Automate Your eBay Business with the Best Dropshipping Software

Automate Your eBay Business with the Best Dropshipping Software

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction 1.1 Who is this guide for? 1.2 What is Drop Shipping?
  2. Must-Have Softwares for a Drop Shipping Business 2.1 Product Research Tool 2.1.1 Importance of Listing the Right Products 2.1.2 Introduction to Zig Analytics 2.1.3 Features of Zig Analytics 2.2 Monitor Tool 2.2.1 Automating the Upload Process 2.2.2 Introduction to Auto Diaz 2.2.3 Introduction to Sale Freaks 2.2.4 Integrating Monitor Tools with Zig Analytics
  3. How to Use Product Research and Monitor Tools Effectively 3.1 Mastering the Product Research Tool 3.2 Leveraging the Power of the Monitor Tool
  4. Benefits of Using Product Research and Monitor Tools 4.1 Staying on Top of Things 4.2 Making Informed Decisions
  5. Conclusion

Must-Have Softwares for a Successful Drop Shipping Business

Are you looking to start a Drop Shipping business but you don't know which softwares to use? Well, I'm here to show you the must-have softwares to run a stable, automated, and scalable Drop Shipping business. A lot of sellers find the beginning of their seller journey very difficult and honestly, it can be very hard. However, it doesn't have to be that hard. So, I've seen firsthand how effective these softwares are. Take Psychic Gohan as an example, who made $1723 revenue in the last seven days and he uses the software I'm about to show you.

Product Research Tool: Zig Analytics

First things first, you need a product research tool. Why, you may ask? Well, our studies show that ninety percent of the people who managed to break even in the first three months also become profitable. This is why listing the right products is really important, as it determines how quickly you break even. This is where a product research tool comes in, and the number one product research software is Zig Analytics. You can try it with a one-dollar trial. With Zig Analytics, you can see the statistics of any niche you want, view any sellers' products, and snipe their winning products. The software allows you to automate product research by setting specific criteria and obtaining as many products as you want. Along with the software, you also gain access to a members' community and plenty of training videos on how to use the tools and find products. Additionally, there's live chat support available on the website.

Monitor Tool: Auto Diaz and Sale Freaks

Now that you've found a product research tool and are able to find hundreds of items in just a few minutes, the next question arises: how can you upload them to your store in an automated way? This is where a monitor tool comes into play. A monitor tool offers at least two types of services. The first service is a lister, which automatically uploads the products you find to eBay, saving you a lot of time compared to doing the work manually. The second service is price monitoring, known as a repricer. A repricer ensures that the prices on eBay are always set to maintain profitability. For example, if you upload a product from a supplier like Amazon or AliExpress for ten dollars and then list it on eBay for twenty dollars, if the price of the supplier changes to twenty dollars, the price on eBay will automatically increase. This way, you stay in profit.

Two popular monitor tools in the market are Auto Diaz and Sale Freaks. Auto Diaz supports a wide range of suppliers and comes highly recommended. It offers chat support, training, and full automation for order tracking numbers and customer service. On the other hand, Sale Freaks focuses its features on managing a large number of listings and offers fully automated Amazon to eBay Drop Shipping software. The good news is that you can integrate these monitor tools with Zig Analytics, making the whole process of uploading products much faster and more efficient.

Using Product Research and Monitor Tools Effectively

To ensure your business succeeds, you need to know how to use product research and monitor tools effectively. Mastery of these tools will help you stay on top of things and make better decisions. Take the time to learn and master them, and you will see the benefits in the long run. Trust me, it's worth it.

Benefits of Using Product Research and Monitor Tools

There are several benefits to using product research and monitor tools. Firstly, you can stay on top of things by having access to real-time statistics, information on competitors' products, and the ability to snipe winning products. This keeps you ahead of the competition and helps you adapt quickly to market trends. Secondly, using these tools allows you to make informed decisions. By analyzing data and tracking prices, you can ensure your pricing is always competitive and maintain profitability.


In conclusion, the use of product research and monitor tools is crucial for running a successful Drop Shipping business. Zig Analytics, Auto Diaz, and Sale Freaks are among the top software options available in the market. By mastering these tools and understanding how to leverage their features effectively, you can increase your chances of success in the highly competitive world of Drop Shipping. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and make your seller journey smooth. Keep moving forward and let these tools empower your business.