Why Omnisend is the Best Email Marketing Solution for Ecommerce in 2023

Why Omnisend is the Best Email Marketing Solution for Ecommerce in 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Omnisend: An Overview
  3. Features of Omnisend
    1. Advanced eCommerce Features
    2. Easy-to-Use Dashboard
    3. Creating Newsletters
    4. Email Template Customization
    5. Automation Workflows
    6. Deliverability Rate
  4. Pricing Plans
    1. Free Plan Limitations
    2. Standard Plan
    3. Pro Plan
    4. For the latest plans and prices
  5. Pros of Using Omnisend
    1. Tailored for Online Stores
    2. Seamless Integration with eCommerce Platforms
    3. Unique Advanced Features
    4. User-Friendly Automation Options
  6. Cons of Using Omnisend
    1. Limited Multi-Language Support
    2. Missing Key Marketing Integrations
    3. Deliverability Rate Improvement Needed
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ


In the competitive world of email marketing, Omnisend stands out as a solution specifically designed for eCommerce marketers. Unlike many other email marketing providers, Omnisend offers advanced features within its free plan, which is a great advantage for businesses on a tight marketing budget. This article aims to provide an in-depth review of Omnisend, exploring its features, ease of use, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

Omnisend: An Overview

Omnisend is an email marketing solution crafted specifically for eCommerce marketers. With a primary focus on online stores, Omnisend offers a range of advanced features without requiring a substantial marketing budget. Its user-friendly dashboard and automation workflows make it a convenient choice for businesses looking to maximize their email marketing efforts.

Features of Omnisend

Omnisend provides eCommerce marketers with a variety of features to enhance their email marketing campaigns. These include advanced eCommerce features, an intuitive dashboard, newsletter creation capabilities, email template customization options, automation workflows, and deliverability rate tracking.

Advanced eCommerce Features

One of the significant advantages of Omnisend is its comprehensive offering of advanced eCommerce features, which are typically reserved for higher-tier plans with other providers. These features, such as omnichannel marketing, eCommerce automation, and SMS messaging, empower businesses to reach their target audience effectively.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Omnisend's dashboard is designed to be easy to read and navigate. It offers a Goals tab, providing valuable suggestions on how to boost business, an Overview tab showcasing audience growth and sales performance, and a Live View tab for tracking live visitors. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to access the necessary information and manage email marketing campaigns efficiently.

Creating Newsletters

To create a newsletter using Omnisend, users can navigate to the Campaigns section and select the option to create a new campaign. From there, users can choose the email campaign type and customize various elements such as the subject line, sender name, preheader, and more. While the selection of email templates may be limited, customization options are available to tailor the chosen template to suit the brand's needs.

Email Template Customization

Omnisend allows users to customize their chosen email templates fully. With a drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add and adjust design elements in their newsletters. The editor's responsiveness and speed enhance the user experience, enabling efficient email campaign creation. Previews of the email on both desktop and mobile devices, along with the ability to send test emails to multiple users, aid in ensuring a flawless user experience.

Automation Workflows

Automation is a core strength of Omnisend, particularly beneficial for online stores on platforms like Shopify. The automation builder offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of triggers, filters, and conditions to choose from. Users can create customized automation workflows tailored to their specific marketing goals. Omnisend also provides recommendations for popular automation workflows, such as the "abandoned cart" template, making it easy for users to get started.

Deliverability Rate

While Omnisend's features are impressive, its deliverability rate could benefit from improvement. Deliverability rates fluctuate, and EmailToolTester's latest test revealed room for enhancement. If a solid email marketing platform with a better deliverability rate is a priority, considering alternatives like ActiveCampaign might be wise. However, Omnisend does offer deliverability reports within its platform to help users track and optimize factors influencing their deliverability, such as email list hygiene and sender domains.

Pricing Plans

Omnisend offers a free plan that includes advanced features, although it comes with certain limitations. For businesses with more extensive email marketing needs, Omnisend provides affordable pricing plans offering additional benefits and support.

Free Plan Limitations

While the free plan offers access to advanced features, it limits users to 250 contacts and 500 emails per month. This plan is suitable for small businesses or those with a limited subscriber base. However, as a business grows, it may require more extensive email marketing capabilities.

Standard Plan

Omnisend's standard plan, starting at $16 per month, is their most popular option. It includes up to 500 contacts, 6000 emails, 60 SMS sends, and unlimited web push notifications. As an upgrade from the free plan, the standard plan provides additional benefits such as a Customer Success Manager and 24/7 live chat support.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan, starting at $59 per month, offers advanced features like Advanced Reporting, Customer Success Management, and 24/7 Priority Support. This plan is suitable for businesses seeking more comprehensive assistance and guidance in their email marketing efforts.

For the latest plans and prices

To stay up to date with the most current pricing plans offered by Omnisend, it is recommended to visit the EmailToolTester website at EmailToolTester.com.

Pros of Using Omnisend

Omnisend offers several advantages that make it an appealing choice for eCommerce marketers.

Tailored for Online Stores

Omnisend's primary focus on serving online stores provides a significant advantage for businesses operating in the eCommerce space. This specialization allows Omnisend to provide tailored features and integrations specifically designed to benefit eCommerce marketers.

Seamless Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Omnisend seamlessly integrates with all popular eCommerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to connect their online stores with the email marketing platform. This integration streamlines the process of leveraging customer data and automating email campaigns based on shopping behavior and preferences.

Unique Advanced Features

Omnisend offers unique advanced features that set it apart from other email marketing solutions. With features like product pickers, scratch cards, and gift boxes, businesses can create engaging and interactive email campaigns that stand out to their audience.

User-Friendly Automation Options

The automation workflows provided by Omnisend are user-friendly and intuitive. With a wide range of triggers, filters, and conditions to choose from, businesses can easily set up personalized and automated email campaigns to effectively target their customers at the right time.

Cons of Using Omnisend

While Omnisend has many strengths, there are some limitations and areas for improvement that users should consider.

Limited Multi-Language Support

If multi-language support is a crucial requirement for a business, Omnisend may not be the ideal choice. It may be necessary to explore other email marketing platforms that offer robust multi-language capabilities.

Missing Key Marketing Integrations

While Omnisend integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms, it lacks integrations with key marketing tools such as Google Analytics and CRMs. This limitation may require businesses to rely on other software or workarounds to gather comprehensive marketing insights.

Deliverability Rate Improvement Needed

Omnisend's deliverability rate ranked lower in EmailToolTester's latest test. While this result may not be conclusive, businesses concerned about email deliverability may want to explore alternative platforms like ActiveCampaign, known for its high deliverability rates.


Omnisend is a feature-rich email marketing solution tailored for eCommerce marketers. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and automation options make it a compelling choice for businesses operating online stores. However, it does have limitations such as limited multi-language support, missing key marketing integrations, and room for improvement in its deliverability rate.


Q: Does Omnisend offer a free plan? A: Yes, Omnisend provides a free plan that includes access to advanced features. However, this plan has limitations, such as a maximum of 250 contacts and 500 emails per month.

Q: Can I customize the email templates in Omnisend? A: Yes, Omnisend allows users to fully customize the chosen email templates. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add and adjust design elements according to your brand's needs.

Q: Does Omnisend integrate with eCommerce platforms? A: Yes, Omnisend seamlessly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms, enabling businesses to leverage their customer data and automate email campaigns based on shopping behavior.

Q: What pricing plans does Omnisend offer? A: Omnisend offers a free plan with limitations on contacts and emails. They also have a standard plan starting at $16 per month and a pro plan starting at $59 per month, offering additional benefits and support.

Q: Does Omnisend have a high deliverability rate? A: Omnisend's deliverability rate could be improved, according to EmailToolTester's latest test. If email deliverability is a top priority, alternative platforms like ActiveCampaign may be worth considering.

Q: Does Omnisend support multi-language campaigns? A: Omnisend has limited multi-language support. Businesses requiring robust multi-language capabilities may need to explore other email marketing platforms that offer more comprehensive language support.

Q: Does Omnisend integrate with Google Analytics and CRMs? A: Unfortunately, Omnisend lacks integrations with key marketing tools such as Google Analytics and CRMs. This limitation may require businesses to use other software or workarounds to gather comprehensive marketing insights.

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