Upgrade Your Shopify Store with Online Store 2.0

Upgrade Your Shopify Store with Online Store 2.0

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Upgrade to Online Store 2.0
  3. Overview of Online Store 2.0 Themes
  4. Accessing the Theme Editor
  5. Customizing Templates
    • Creating Alternate Templates
    • Modifying Template Content
    • Assigning Alternate Templates
  6. Understanding Sections
    • Static Sections
    • Adding Sections to Templates
    • Modifying Section Options
    • Rearranging Sections
  7. Working with Blocks
    • Adding Blocks to Sections
    • Moving Blocks within Sections
    • Customizing Blocks
  8. Advanced Theme Settings
    • Accessing Theme Settings
    • Customizing Layout
    • Modifying Buttons
    • Enhancing Product Variants
    • Optimizing Customer Inputs
    • Styling Product, Blog, and Collection Cards
    • Adjusting Content Containers
    • Fine-tuning Media, Drop Downs, and Drawers
    • Managing Badges
    • Enabling Search Behavior
    • Formatting Currency
  9. Conclusion
  10. Additional Resources

Upgrade Your Shopify Online Store with Online Store 2.0

Are you looking to give your online store a fresh, new look? Shopify has recently launched Online Store 2.0, a powerful update that includes a range of free themes and an improved theme editor. With Online Store 2.0, you can easily customize your store without any coding knowledge. In this article, we will explore the Online Store 2.0 theme editor and show you how to create a fully customized look for your online business.

Upgrade to Online Store 2.0

Before we jump into the details of the theme editor, it's important to note that the new features we'll be discussing are only available in the Online Store 2.0 themes. While vintage themes like "Brooklyn" still exist, they don't offer the same level of customization options. So, if you want to take full advantage of the new features, consider upgrading to a 2.0 theme.

Overview of Online Store 2.0 Themes

Currently, Shopify offers six free Online Store 2.0 themes in the theme store. These themes include Dawn, Craft, Crave, Taste, Studio, and Sense. Each theme allows you to create a unique and tailored look for your online store.

Accessing the Theme Editor

To access the theme editor, navigate to your Shopify Admin and click on "Online Store." From there, click on the theme you want to edit and select "Customize." This will open the Online Store 2.0 theme editor, where you can make creative changes to your store.

Customizing Templates

Online Store 2.0 themes consist of templates, sections, and blocks. Templates are the pages in your theme editor that you can customize to give your shop a consistent look and feel. You can access these templates in the theme editor's dropdown menu. Create new alternate templates for products, collections, pages, blogs, and blog posts to modify specific content on a template without changing all instances.

To begin customizing a template, select the desired template from the menu and click "Create Template." Name the template and adjust the content according to your preferences. Save your changes and assign the new alternate template you created to the relevant content in the admin.

Understanding Sections

Sections offer flexibility and control over your shop's overall aesthetic. All themes include static sections like the header and footer that appear on every page. While these sections cannot be moved or deleted, you can edit their content. You can also add additional sections to your templates by clicking "Add Section" in the theme editor. Each section comes with its own options that allow you to customize its appearance.

Rearranging sections is easy with the help of the six-dot icon. Simply click and drag a section to place it where you want it to appear on your page. Blocks are the building blocks of sections and represent the content within each section. You can use blocks to add text, images, links, buttons, and much more. Move blocks within sections to create a visually pleasing layout.

Advanced Theme Settings

In addition to customizing templates, sections, and blocks, Online Store 2.0 themes offer advanced theme settings that enable you to leave your artistic mark on your shop. Access these settings by clicking "Theme Settings" in the bottom left corner of the theme editor.

From adjusting layout and customizing buttons to enhancing product variants and optimizing customer inputs, the theme settings provide extensive customization options. You can also style product, blog, and collection cards, adjust content containers, fine-tune media, drop-downs, and drawers, manage badges, enable search behavior, and format currency.


With Online Store 2.0's enhanced theme editor, you can elevate the style and feel of your Shopify online store. From customizing templates to arranging sections and blocks, and accessing advanced theme settings, the possibilities for creating a fully customized look are endless. Upgrade to Online Store 2.0 and take your online business to the next level.

Additional Resources

For more information on using the Online Store 2.0 theme editor and all the features mentioned in this article, visit our help center at help.shopify.com. Upgrade today and transform your online store into a visually stunning and unique shopping experience.


  • Upgrade to Shopify's Online Store 2.0 for a fully customized look
  • Access the theme editor to make creative changes without coding
  • Choose from six free Online Store 2.0 themes for a tailored design
  • Customize templates to create consistent look and feel
  • Use sections and blocks to add flexibility and control over aesthetic
  • Rearrange sections and move blocks for seamless layout design
  • Explore advanced theme settings for even more customization options
  • Enhance product variants, optimize customer inputs, and style cards
  • Fine-tune content containers and adjust media, drop-downs, and drawers
  • Format currency and enable search behavior for a personalized experience


Q: Can I customize the templates for different types of content? A: Yes, you can create alternate templates for products, collections, pages, blogs, and blog posts to modify specific content without affecting others.

Q: Are the Online Store 2.0 themes free? A: Yes, Shopify offers six free Online Store 2.0 themes that you can choose from to customize your online store.

Q: Can I rearrange sections and blocks in the theme editor? A: Absolutely! You can easily rearrange sections by clicking and dragging them to your desired position. Likewise, blocks within sections can also be moved for greater customization.

Q: How can I add custom buttons or links to my online store? A: You can add blocks within sections to create custom buttons or links. Simply click the section where you want to add the block, and then click the plus symbol to add a button block.

Q: Can I change the currency format for my shop? A: Yes, you have the option to customize the currency format, including showing currency codes, for product, cart, and checkout prices.

Q: Do I need coding knowledge to customize my online store with Online Store 2.0? A: No, you don't need any coding knowledge. The new theme editor allows you to make creative changes without touching any code.

Q: Will my previous customizations be lost if I upgrade to Online Store 2.0? A: Your previous customizations may not carry over to the new theme. It's recommended to review and transfer any specific customizations or consult with Shopify support for assistance.

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