From $0 to $1700 in 72 hours: The Real Results of Selling Adult Products

From $0 to $1700 in 72 hours: The Real Results of Selling Adult Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Success and Challenges
  3. The Product: Pheromone Scented Perfume
  4. Targeting the Right Audience
  5. Testing and Scaling the Campaign
  6. The Importance of Homepage Optimization
  7. Ups and Downs of Sales
  8. Lessons Learned and Refunds
  9. Giveaway and Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the journey of a dropshipper who experienced both success and challenges within just three days. We will delve into the steps taken, the product chosen, the targeting strategies, campaign testing and scaling, as well as the impact of optimizing the homepage. Along the way, we will uncover the fluctuations in sales, the lessons learned, and the inevitable refunds. Lastly, we will discuss a giveaway and conclude with key takeaways from this rollercoaster ride of a dropshipping experience.

Initial Success and Challenges

The dropshipper initially achieved remarkable success, generating nearly $1700 in just three days. However, despite this early triumph, they encountered several logistical issues with their product. Certain countries, including South Africa, posed shipping restrictions, causing headaches for the dropshipper. Nonetheless, they persevered and continued to test and adapt their strategy.

The Product: Pheromone Scented Perfume

The product that proved to be the cornerstone of this dropshipping venture was a pheromone scented perfume. Initially targeting both genders, the dropshipper discovered that the majority of their buyers were female. This surprising insight led them to focus their marketing efforts towards women looking to enhance their attractiveness.

Targeting the Right Audience

Through broad interest campaigns and careful analysis of customer data, the dropshipper honed in on the ideal audience for their product. By understanding the specific needs and desires of their target market, they were able to effectively tailor their marketing messages and maximize their chances of success.

Testing and Scaling the Campaign

Following an initial testing phase with two ad sets, each with a budget of $20, the dropshipper identified a profitable ad set and decided to double down on it. By increasing the budget and duplicating the winning ad set, they saw a significant increase in sales. Encouraged by these results, they continued to scale their campaign, gradually increasing their ad spend.

The Importance of Homepage Optimization

Recognizing the significance of a well-optimized homepage in building trust with potential customers, the dropshipper made improvements to their website. By investing time and effort into their homepage, they were able to increase conversions and generate more sales. This highlights the importance of making a positive first impression and instilling confidence in potential buyers.

Ups and Downs of Sales

Despite initial success, the dropshipper experienced fluctuations in sales. Factors such as aggressive scaling and poor conversion rates impacted their revenue. Yet, they remained motivated and persisted in their efforts to drive sales. The rollercoaster ride of highs and lows tested their resilience and determination.

Lessons Learned and Refunds

Throughout this dropshipping journey, the dropshipper learned valuable lessons. They discovered the importance of careful scaling, the power of homepage optimization, and the need to constantly adapt and refine their approach. Regrettably, the fluctuations in sales led to orders that could not be fulfilled, resulting in refunds and financial losses.

Giveaway and Conclusion

To show appreciation for their subscribers, the dropshipper decided to give away their pre-built Shopify store, complete with the pheromone scented perfume product. Subscribers who met certain criteria were eligible to enter the giveaway. The dropshipper concluded by reflecting on their experience, emphasizing the ups and downs of the journey, and expressing gratitude for the support received.


  • Dropshipper achieves nearly $1700 in just three days
  • Logistical challenges arise due to shipping restrictions in certain countries
  • Pheromone scented perfume emerges as the key product
  • Targeted marketing towards women yields better results
  • Testing and scaling strategies lead to increased sales
  • Homepage optimization plays a crucial role in conversion rates
  • Fluctuations in sales test the dropshipper's resilience
  • Valuable lessons learned about scaling and adaptation
  • Refunds necessary due to unfilled orders
  • Giveaway offers subscribers a chance to win a pre-built Shopify store


Q: Can you provide more details about the challenges faced with shipping restrictions?
A: The dropshipper encountered issues with certain countries, particularly South Africa, where the product could not be shipped. This posed a logistical problem and required careful consideration when targeting and advertising to specific regions.

Q: How did the dropshipper determine the ideal audience for their product?
A: By running broad interest campaigns and analyzing customer data, the dropshipper discovered that the majority of their buyers were female. This led them to refine their marketing efforts and focus on women looking to enhance their attractiveness.

Q: What lessons did the dropshipper learn from this experience?
A: The dropshipper learned the importance of careful scaling, the impact of homepage optimization on conversion rates, and the need for constant adaptation in the ever-changing world of dropshipping.

Q: How did the dropshipper handle the refunds for unfilled orders?
A: The dropshipper acknowledged the need to refund customers for the orders that could not be fulfilled. The cost of these refunds amounted to approximately $200.

Q: How can subscribers participate in the giveaway?
A: Subscribers who meet certain criteria and leave a funny comment on the video have the opportunity to win the pre-built Shopify store. The dropshipper will select a winner either randomly or based on the funniest comment received.