purchased. This phone has a nostalgic charm to it, reminding us of the phones we used a decade ago. Though it may not be the most advanced device on the market, it serves its purpose and could be a suitable option for those who prefer a simpler phone. However, we quickly realize that cell phones in general may be worth exploring further on AliExpress, as we spot some intriguing options during our browsing.

Moving on, we test the intelligent neck massager. This device promises a soothing massage experience, perfect for those with tense neck muscles. While the initial shock of the electric pulses takes some getting used to, the warmth feature proves to be quite relaxing. We even envision using it during long flights (whenever we can travel again) to alleviate neck tension. Overall, this item lives up to its claims and provides a satisfying massage experience.

Continuing our exploration, we try out the massage gun we ordered. This device is similar to the one we tested on Wish, and it doesn't disappoint. With its powerful vibrations, it offers relief to our weary muscles. The affordability of this massage gun compared to branded options makes it an attractive choice.

Another tech item on our list is a smartwatch that emulates the functionality of a Fitbit. While not an actual Fitbit, this AliExpress knockoff impresses us with its sleek design and various features. We connect it to our phones and explore the different apps and functions it offers. From heart rate monitoring to notifications, this smartwatch provides a fraction of the experience offered by more expensive brands like Apple.

Lastly, we examine the AirPods we ordered from AliExpress. Unfortunately, these fall short of our expectations. The audio quality is subpar, lacking in bass and overall clarity. Although the design and feel of the AirPods are decent, their performance is underwhelming. On the bright side, this gives us an opportunity to explore other AirPod options on AliExpress in the future and compare them to those on Wish.


In conclusion, our first venture into AliExpress has both its hits and misses. We discover some impressive tech items, such as the earbuds, neck massager, and massage gun, all of which perform admirably and offer good value for their price. However, the AirPods leave much to be desired in terms of audio quality. Despite this, AliExpress proves to be a viable alternative to Wish when it comes to shopping for tech gadgets. The wide range of products available and the potential for great deals make it a platform worth exploring further.

So, if you're in search of unique and affordable tech items, consider giving AliExpress a try. Just keep in mind that, like any online shopping platform, there are both pros and cons to consider. Now, it's time to start browsing and find your next tech treasure on AliExpress!


  • AliExpress offers a wide range of tech gadgets and accessories.
  • The TW60 earbuds prove to be a great alternative to similar products on Wish.
  • The intelligent neck massager and massage gun provide satisfying massage experiences.
  • The smartwatch offers various features at a fraction of the price of big-name brands.
  • The AirPods on AliExpress disappoint in terms of audio quality.
  • Overall, AliExpress is a viable alternative to shopping on Wish for tech items.


Q: Are the AliExpress TW60 earbuds comparable to more expensive brands?

A: Yes, the TW60 earbuds offer solid sound quality and a secure fit, making them a great alternative to pricier options.

Q: How effective is the intelligent neck massager?

A: The intelligent neck massager provides a soothing massage experience, relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

Q: Does AliExpress offer a variety of cell phones?

A: Yes, AliExpress has a wide selection of cell phones, ranging from basic models to more advanced options.

Q: Are the AirPods on AliExpress worth purchasing?

A: The AirPods on AliExpress fall short in terms of audio quality, so it may be worth exploring other options or brands.

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