Boost Your Dropshipping Business with Better Alternatives to AliExpress

Boost Your Dropshipping Business with Better Alternatives to AliExpress

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Drop Shipping?
  3. The Downside of AliExpress
  4. Alternatives to AliExpress 4.1 CJ Drop Shipping 4.2 Zendrop 4.3 Ecomops 4.4 Amazon FBA 4.5 Shopify Fulfillment
  5. Partnering with Existing Businesses
  6. Conclusion

Article: Drop Shipping Made Easy: How to Ship Products Faster and Improve Your Business

Drop shipping has become a popular business model due to its low startup costs. However, one of the biggest challenges of drop shipping is the shipping time. In today's article, I will share with you strategies to drop ship products in under 10 days and even provide tips to further reduce shipping time. Before we dive into the methods, let's take a look at some impressive results from my own drop shipping store. With products delivered in under 10 days, we have been able to attract returning customers and are on track to achieve a monthly revenue of 100K. Now, let's discuss why using AliExpress for your business may not be the best option.

Why You Should Avoid AliExpress for Drop Shipping

AliExpress is often used as a testing ground for drop shipping ideas and products. However, there are several reasons why fulfilling orders on AliExpress is not sustainable for scaling your business. Firstly, there are significant variations in shipping times, which can lead to inconsistent customer experiences. Additionally, the quality of products on AliExpress can vary greatly, which might negatively impact customer satisfaction. Lastly, since AliExpress is a popular platform, it's possible that potential customers are already familiar with the products you are selling. If you do decide to use AliExpress, it is crucial to conduct due diligence by checking the ratings and reputation of suppliers. Nonetheless, let's explore some alternatives that can improve your drop shipping business.

1. CJ Drop Shipping: Your Launchpad for Success

CJ Drop Shipping is an excellent starting point for beginners in drop shipping. This platform offers a wide range of products and provides the opportunity to build a third-party fulfillment relationship in China. What sets CJ Drop Shipping apart is their delegation of a representative to assist you as your volume grows. These representatives will help you source products, ensuring quality and consistent shipping times. CJ Drop Shipping also works with special shipping lines, offering more reliable delivery options. Moreover, they constantly introduce trending and innovative products not commonly found on AliExpress. Their library of video footage is an added bonus for those with editing skills.

2. Zendrop: Quality Experience and US-based Support

Similar to CJ Drop Shipping, Zendrop is a third-party logistics platform, albeit slightly smaller. One significant advantage of Zendrop is their US-based team, providing a more personalized and quality experience. While they may not have the same level of product diversity as CJ Drop Shipping, Zendrop offers reliable representatives who assist in sourcing products. The main drawback of Zendrop is its comparatively higher cost. However, their commitment to excellence and rapid growth make them a compelling alternative to AliExpress.

3. Ecomops: Taking Fulfillment to the Next Level

Ecomops is a third-party logistics website that elevates the fulfillment process. They can handle all your orders, brand them if desired, and assist in sourcing products from China. However, Ecomops is more selective and requires a specific order volume to work with them. This selectiveness ensures a higher level of quality and faster order processing. Partnering with Ecomops can provide a more personalized logistics experience, which is crucial as your business scales.

4. Amazon FBA: Delighting Customers with Prime

Signing up for an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) account opens up new possibilities for drop shippers. While this takes your business to the next level, you can actually start with just one unit. By sending a single unit to Amazon FBA, you can start selling immediately on Amazon. However, it's essential to consider Amazon's high fees, which include both a monthly subscription and a percentage of your revenue. While fulfilling Shopify orders through Amazon FBA is possible, it can be more complex and costly.

5. Shopify Fulfillment: Streamlining Domestic Shipping

Once you reach a level where you are shipping at least 50 orders per day, considering Shopify Fulfillment becomes a wise choice. Shopify has established partnerships with warehouses nationwide, making domestic shipping more efficient. They also collaborate with Flexport, a company that optimizes supply chains. Shopify Fulfillment offers a convenient and streamlined approach, essential for scaling your business to new heights.

6. Partnering with Existing Businesses: Leveraging Your Skills

If you possess the skill set to drive traffic and generate sales, partnering with existing businesses can be an exciting opportunity. By creating a Shopify store for them and running it as a drop shipping business, you can tap into their existing customer base while they handle fulfillment. This arrangement allows you to focus on marketing and sales, making it an attractive option for both parties.


Drop shipping can be a lucrative business model with the right strategies in place. By leveraging alternatives to AliExpress and partnering with logistics providers, you can enhance your fulfillment process and deliver products in a timely manner. Whether you choose CJ Drop Shipping, Zendrop, Ecomops, Amazon FBA, Shopify fulfillment, or explore partnerships with existing businesses, prioritizing customer satisfaction and efficient shipping should be at the core of your drop shipping operations. Remember, the key to drop shipping success lies in adapting, improving, and offering exceptional value to your customers.


  • Implementing strategies to ship products faster in drop shipping
  • AliExpress as a testing ground for drop shipping ideas and products
  • Alternatives to AliExpress - CJ Drop Shipping, Zendrop, Ecomops, Amazon FBA, Shopify fulfillment
  • Partnering with existing businesses for mutual benefit in drop shipping


Q: What is drop shipping? A: Drop shipping is a business model where retailers do not keep the products they sell in stock. Instead, they partner with suppliers who handle inventory storage and order fulfillment.

Q: Why should I avoid using AliExpress for drop shipping? A: AliExpress has inconsistent shipping times, varying product quality, and the risk of competition from other sellers on the platform. Using alternative drop shipping methods can provide a better customer experience.

Q: How can I ship products faster in drop shipping? A: Utilizing third-party logistics platforms like CJ Drop Shipping, Zendrop, and Ecomops can ensure faster and more efficient order fulfillment. Partnering with Amazon FBA or leveraging Shopify Fulfillment can also expedite shipping times.

Q: Can I partner with existing businesses for drop shipping? A: Yes, if you possess skills in driving traffic and generating sales, you can collaborate with existing businesses and run a drop shipping store on their behalf. This allows you to tap into their customer base while they handle fulfillment.

Q: How important is customer satisfaction in drop shipping? A: Customer satisfaction is crucial in drop shipping as it leads to repeat business and positive reviews, which can attract more customers. Providing fast shipping and high-quality products is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction.