Maximize Your Dropshipping Success with HyperSKU

Maximize Your Dropshipping Success with HyperSKU

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The issue with AliExpress as a foundation for dropshipping
    • Lack of control over the supply chain
    • Delays in shipping
    • Competition from other sellers
    • Limited customization options
  3. The closure of Oberlo & migration to DSers
  4. The need for alternative dropshipping agents
  5. Introduction to HyperSKU
  6. How HyperSKU works
    • Creating an account
    • Dashboard overview
    • Order management
    • Product sourcing
    • Shipping options and pricing
    • Importance of communication
  7. Additional resources and support
    • YouTube channel and social media presence
    • Support website and FAQ
  8. Conclusion
  9. How to get started with HyperSKU
    • Mentioning the special discount
    • Reaching out and connecting with HyperSKU's team

Title: Exploring HyperSKU as an Alternative Dropshipping Agent


In recent news, Oberlo announced its closure and transition to DSers. This development has left many dropshippers searching for viable alternatives to maintain their businesses. One crucial issue with platforms like Oberlo and DSers is the foundation they rely on - AliExpress. While AliExpress is a valuable tool for identifying and sourcing products, it falls short when it comes to scalability and control over the supply chain. In this article, we will explore the flaws of AliExpress as a dropshipping foundation, the closure of Oberlo, and introduce HyperSKU as an alternative dropshipping agent.

The issue with AliExpress as a foundation for dropshipping

AliExpress, primarily targeting international consumers, is not suitable for businesses seeking to build reliable, long-term online ventures. As most of the sellers on AliExpress are themselves dropshippers, they lack control over the supply chain and act merely as intermediaries between the buyer and supplier. This intermediary role often leads to delays in shipping, as a significant priority for AliExpress sellers is to have the tracking number visible rather than ensuring the prompt delivery of orders.

Moreover, utilizing AliExpress as a product sourcing platform entails the risk of unintentionally creating competition with other sellers. Winning products found on AliExpress can be easily identified by competitors, including other Shopify sellers and even AliExpress sellers who operate their own Shopify stores. These competitors can offer better margins since they purchase directly from the source, potentially undermining your business.

Furthermore, customization options on AliExpress are limited when it comes to branding, product designs, and cross-selling strategies. This restriction hinders dropshippers in building a unique brand and fostering a dedicated community of customers.

The closure of Oberlo & migration to DSers

Given the limitations of AliExpress, many dropshippers turned to apps like Oberlo and DSers to alleviate some of these challenges. Although DSers is considered an improvement over Oberlo, both apps still rely on AliExpress as their foundation. This means that while the interface and features may have improved, the core issues of control, competition, and customization persist.

The need for alternative dropshipping agents

To overcome the drawbacks of AliExpress and maximize control over the supply chain, dropshippers are advised to seek alternative dropshipping agents. These agents act as intermediaries between the seller and local suppliers, ensuring quality control, efficient shipping, and consolidation of orders when needed.

Introducing HyperSKU

Among the available dropshipping agents, HyperSKU stands out as a reliable and efficient solution. With HyperSKU, dropshippers can buy locally, benefit from thorough product inspections before shipping, and enjoy faster delivery times within 10 working days. HyperSKU offers an optimized system that eliminates manual work, streamlines the ordering process, and minimizes the risk of errors.

How HyperSKU works

Getting started with HyperSKU is simple. By creating an account on, dropshippers can explore the extensive database of millions of products across various categories. HyperSKU provides options for branding customization, allowing sellers to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Additionally, HyperSKU offers multiple shipping options with transparent pricing, making it easier to assess the costs and select the most suitable shipping method for specific destinations. The importance of communication is emphasized at HyperSKU, with customer support available in multiple languages, ensuring that dropshippers have a reliable point of contact.

Additional resources and support

HyperSKU goes beyond being a plugin for order automation. The company offers resources such as, a blog with informative posts on dropshipping and trends, and maintains a strong presence on YouTube and various social media platforms. Dropshippers can also access a dedicated support website containing FAQs and other valuable information.


With the closure of Oberlo and the inherent limitations of AliExpress, dropshippers must consider alternative solutions to ensure the stability and growth of their businesses. HyperSKU emerges as a promising option, offering localized sourcing, quality control, efficient shipping, and dedicated support. By exploring the services and features provided by HyperSKU, dropshippers can mitigate the challenges associated with AliExpress and build a thriving online business.

How to get started with HyperSKU

To get started with HyperSKU, simply visit their website at and create an account. Mention the referral code and take advantage of the discount they offer. Reach out to their team through the live chat or through other contact methods to discuss your specific needs and see how HyperSKU can fulfill your dropshipping requirements.


  • Oberlo's closure prompts search for alternative dropshipping agents
  • AliExpress's limitations in supply chain control, shipping delays, and competition
  • Introduction to HyperSKU as a reliable dropshipping agent
  • How HyperSKU offers efficient order management, sourcing, and shipping options
  • Importance of communication and dedicated support from HyperSKU's team


Q: What is the main issue with AliExpress as a dropshipping foundation? A: AliExpress lacks control over the supply chain, leading to shipping delays and competition from other sellers. It also limits customization options for branding and product designs.

Q: How does HyperSKU solve these issues? A: HyperSKU acts as an alternative dropshipping agent, helping sellers buy locally, ensuring quality control, and providing faster shipping within 10 working days.

Q: What advantages does HyperSKU offer compared to Oberlo and DSers? A: HyperSKU offers better control over the supply chain, eliminates the competition from AliExpress sellers, and provides additional support and resources.

Q: How can I get started with HyperSKU? A: Visit the HyperSKU website, create an account, and reach out to their team for assistance. Mention the referral code to access a special discount.

Q: Does HyperSKU support international shipping? A: Yes, HyperSKU provides multiple shipping options with transparent pricing, making it suitable for international dropshippers.