Discover Top Trending Products with AliExpress Dropship Center

Discover Top Trending Products with AliExpress Dropship Center

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is AliExpress dropship Center?
  3. How to Register to AliExpress Dropship Center?
  4. Finding Products to Sell
    1. Hot Selling Products
    2. Choosing the Product Category
    3. Selecting "Ship From" Location
    4. Setting Price Range
    5. Sorting by Packet
  5. Analyzing Product Demand
    1. Evaluating Orders and dropshipping Orders
    2. Analyzing Product Trends
    3. Checking Seller Reputation and Reviews
    4. Comparing Prices on other Platforms
  6. Expanding Your Store
    1. Thinking Beyond AliExpress
    2. Exploring Different Suppliers
  7. Utilizing Dropship Samples
  8. Network Dropship Samples
  9. Product Analysis
    1. Analyzing Trend Graph
    2. Evaluating Product Demand
    3. Using Product Analysis Section
  10. Conclusion

Finding Profitable Products with AliExpress Dropship Center

AliExpress Dropship Center is a powerful tool for dropshippers to find top-selling products and save time. In this article, we will explore the features of the AliExpress Dropship Center and learn how to leverage it to find profitable products for your dropshipping business.


Before we dive into the AliExpress Dropship Center, let's understand the basics. Dropshipping is a popular business model where the seller doesn't hold inventory. Instead, when a customer places an order, the seller purchases the product from a third-party supplier who then ships it directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for upfront inventory investment and allows sellers to focus on marketing and sales.

What is AliExpress Dropship Center?

AliExpress Dropship Center is the dropshipping center of AliExpress, a leading online marketplace. It is designed to help dropshippers find top-selling products with ease. The Dropship Center offers various features and tools that can assist you in exploring trending products, optimizing your product listings, and expanding your store's inventory.

How to Register to AliExpress Dropship Center?

To access the AliExpress Dropship Center, you first need to create an AliExpress account. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Visit the AliExpress website and click on "Create Account."
  2. Fill in the required details, such as your email address and password, to create an account.
  3. Once your account is created, head to the Dropship Center by clicking on the corresponding link provided in this article or searching for "AliExpress Dropship Center" on Google.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Next."
  5. Provide your first and last name and click "Submit."
  6. You will be redirected to the Dropship Center, where you can start exploring the features.

Finding Products to Sell

The primary purpose of the AliExpress Dropship Center is to help you find profitable products to sell in your dropshipping store. Let's go through the process step by step.

Hot Selling Products

In the "Find Products" section of the Dropship Center, you will find various options to narrow down your search. One of the most useful options is the "Hot Selling" category. This category showcases products that are currently in high demand and have a proven track record of successful sales.

Choosing the Product Category

If you have a specific product category in mind, you can choose it to focus your search. Categories like home improvement and electronics often have trending products that can be profitable. However, if you are open to exploring different products, you can skip this step and proceed without selecting a specific category.

Selecting "Ship From" Location

When dropshipping from AliExpress, it is generally recommended to select products that ship from China. This is because products from China are usually cheaper and have good shipping options. To ensure this, choose "China" as the shipping location.

Setting Price Range

As a beginner, it's wise to start with products that range from $5 to $40. This price range reduces the risk of working with high-priced items and allows you to target a wider customer base. However, if you plan on researching products and sourcing them from different suppliers like Amazon, you can adjust the price range accordingly.

Sorting by Packet

For beginners, it is recommended to choose products that can be shipped via a packet. This simplifies the shipping process and makes it easier for you to handle orders. Selecting this option filters out products that may have different shipping methods.

Analyzing Product Demand

Once you have set the search parameters and found products of interest, it's essential to analyze their demand and potential for success. The Dropship Center provides various tools to help you evaluate the market and make informed decisions.

Evaluating Orders and Dropshipping Orders

In the search results, you will come across products with different quantities of orders and dropshipping orders. AliExpress indicates the number of times a product has been ordered and the number of those orders that are dropshipped. High dropshipping orders indicate a product's popularity among dropshippers. However, it's important to check the competition on platforms like eBay to ensure profitability.

Analyzing Product Trends

To gauge the trend and popularity of a product over time, AliExpress provides a trend graph. The graph displays the product's sales performance, allowing you to assess its stability and relevance. Products with steady sales and a consistent upward trend are generally safer to sell.

Checking Seller Reputation and Reviews

Before deciding to sell a particular product, it's crucial to ensure that the seller is reliable and trustworthy. Look out for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews. You can also download the AliTools extension, which provides additional information about the seller and product performance.

Comparing Prices on Other Platforms

To assess the market competitiveness and potential profit margins, it's beneficial to compare the prices of similar products on other platforms. For example, you can search for the same product on eBay and determine if there is room for you to offer a competitive price.

Expanding Your Store

The AliExpress Dropship Center is not limited to sourcing products solely from AliExpress. It can serve as a valuable resource to inspire new ideas and expand your store's inventory beyond a single supplier. Here are a couple of ways you can leverage this opportunity:

Thinking Beyond AliExpress

When you find a product with high demand on AliExpress, think outside the box. Consider finding similar products from different suppliers and platforms like Amazon or Home Depot. This allows you to offer variety and potentially find more competitive prices.

Exploring Different Suppliers

AliExpress Dropship Center is not restricted to AliExpress suppliers only. It supports sourcing from various suppliers within Autods, making it easier for you to find suitable products from different platforms. By exploring different suppliers, you can access a wider selection of products and make your store more diverse.

Utilizing Dropship Samples

The Dropship Samples section of the Dropship Center is a valuable feature that allows you to order product samples at a discounted price. This enables you to inspect the quality of the product and have a hands-on experience before listing it in your store. Sampling products can give you a competitive advantage as you can provide accurate and detailed information to potential customers.

Network Dropship Samples

The Network Dropship Samples section provides you with a network-based approach to product research. It presents a curated list of top-selling products recommended by Autods based on market trends and user feedback. This section is constantly updated to reflect the latest product recommendations, ensuring you always have access to potential winning products.

Product Analysis

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Dropship Center offers a dedicated Product Analysis section. This section allows you to analyze individual products in more detail and make data-driven decisions.

Analyzing Trend Graph

The Product Analysis section provides a trend graph for each product, showing its sales performance over time. By examining the graph, you can identify products with stable and consistent sales, indicating sustained demand.

Evaluating Product Demand

To assess the demand for a product, you can consider various factors such as the number of orders, dropshipping orders, and product ratings. High orders combined with positive ratings indicate a product's popularity and potential for success.

Using Product Analysis Section

To further evaluate a product, you can click on the "Analysis" button in the Product Analysis section. This will provide you with additional insights, including competitive pricing, similar products, and potential optimization opportunities. Utilize this section to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product's market position.


The AliExpress Dropship Center is an invaluable tool for dropshippers looking to find profitable products for their stores. By utilizing the various features and tools available, you can streamline your product research process, analyze market trends, and expand your store's inventory. Remember to think creatively, explore different suppliers, and conduct thorough analysis before selecting products to ensure your dropshipping business thrives.


  • Access to a wide range of products
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Allows creative product research and offers competitive advantage
  • Helps to identify trending and profitable products
  • Provides valuable insights and data for informed decision making


  • High competition on popular products
  • Limited support for sourcing from non-AliExpress suppliers
  • Requires thorough analysis and research to ensure product profitability