Build Your Own Supplement Brand with Zero Risk and Inventory

Build Your Own Supplement Brand with Zero Risk and Inventory

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Private Label and Drop Shipping
  3. Selecting Your Products 3.1. Traditional Way vs Rocktomic Way 3.2. Example of a Top Product
  4. Branding Your Product 4.1. Designing a Logo and Label 4.2. Artistic Aspect of the Label 4.3. Supplement Panel and Instructions
  5. Setting Up Your Website 5.1. Website Creation Options 5.2. Integration with Shipstation
  6. Launching Your Brand
  7. Fulfillment Process 7.1. Printing and Placing Labels 7.2. Packaging and Shipping
  8. Scaling Your Business
  9. Conclusion

Creating Your Own Supplement or Superfood Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Have you ever dreamt of starting your own supplement or superfood brand but felt unsure of where to begin? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many aspiring entrepreneurs face challenges such as lack of capital, limited manufacturing contacts, and fulfillment concerns. In this article, we will introduce you to an amazing opportunity offered by Rocktomic that combines the power of private label products with the efficiency of drop shipping. With this unique approach, you can create your brand without the need for inventory or fulfillment worries.

The Power of Private Label and Drop Shipping Private label products have revolutionized the e-commerce industry by providing individuals with the opportunity to brand existing products as their own. Combined with the efficiency of drop shipping, entrepreneurs can now enter the supplements and superfoods market with minimal risk and investment. Rocktomic has taken this concept to the next level, offering a seamless solution that eliminates the need for inventory and fulfillment, allowing you to focus on building your brand.

Selecting Your Products Traditionally, launching a brand meant investing significant funds into inventory, which came with inherent risks. With Rocktomic, you have the freedom to choose your products without the burden of upfront costs. The extensive catalog offers a wide range of popular options. For example, the turmeric gummies have proven to be a top-performing product. By simply selecting the desired product from the catalog, you can move on to the next step.

Branding Your Product Once you've selected your product, it's time to create a distinct brand image. Rocktomic's team of designers are skilled in crafting captivating logos and labels that represent your brand identity. Collaborate with the designers to convey your vision, including preferences on colors, graphics, and fonts. While the artistic aspect is in your hands, the designers ensure compliance with supplement panel requirements and label instructions.

Setting Up Your Website With your branded product in hand, it's time to establish an online presence. You have two options: create your own website or have Rocktomic handle the website setup for you. Regardless of your choice, it's crucial to select a platform that integrates seamlessly with Rocktomic's fulfillment software, Shipstation. Ensuring compatibility facilitates a smooth and streamlined process.

Launching Your Brand Once your website is complete and your products are ready, it's time to launch your brand. As the business owner, it's your responsibility to handle advertising, marketing, and sales. Drive traffic to your website and witness customers placing orders for your products. When a customer makes a purchase and pays for it, the money goes directly into your bank account. It's a straightforward process, with you having full control of your sales.

Fulfillment Process After receiving the paid order, Rocktomic's fulfillment facility takes over the process. The fulfillment director prints the label on demand, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The staff meticulously places the labels on the bottles and packages them for shipping. The shipping label features only your company information, guaranteeing that your customers receive the product directly from you. Rocktomic handles this process for every sale, regardless of the order volume, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Scaling Your Business As your brand gains traction and the number of orders increases, Rocktomic's streamlined fulfillment process remains intact. Whether you have ten orders or a thousand, Rocktomic fulfills each one with the same level of dedication. This scalability enables you to focus on scaling your business by stepping up your advertising, marketing, and sales efforts.

Conclusion Creating your own supplement or superfood brand is now within reach, thanks to the innovative approach offered by Rocktomic. By leveraging the power of private label and drop shipping, you can build a brand without the burden of inventory management or fulfillment concerns. With a wide range of products, personalized branding, and efficient order fulfillment, Rocktomic provides a comprehensive solution for aspiring entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry.


  1. Revolutionize the supplement and superfood industry without the need for inventory or direct fulfillment.
  2. Choose from a catalog of popular products without upfront costs.
  3. Personalize your brand through logo and label design with Rocktomic's team of talented designers.
  4. Set up your website with a platform that integrates seamlessly with Rocktomic's fulfillment software.
  5. Launch your brand and handle advertising, marketing, and sales to fuel business growth.
  6. Rocktomic's fulfillment process ensures efficient packaging and shipping for each order, regardless of volume.
  7. Scale your business while Rocktomic handles the fulfillment, allowing you to focus on business expansion.

FAQ: Q: How much does it cost to start a brand with Rocktomic? A: With Rocktomic's innovative model, there are no upfront costs for inventory. You only pay for the products once they are sold.

Q: Can I customize the labels for my brand? A: Yes, Rocktomic's team of designers will work with you to create a unique logo and label that reflects your brand's identity.

Q: How does the fulfillment process work? A: Once a customer places an order on your website, Rocktomic's fulfillment facility takes care of printing labels, packaging, and shipping the products directly to your customers.

Q: Is it possible to scale my business with Rocktomic? A: Absolutely. Rocktomic's streamlined fulfillment process allows you to handle an increasing number of orders, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Q: Is Rocktomic's fulfillment process available internationally? A: Currently, Rocktomic's fulfillment facilities are located in the United States, ensuring efficient order processing and shipping within the country.