10 Shopify Stores Thriving in Different Niches

10 Shopify Stores Thriving in Different Niches

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. General Stores vs One Product Stores
  3. Examples of General Stores
    1. Aloe
    2. Helm Boots
    3. Pure Vita Bracelets
    4. So Young
    5. Au Lit Fine Linens
  4. Examples of One Product Stores
    1. Palm Press Coffee
    2. Madsen Cycles
    3. Pip Snacks
    4. Ratio Coffee
  5. Pros and Cons of General Stores
  6. Pros and Cons of One Product Stores
  7. Conclusion

General Stores vs One Product Stores: Exploring Successful Shopify Examples

In the world of e-commerce, there are various strategies that entrepreneurs adopt to succeed. Two popular approaches are general stores and one product stores. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will delve into the distinction between the two and examine ten examples of Shopify stores that are thriving within their chosen niches.

Examples of General Stores


Aloe, similar to Lululemon, offers a wide range of fitness apparel and accessories for both men and women. Their product catalog includes clothing specifically designed for various fitness activities. With a focus on quality and functionality, Aloe has established itself as a successful general store in the fitness niche.

Helm Boots

Helm Boots is a prime example of a general store that centers around men's fashion and footwear. While their primary product line consists of boots, they also offer a variety of dress shoes and accessories. Helm Boots prides itself on providing high-quality products to fashion-conscious individuals.

Pure Vita Bracelets

Pure Vita Bracelets, although slightly more specialized, is still considered a general store. While they primarily sell an array of stylish bracelets, their product range extends beyond jewelry. They also offer other forms of accessories to cater to a broader audience.

So Young

So Young, a Canadian store, focuses on providing an extensive range of back-to-school supplies for children. Their catalog includes backpacks, lunch boxes, pen cases, and other essentials. Additionally, So Young has expanded their offerings to include products for adults, such as backpacks and lunch bags, diversifying their revenue streams.

Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens specializes in luxury bedding and home decor items. While their primary products include duvet covers, pillows, and sheets, they also offer bathware, loungewear, and various home decorations. Au Lit Fine Linens exemplifies how a general store can cater to a specific niche while still offering a diverse range of products.

Examples of One Product Stores

Palm Press Coffee

Palm Press Coffee's online store, neos.co.uk, is an excellent example of a successful one product store. They specifically target coffee enthusiasts with their compact, palm-sized French press. Palm Press Coffee demonstrates that even a single product, if well-positioned and marketed, can create a thriving business.

Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles takes the one product store approach to its core by solely selling bikes. While they offer several color variations and pricing options, their focus remains primarily on one type of product. Madsen Cycles exemplifies the simplicity and effectiveness of a concentrated product line.

Pip Snacks

Pip Snacks predominantly concentrates on popcorn as its primary product. While they have introduced cheese balls and twists, their core offering revolves around popcorn. Pip Snacks demonstrates how a well-chosen and well-presented product can drive success in a specific niche.

Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee specializes in top-of-the-line coffee machines. Although they have a few variations of their product, the focus remains on coffee machines. Ratio Coffee showcases how a narrow yet high-quality product line can attract a loyal customer base.

Pros of General Stores:

  • A wide range of products allows for diverse revenue streams.
  • Ability to test multiple products within a specific niche.
  • More opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Cons of General Stores:

  • Diluted branding and customer confusion if not executed properly.
  • Requires more inventory management and logistical considerations.
  • Increased marketing complexity due to a broader target audience.

Pros of One Product Stores:

  • Laser-focused marketing and branding.
  • Simplified inventory management and logistics.
  • Easier to establish expertise and authority within a specific niche.

Cons of One Product Stores:

  • Lack of diversification in revenue streams.
  • Limited customer pool due to niche focus.
  • Heavy reliance on the success of a single product.

In conclusion, whether you opt for a general store or a one product store depends on your entrepreneurial goals and preferences. Both strategies have their benefits and drawbacks. By analyzing successful examples of each, you can gain valuable insights into building a thriving online business. Remember, success comes from understanding your target audience and providing them with a product or range of products that add value to their lives.


  • Understanding the differences between general stores and one product stores.
  • Ten real-life examples of successful Shopify stores in different niches.
  • Pros and cons of general stores and one product stores.
  • Considerations for choosing the right approach for your online business.


Q: Can I start with a general store and transition to a one product store later? A: Absolutely! Starting with a general store allows you to test multiple products and identify high-potential winners. Once you find a product that performs exceptionally well, you can create a dedicated one product store to maximize its potential.

Q: How do I choose between a general store and a one product store? A: It depends on your goals and preferences. If you enjoy a variety of products and want to explore different niches, a general store may be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a laser-focused approach and want to establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche, a one product store might be the right choice.

Q: What are the key factors for success in e-commerce? A: Understanding your target audience, providing high-quality products, and effective marketing strategies are crucial for success in e-commerce. Additionally, staying adaptable, consistently monitoring market trends, and providing exceptional customer service can significantly contribute to your business's growth.

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