10 Brands Mastering Retention with Innovative Strategies

10 Brands Mastering Retention with Innovative Strategies

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Hey Harper: Creating Community Through Reviews
  3. Revolution Beauty: Personalization through Loyalty and Referrals
  4. Until You Collapse: Integrated Campaigns for Retention
  5. Avec: Driving Loyalty with Exclusive SMS Content
  6. Homeworks: Leveraging Multi-Product Solutions for Retention
  7. Tentree: Engaging Customers in Sustainability
  8. Baked by Melissa: Agile Loyalty for Non-Traditional Holidays
  9. Girlfriend Collective: Building Community through Social Proof
  10. Cure Hydration: Valuing Relationships over Transactions
  11. Jill and Ali: Subscription-Based Retention Strategies
  12. Conclusion

Hey Harper: Creating Community Through Reviews

Ecommerce brands know that enticing shoppers to make their first purchase is just the beginning of the battle. Driving retention is the key to long-term success. One brand that has mastered this is Hey Harper, a jewelry brand known for its uniquely designed pieces that withstand everyday wear and tear without tarnishing. Hey Harper has dialed in on its review strategy, creating a strong sense of community through customer feedback.

Product pages on Hey Harper's website not only feature reviews but highly detailed ones that include photos and videos. Shoppers can filter the reviews based on age ranges, whether the jewelry kept its color, buyer recommendations, and more. This level of detail helps shoppers find the information most relevant to their needs. Additionally, Hey Harper features a Q&A section on their product pages, allowing shoppers to ask direct questions about their products. This fosters transparent and authentic shopper feedback.

But how does this review strategy drive retention? The power of word-of-mouth is undeniable, and Hey Harper has harnessed it through their reviews and Q&A section. They have given their customers a platform to ask questions, voice opinions, sing Hey Harper's praise, and in turn, create credibility with new and existing customers. This sense of community keeps their customers coming back again and again.

Overall, Hey Harper's review strategy is a testament to the importance of creating a great product for customers and getting them to talk about it. By providing a space for reviews and Q&A, Hey Harper has built a community that fosters loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.


  • Detailed reviews with photos and videos create credibility and trust.
  • Q&A section allows for direct customer engagement and feedback.
  • Community-driven approach encourages repeat purchases.


  • Potential for negative reviews, which can impact customer perception.

Revolution Beauty: Personalization through Loyalty and Referrals

Revolution Beauty, a disruptive player in the beauty industry, has prioritized accessibility in their brand. Whether it's their affordable price points or diverse trade ranges, Revolution Beauty is dedicated to making beauty inclusive for everyone. To drive retention and repeat purchases, the brand launched an interior loyalty and referral program called The Rev Rewards.

Customization and personalization are at the heart of winning customers for life, and Revolution Beauty understood this when designing their loyalty program. By collecting zero-party data from loyalty customers during sign-up, Revolution Beauty is able to create more personalized loyalty campaigns for their members. This data includes information like birthdays or personal preferences on styles and colors, allowing the brand to customize future loyalty campaigns accordingly.

Revolution Beauty strategically mapped out the customer behaviors they wanted to reward, drive, and change. Their program design not only rewards customer spend but also incentivizes social follows, email signups, and more. Since launching the loyalty program, Revolution Beauty has seen a 378 percent increase in lifetime revenue per member and a 44 percent increase in average order value. Additionally, their loyalty program has increased the average purchase rate by 234 percent.

Collecting zero-party data through their rewards program has allowed Revolution Beauty to personalize and target their customers across the buyer's journey, encouraging them to come back time and time again. This level of personalization and customization has been a significant driver of their retention and revenue growth.


  • Personalized loyalty campaigns based on zero-party data.
  • Incentivizes customer engagement and behaviors.
  • Drives significant increases in revenue and purchase rates.


  • Requires a well-designed rewards program and infrastructure.


  • Hey Harper creates a sense of community through detailed reviews and Q&A sections, driving retention.
  • Revolution Beauty personalizes loyalty campaigns based on zero-party data, resulting in significant revenue growth.
  • Until You Collapse triples their subscriber base by integrating campaigns with yappo subscriptions.
  • Avec drives retention by offering exclusive content, product drops, and VIP discounts through SMS marketing.
  • Homeworks leverages multiple yappo solutions for loyalty, referrals, reviews, and SMS marketing to boost engagement and retention.
  • Tentree engages customers in sustainability through their loyalty program, Impact Wallet.
  • Baked by Melissa keeps customers engaged all year round with agile loyalty campaigns for non-traditional holidays.
  • Girlfriend Collective builds a community through social proof, allowing customers to earn rewards for positive actions.
  • Cure Hydration values relationships over transactions, building an annual promotional strategy around loyalty.
  • Jill and Ali use subscription-based retention strategies to connect deeply with their customers and boost revenue.

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