5 Effective Methods to Find Shopify Influencers

5 Effective Methods to Find Shopify Influencers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Using Affiliate Programs to Find Influencers
  3. Method 1: Looking for Instagram Influencers
  4. Method 2: Using the UpPromote Marketplace
  5. Method 3: Utilizing TikTok Influencers
  6. Method 4: Reaching Out to Facebook Group Admins
  7. Method 5: Collaborating with YouTube Influencers
  8. Retaining Influencers: Offering Lifetime Commissions and Newsletter
  9. Conclusion


In today's competitive e-commerce and dropshipping landscape, finding influencers to promote your products is essential for driving traffic and increasing sales. This article will explore the best methods for identifying and collaborating with influencers, emphasizing the use of affiliate programs and various online platforms. By following these strategies, you can effectively leverage influencer marketing to grow your business.

Using Affiliate Programs to Find Influencers

Before diving into the methods for finding influencers, it's important to understand the benefit of utilizing affiliate programs. By offering influencers a commission based on every sale they generate, you incentivize them to promote your products without requiring upfront payment. The best Shopify app for creating an affiliate program is UpPromote, which allows influencers to sign up and generate unique referral links. This app is not only powerful but also free to use, making it an ideal choice for reaching out to influencers.

Method 1: Looking for Instagram Influencers

One of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing is Instagram. To find suitable influencers, you can use a specific search string in Google followed by a keyword related to your niche. This search string helps identify Instagram accounts with over 1,000 followers that are relevant to your products. A good engagement rate for these influencers is around 10%, ensuring their followers are genuine. When considering Instagram influencers, two types of accounts exist: theme pages and content creators. Theme pages compile content from various creators within a niche, while content creators have their own following and produce original content. While theme pages are suitable for brand awareness, collaborating with content creators offers a more passionate and engaged audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Method 2: Using the UpPromote Marketplace

The UpPromote Shopify app provides a marketplace where influencers can discover and sign up for affiliate programs. By listing your store on this marketplace, you expose your affiliate program to potential influencers, attracting them to promote your products. This feature is completely free to use and serves as a great method for gaining exposure. Additionally, upgrading to the UpPromote Growth Plan enables you to access their database of influencers already promoting Shopify stores and reach out to them directly. These influencers are more likely to engage with your store, given their familiarity with the UpPromote platform.

Method 3: Utilizing TikTok Influencers

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform that offers immense potential for influencer marketing. Although finding influencers on TikTok can be challenging, using hashtags related to your niche helps identify accounts that align with your products. Unlike Instagram, TikTok focuses on video content, which effectively showcases your products. If a video featuring your product goes viral, it can generate significant exposure for your store. When reaching out to TikTok influencers, a direct message (DM) is often the best approach. Alternatively, some influencers provide an Instagram link in their TikTok bio, allowing you to contact them through that platform.

Method 4: Reaching Out to Facebook Group Admins

Another effective but often overlooked method is approaching Facebook group admins as influencers. By searching for groups relevant to your niche, you can contact the group admins and offer them a commission to promote your products within their groups. This approach ensures you're not spamming the group and gives admins an incentive to collaborate with you. Reaching out to admins directly shows professionalism and increases the likelihood of a successful partnership.

Method 5: Collaborating with YouTube Influencers

YouTube presents a powerful opportunity to reach a wide audience and showcase your products through video content. To find YouTube influencers, search for videos related to your niche and filter them by view count. Aim for influencers with around 5,000 to 40,000 subscribers to maximize the chance of working on a commission basis. Sending free products for review is a common tactic to engage YouTube influencers. Contacting influencers via the email provided in their video description or channel about section is the best approach. Allow influencers to create content that aligns with their audience, as they understand them best.

Retaining Influencers: Offering Lifetime Commissions and Newsletter

To maintain strong relationships with influencers, consider offering lifetime commissions on specific products. This means influencers receive a commission on any sale, regardless of the referral source. If a product goes viral, influencers will benefit significantly from this arrangement. Additionally, creating an affiliate newsletter keeps your store top of mind for influencers. Sending monthly newsletters with updates on new products and upcoming promotions helps nurture ongoing collaboration.


Implementing influencer marketing strategies through affiliate programs and various online platforms can greatly enhance the visibility and sales of your e-commerce and dropshipping stores. By effectively collaborating with influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, you can access their engaged audiences and drive targeted traffic to your products. Furthermore, retaining influencers through lifetime commissions and regular communication ensures long-term success. Start leveraging influencer marketing today and watch your business grow.

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