10 Profitable Dropshipping Products for September

10 Profitable Dropshipping Products for September

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Product 1: Shower Proof Earbuds
  3. Product 2: Silent Basketball
  4. Product 3: Sunglasses Headband
  5. Product 4: Anti-Aging Skin Care Wand
  6. Product 5: Indestructible Dog Toy
  7. Product 6: Singing Elephant
  8. Product 7: Cute Gift Box
  9. Product 8: Golf Swing Mat
  10. Product 9: Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed
  11. Product 10: Teddy Leggings
  12. Conclusion

10 Winning Products to Drop Ship on Tick Tock

Product 1: Shower Proof Earbuds

Are you tired of not being able to listen to music or podcasts while in the shower or bathtub? Look no further than the shower proof earbuds. These innovative headphones are designed to withstand water, allowing you to enjoy your favorite audio content even in wet environments. With a price of just $12.60 on AliExpress, these earbuds offer great value for money. The main competitor, Ambi Pods, sells a similar product for $25, but with limited room for profit margin. Take advantage of their rookie branding and give this product a shot.

Product 2: Silent Basketball

As the summer ends and the fall and winter season approaches, playing basketball outside becomes challenging. But fear not, the silent basketball is here to help you practice your dribbling skills indoors without causing a disturbance. Priced at only $8 on AliExpress, this basketball offers an excellent profit margin. Its main competitor, with a website even bigger than necessary, sells the same ball for $30. Take inspiration from their well-branded store and build your own successful dropshipping business.

Product 3: Sunglasses Headband

If you're looking for a gimmicky yet potentially profitable product, look no further than the sunglasses headband. This accessory gives the illusion of wearing sunglasses by simply putting it in your hair. While it may not have a long lifespan, there is currently a demand for this product. The AliExpress listing may show a price of $1, but it is misleading as a single unit actually costs $6.98. On the other hand, the competitor is selling it for $19. They offer free shipping on orders over $35, pushing customers to buy two headbands and receive a third one for free. This appealing offer makes it worth considering this product for your store.

Product 4: Anti-Aging Skin Care Wand

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines with the high-risk, high-reward anti-aging skin care wand. While Facebook and Tick Tock may not be fond of these types of products, they can still be profitable if your ads don't get flagged. With a price of $13 on AliExpress, you can potentially sell it for much more. The competitor sells the same product for $66, offering an opportunity for substantial profit margins. Although the competitor's website could be improved, their extensive text and stock photos lend credibility to the product.

Product 5: Indestructible Dog Toy

Dog owners are always on the lookout for durable toys, and the indestructible dog toy fits the bill. Its rugged design makes it resistant to destructive chewing, making it a popular choice for pet owners. While the AliExpress price shows as $2, it may cost around $4 to $6 on CJ. The main competitor sells this toy for $60, indicating the potential for good profit margins. To increase average order value, consider charging shipping for single purchases and offering bundle deals.

Product 6: Singing Elephant

Calm your toddler or infant with the singing elephant. This cute toy sings a little song to help soothe your child. With the holidays approaching, this product is expected to gain popularity. With a cost of $13, you can offer it at a higher price point to capitalize on the demand. The competitor sells the singing elephant for $30, providing good profit potential. Take inspiration from their well-branded store and leverage the holiday season to boost sales.

Product 7: Cute Gift Box

Everyone loves receiving a thoughtful gift, and the cute gift box is here to deliver. This box contains a note and a piece of jewelry, making it the perfect surprise for girlfriends or partners. With variations available, the exact price may vary. However, the competitor sells their version for $50, allowing room for attractive profit margins. Consider offering custom engravings as an upsell to enhance the value of the product.

Product 8: Golf Swing Mat

Improve your golf swing with the golf swing mat. This product offers a solution to fix your swing and comes with an impressive video demonstration. Although the AliExpress price may vary, it can be as low as $9. The competitor, currently generating low sales, sells the mat for $50. With a potential rebranding and improved product page, you can tap into a niche market to drive sales.

Product 9: Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Pets deserve comfort too, and the anti-anxiety dog bed provides just that. This cozy bed comes with a hole for pets to enter, promoting relaxation and stress relief. With a cost of $10 and the competitor selling a similar product for $60, there is room for profit. Consider leveraging the upcoming holiday season to increase sales of this product.

Product 10: Teddy Leggings

Prepare for the colder seasons with the warm and stylish teddy leggings. These fleece-lined leggings offer both comfort and fashion, making them a popular choice among women and girls. With a cost of $5.91 on AliExpress, you can sell them for a higher price, compared to the competitor selling them for $30. Enhance your store's appeal by incorporating bundles and upsells.

In conclusion, these 10 winning products offer great potential for dropshipping success on Tick Tock. By finding the right products, optimizing your store, and leveraging the upcoming holiday season, you can build a profitable business. Remember to conduct thorough research, modify product descriptions, and create a well-branded website to maximize your chances of success.


  • Shower proof earbuds: Listen to your favorite music in the shower without worry.
  • Silent basketball: Practice your basketball skills indoors without causing disturbance.
  • Sunglasses headband: Gimmicky yet in-demand accessory for a trendy look.
  • Anti-aging skin care wand: Reduce wrinkles and fine lines for younger-looking skin.
  • Indestructible dog toy: Durable toy for dogs that love to chew.
  • Singing elephant: Soothe your child with a cute and melodic toy.
  • Cute gift box: Thoughtful and personalized gifts for loved ones.
  • Golf swing mat: Improve your swing with a practical training tool.
  • Anti-anxiety dog bed: Enhance your pet's comfort and reduce anxiety.
  • Teddy leggings: Stay warm and fashionable with cozy fleece-lined leggings.


Q: Can I dropship these products on other platforms besides Tick Tock? A: Absolutely! While these products are popular on Tick Tock, you can also dropship them on other platforms such as Shopify or Amazon.

Q: Are these products saturated in the market? A: The products featured in this article have been inspected for saturation. While there is still room for new sellers to enter the market, it's important to conduct thorough research and stay updated on the latest trends.

Q: Can I customize the products with my own branding? A: Depending on the supplier, some products may offer customization options. It's recommended to reach out to the supplier directly to inquire about branding possibilities.

Q: How can I market these products effectively? A: To successfully market these products, consider leveraging social media platforms, running targeted ads, collaborating with influencers, and creating engaging content that highlights the unique features and benefits of each product.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for these products? A: The minimum order quantity varies depending on the supplier. It's essential to review each supplier's terms and conditions and clarify any questions before placing an order.

Q: Can I offer refunds or returns for these products? A: It's crucial to establish clear refund and return policies with your customers. Ensure you communicate these policies on your website and handle any customer concerns promptly and professionally.

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