The Downside of Dropshipping with Banggood: 3 Critical Reasons

The Downside of Dropshipping with Banggood: 3 Critical Reasons

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. My Experience with dropshipping
  4. The Importance of Suppliers in Dropshipping
  5. The Challenges of Finding Reliable Suppliers
  6. Introduction to Banggood
  7. Reason 1: Shipping Times
  8. Reason 2: Product Availability
  9. Reason 3: Poor Support
  10. Conclusion

The Impact of Using Banggood as Your Dropshipping Supplier


When it comes to running a successful dropshipping business, finding reliable suppliers is crucial. In this article, I want to share my personal experiences with dropshipping and specifically highlight why using Banggood as your supplier can be detrimental to your business. Throughout this article, we will explore three main reasons why using Banggood may kill your dropshipping business: shipping times, product availability, and poor support. It is important to consider these factors before making any decisions about your suppliers to ensure the success and smooth operation of your business.


Before diving into the specifics of why Banggood may not be an ideal supplier for your dropshipping business, let me provide some background on my experience in the industry. My name is Zaid, and I have been involved in dropshipping for a few months now. I transitioned from running a social media marketing agency to focusing solely on dropshipping. Through my journey, I have encountered various suppliers and faced challenges unique to this business model.

My Experience with Dropshipping

As a dropshipper, my target market is the United States. I chose to focus on one country at a time to ensure a smooth learning process. When it comes to dropshipping, one of the most critical aspects is finding suppliers within the target country who can provide reliable and timely shipping. This is especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic, where supply chains have been disrupted, and shipping timelines have been affected.

The Importance of Suppliers in Dropshipping

In dropshipping, suppliers are essentially the backbone of your business. They store and ship the products directly to your customers, allowing you to focus on marketing and sales. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable suppliers who can deliver products promptly, maintain good product availability, and provide excellent support when needed. Choosing the wrong suppliers can lead to delays in fulfillment, unhappy customers, and ultimately, the downfall of your business.

The Challenges of Finding Reliable Suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers has always been a challenge in the dropshipping industry, even more so in today's global context. With many businesses closed and shipping timelines affected by the pandemic, dropshippers need to be even more diligent in their supplier selection process. While platforms like Aliexpress have been popular choices for dropshippers, alternatives like Banggood have emerged with promises of faster shipping and a wide range of products.

Introduction to Banggood

Banggood, similar to platforms like Aliexpress, offers a vast catalog of products that can be dropshipped to customers worldwide. It claims to have warehouses in the United States, making it an attractive option for dropshippers targeting American customers. However, my personal experience with Banggood has led me to believe that it may not be the best choice for dropshipping. In the following sections, I will explain three significant reasons why I recommend avoiding Banggood as a supplier.

Reason 1: Shipping Times

One of the initial selling points of using Banggood as a supplier is the promise of quicker shipping times, thanks to their warehouses in the United States. However, my experience with Banggood has shown that this promise does not hold up. While they may indeed have warehouses in the United States, they often do not have the products you are looking for available in those warehouses.

Shipping times from China to the United States can take up to 70 working days, which is an unacceptably long time for most customers. Delays in fulfillment and long shipping times can lead to frustrated customers who are unlikely to return for future purchases. This issue, combined with the inconsistency of product availability, makes Banggood an unreliable choice for dropshipping.

Reason 2: Product Availability

In dropshipping, it is crucial to have a steady supply of products to meet customer demand. However, my experience with Banggood has revealed significant issues with product availability. For example, I encountered a situation where the website stated that a particular product was available in the United States with a quantity of a thousand in stock. Based on this information, a customer placed an order for two of those products.

However, five days after placing the order, it was still in the processing stage, which raised concerns. I reached out to Banggood's support for clarification. After days of back-and-forth communication, I discovered that the products were not available in the United States as advertised. Instead, the products were only available in China, resulting in significant delays and a disappointed customer.

Reason 3: Poor Support

Another crucial aspect of any supplier-distributor relationship is reliable and efficient support. Unfortunately, this is an area where Banggood falls short. Dealing with their support staff, whose first language is not English, can be highly frustrating. The responses often appear scripted and fail to address specific concerns or questions.

In one instance, when I inquired about a package that had not been delivered within the stated timeframe, the support staff's response was to wait for an additional 70 working days. This unhelpful and dismissive response highlighted the lack of proper support provided by Banggood. When dealing with a supplier, it is essential to have open lines of communication and receive prompt and accurate responses. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Banggood.


Based on my experiences and the issues I have outlined, I strongly advise against using Banggood as a supplier for your dropshipping business. The shipping times are excessively long, product availability is inconsistent, and the support provided is subpar. These three critical components of a successful dropshipping business are not met by Banggood, which can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction, financial losses, and the deterioration of your business. It is crucial to thoroughly research and vet potential suppliers before committing to a partnership, ensuring that they can meet your business's specific requirements and deliver a positive experience for your customers.