Unbelievable Results After Trying Biaheza's Dropshipping Course

Unbelievable Results After Trying Biaheza's Dropshipping Course

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Reviewing Hezza's Drop Shipping Course
    • Course Structure
    • Value and Useful Tips
  3. Finding a Winning Product
    • Product Selection Process
    • Product Research Techniques
    • Criteria for Product Selection
  4. Setting Up a Shopify Store
    • Account Setup and Formatting Guidelines
    • Creating a Professional Website
    • Adding Shipping Guidelines and Policies
  5. Advertising on TikTok
    • Creating Compelling Videos
    • Targeting the Right Audience
    • Testing and Optimization Strategies
  6. Fulfilling Orders and Tracking Sales
    • Managing Orders in Shopify
    • Shipping Options and Timelines
    • Tracking Sales and Performance
  7. Evaluating the Profitability
    • Calculating Total Revenue and Expenses
    • Analyzing Conversion Rates and Customer Data
    • Identifying Areas for Improvement
  8. Conclusion and Future Plans
  9. Highlights
  10. FAQ


In this article, we will dive into a review of Hezza's newest Drop Shipping course and put its teachings to the test. We will explore the course structure, discuss the value and useful tips provided, and provide insights into the process of starting a Shopify store based on the course materials. Additionally, we will analyze the effectiveness of TikTok advertising, evaluate the profitability of the venture, and share future plans for improvement.

Reviewing Hezza's Drop Shipping Course

Hezza's Drop Shipping course is structured into seven main sections, covering everything from finding a winning product to setting up a store, step by step advertising, order fulfillment, and more. Unlike many courses, this one offers a streamlined approach without any unnecessary fluff. Each video is packed with value and useful tips, making the learning experience efficient and effective.

Finding a Winning Product

To ensure success in the Drop Shipping business, selecting the right product is crucial. Hezza's course provides recommendations for targeting profitable niches such as beauty, fitness, or pets. Following these suggestions, we undertook product research by analyzing popular views on TikTok, existing sales on AliExpress, and utilizing paid websites for sourcing. After careful consideration, a pet brush with great margins and existing sales was selected as the product to sell.

Setting Up a Shopify Store

The next step involved building a compelling landing page on Shopify. With the guidance provided by Hezza's course, the store creation process was seamless. Hezza addressed crucial factors such as setting up an account, formatting guidelines, and creating a professional website. Attention was given to shipping guidelines, return policies, and terms and conditions, ensuring a comprehensive and trustworthy storefront.

Advertising on TikTok

Hezza's course highlights the potential of TikTok for advertising products. Following the guidelines provided, compelling videos showcasing the benefits of the pet brush were created using BandsOff Ads. Testing was conducted with multiple campaigns and target audiences to optimize conversion rates. With a modest initial ad budget, the results were encouraging, leading to increased ad spend and substantial sales.

Fulfilling Orders and Tracking Sales

As orders started pouring in, the importance of efficient order fulfillment became evident. Shopify's order management system simplified the process, allowing for seamless shipping options and tracking timelines. This ensured a smooth customer experience, ultimately resulting in positive reviews and repeat business. Constant monitoring of sales and performance metrics provided valuable insights for future decision-making.

Evaluating the Profitability

While the venture appeared successful, a comprehensive analysis of revenue and expenses was necessary to determine profitability. Accounting for one-time fees such as domain name purchase, TikTok ads, and monthly expenses like Shopify subscription and PayPal fees, the total expenses amounted to a significant sum. Subtracting these expenses from the revenue, it became apparent that the venture had incurred a loss rather than a profit.

Conclusion and Future Plans

Although the Shopify store did not immediately yield profit, this does not diminish the value of Hezza's Drop Shipping course. The course provided valuable insights and learning opportunities that can be leveraged for future success. With further optimization of TikTok ads, both organically and through adjustments to conversion rates, profitability can be achieved. The experience gained from this venture will be utilized to create more profitable Shopify stores in the future.


  • Hezza's Drop Shipping course offers a streamlined approach with no fluff, providing value-packed videos and useful tips.
  • The product selection process involves analyzing TikTok views, existing sales on AliExpress, and utilizing paid websites.
  • The Shopify store setup, guided by Hezza's course, resulted in a professional-looking website with comprehensive policies.
  • TikTok advertising showed promise, with increased ad spend leading to substantial sales, although profitability was not achieved in this case.
  • Constant monitoring of sales, order fulfillment, and performance metrics provided insights for improvement and future success.


Q: Is Hezza's Drop Shipping course worth the investment if the venture did not immediately yield a profit? A: Yes, the value of the course lies in the knowledge gained and the learning experience it provides. It equips individuals with valuable insights and resources that can be utilized for future success.

Q: How can I find a winning product for a Drop Shipping store? A: Hezza's course recommends targeting profitable niches, such as beauty, fitness, or pets. Conducting thorough product research, analyzing trends on platforms like TikTok, and utilizing paid websites can aid in identifying products with potential.

Q: How important is TikTok advertising for a Drop Shipping store's success? A: TikTok advertising can be an effective way to reach a broader audience. It allows for creative video campaigns and targeting specific demographics. However, success depends on factors such as ad optimization, audience targeting, and product appeal.

Q: Are there other ways to increase profitability in a Drop Shipping venture apart from advertising optimization? A: Yes, there are several strategies to improve profitability. These include negotiating better prices with suppliers, upselling or cross-selling related products, optimizing the website for conversions, and implementing effective email marketing campaigns.