My Year-long Dropshipping Journey at 15: Challenges, Success, and TikTok Strategy

My Year-long Dropshipping Journey at 15: Challenges, Success, and TikTok Strategy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning of My dropshipping Journey
  3. Initial Challenges in Building a Website and Creating Ad Creatives
  4. First Attempt at Advertising and Initial Losses
  5. Discovering TikTok Organic as a Promotional Strategy
  6. Language and Targeting Challenges with TikTok Organic
  7. Finding My First Winning Product and Making Profit
  8. Overcoming Saturation and Testing New Products
  9. Facing Challenges with Paid Advertising
  10. Returning to TikTok Organic and Finding Success Again
  11. Conclusion


Exactly one year ago, I embarked on my journey into dropshipping at the age of 15. With zero prior experience, I took a risk and dedicated an entire year of my life to this business model. In this article, I will share my experiences, challenges, and successes along the way.

The Beginning of My Dropshipping Journey

In August 2022, I came across the concept of dropshipping for the first time. Intrigued by the potential to make money online, I began watching numerous YouTube videos to learn about building websites and creating ad creatives. Initially, I believed dropshipping was easy and that I would surely succeed with my first store. This motivated me to start building my website, which took me 18 days of hard work. Despite the challenges, I managed to create a clean-looking website for my first store.

Initial Challenges in Building a Website and Creating Ad Creatives

After completing my website, the next crucial step was to create effective ad creatives. Lacking knowledge in this area, I attempted to make some myself but ultimately ended up paying someone on Fiverr $5 to create videos for me. Unfortunately, the quality of these videos was not satisfactory. With my website and ad creatives ready, I eagerly launched my first ad campaign with a daily budget of $100. However, within five days, I had lost $520 and only managed to generate one sale. This initial setback was disheartening, and I seriously contemplated quitting.

First Attempt at Advertising and Initial Losses

Discouraged by my first failed attempt at dropshipping, I refrained from launching any new stores for the next five months. Financial constraints and unrealistic expectations contributed to this period of inactivity. Watching successful YouTubers led me to unrealistic expectations and a belief that dropshipping was nearly impossible to make money from. I considered abandoning the idea altogether and returning to my normal life.

Discovering TikTok Organic as a Promotional Strategy

During my low point, I stumbled upon the concept of TikTok Organic. This strategy involved ordering the product I wanted to sell and generating interest by uploading TikTok videos showcasing the product. The advantage was that it did not require spending money on ads, making it perfect for my situation. Excited by this new possibility, I promptly began searching for a new product to test. Through TikTok, I discovered portable perfume bottles that were affordable, visually attractive, and solved a common problem. Intrigued, I decided to sell them using the TikTok Organic approach.

Language and Targeting Challenges with TikTok Organic

One challenge I faced with TikTok Organic was the inability to target a specific country for video views. To overcome this issue, I researched and discovered that using a VPN and a local SIM card would allow me to target a specific country. However, obtaining a local SIM card proved difficult in my country, and I had to resort to ordering one from Amazon, despite the higher cost. In the meantime, I began capturing footage and planning video ideas for future TikToks.

Finding My First Winning Product and Making Profit

After receiving the SIM card, I created my TikTok account and started uploading one to two videos daily. Surprisingly, these videos received over a thousand views each, boosting my confidence. However, after four days, the number of views rapidly declined. After extensive online research, I discovered that my TikTok account had been shadowbanned due to the use of a VPN. Although disheartened, I did not let this setback deter me. I decided to put the product aside and move on to the next.

Undeterred by the losses, I remained confident in the potential of dropshipping. I continued my search for a winning product and found a group of things that helped develop visible arm veins—a popular product in the fitness niche. Motivated by my personal interest and knowledge in the fitness niche, I launched a website and began posting TikTok videos showcasing the product. To my delight, I made my second sale within a week. Encouraged by this success, I continued uploading TikTok videos daily, quickly gaining thousands of views. Within three weeks, I achieved a profit of $3,000, providing validation for my efforts.

Despite the success, I realized the market was becoming saturated and sales were declining. However, this did not discourage me, as I was determined to test new products and find another winning product. I conducted product research and tested various items, including a water gun that resembled a Glock. Although the market for this product was already saturated, I managed to make $400 in sales within a week. Satisfied with the results, I moved on to the next product, eager to continue my testing and learning process.

Facing Challenges with Paid Advertising

At this stage, I decided to explore paid advertising again. However, my experience with launching ad campaigns did not go as smoothly as anticipated. I faced difficulties and ended up spending around $450 without significant success. Despite the financial setback, I viewed it as a learning opportunity and gained valuable knowledge about paid advertising strategies.

Returning to TikTok Organic and Finding Success Again

By June 2023, I shifted my focus back to TikTok Organic. This time, I decided to target the UK market, leveraging the benefits of my SIM card. Overcoming the language barrier, I hired a translator on Fiverr to help me with translations while using Google Translate for the rest of the website content. For my product, I selected gym bracelets, which resonated with the fitness niche.

I began uploading TikTok videos daily, consistently achieving over 10,000 views despite the account being relatively new. However, despite the high engagement, I failed to generate any sales after a week. Undeterred, I swiftly moved on to testing the next product, a self-heating lunchbox. This product seemed promising as it catered to individuals without access to a microwave in their workplaces. Fortunately, I received my first sale within a couple of days. Thrilled by the success, I intensified my TikTok uploads, reaching a point where one-third of my videos went viral.


My dropshipping journey has been filled with ups and downs, failures, and successes. Despite initial setbacks, I persevered and adapted my strategies to find profitable products and markets. Through TikTok Organic, I found success, generating consistent sales and income. While the path was challenging and required significant effort and learning, it was an educational and rewarding experience. I encourage aspiring dropshippers to start now and never give up, as success is attainable with dedication and determination.