Upgrade to Shopify Plus for Exclusive Benefits

Upgrade to Shopify Plus for Exclusive Benefits

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Benefits of Shopify Plus 2.1 Dedicated Account Manager 2.2 Flow Automation 2.3 Script Customization 2.4 Regional Stores 2.5 Unlimited Staff Accounts 2.6 High Bandwidth
  3. When to Switch to Shopify Plus
  4. The Cost of Shopify Plus
  5. Conclusion


The Benefits of Shopify Plus

If you are a current Shopify user or considering joining the platform, you may have heard about Shopify Plus. With only 3,600 merchants on Shopify Plus compared to the 500,000 merchants on Shopify, the exclusivity and perks of Shopify Plus may have caught your attention. In this article, we will explore the key differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus and showcase the numerous advantages that come with upgrading to Shopify Plus.

2.1 Dedicated Account Manager

One of the main perks of Shopify Plus is the access to a dedicated merchant success manager. This individual becomes your go-to resource, providing immediate answers and solutions to any questions or concerns you may have. It's like upgrading from a basic account manager to an expert Facebook representative who can blow your mind with their knowledge. Having a dedicated account manager ensures that your issues are expedited and resolved promptly, allowing you to focus on scaling your business.

2.2 Flow Automation

Automation is a game-changer in ecommerce, and Shopify Plus takes it to the next level with Flow. Flow allows you to automate backend processes and systems, saving you time and money. For example, if you have multiple products in your catalog, Flow can alert you when an item's stock is running low. This enables you to take necessary actions such as pausing ads or notifying your team. With Flow, you can ensure that you are not advertising products that are out of stock, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2.3 Script Customization

Shopify Plus offers the ability to write custom scripts in the backend, allowing you to implement unique features and promotions for your store. From bundle discounts to VIP benefits for loyal shoppers, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, these advanced customization options are not available on regular Shopify. With Shopify Plus, you have the flexibility to create a truly tailored shopping experience for your customers, driving loyalty and enhancing your brand image.

2.4 Regional Stores

Expanding your business globally? Shopify Plus has you covered with its regional store feature. Whether you operate in the US and Canada or any other part of the world, you can set up separate stores in different countries. This feature simplifies exchanges, handles local currencies, and provides a seamless experience for international customers. By offering localized stores, you can effectively cater to the unique preferences and requirements of each market, maximizing your global growth potential.

2.5 Unlimited Staff Accounts

If you have a large team working on your Shopify store, you may have faced the limitation of only 15 staff accounts with regular Shopify. Shopify Plus eliminates this constraint by offering unlimited staff accounts. Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing passwords and usernames and grant access to all team members who need it. With Shopify Plus, you can efficiently manage your staff and ensure everyone has the necessary access to run your ecommerce operations smoothly.

2.6 High Bandwidth

One of the nightmares every ecommerce owner faces is their site crashing during a sudden surge in traffic. Shopify Plus has a solution for this with its high bandwidth capacity. It can handle up to 10,000 orders per minute, providing your store with the capability to handle high volumes of traffic without downtime. This is especially crucial when you receive a significant amount of orders due to press coverage or a viral marketing campaign. With Shopify Plus, you can maintain momentum and avoid losing out on potential sales.

3. When to Switch to Shopify Plus

The question many merchants have is, when is the right time to switch to Shopify Plus? While there is no fixed answer, most agencies and Shopify itself recommend considering the switch once you reach an annual revenue of $1 to $2 million. At this point, you are likely to experience the pain points that Shopify Plus aims to alleviate. These pain points can include high bandwidth requirements, the need for a dedicated account manager, and the desire for advanced customization options. However, if you haven't reached this revenue threshold yet, don't worry. Shopify's regular platform is robust and can cater to your needs as you continue to grow. Consider Shopify Plus as an exciting milestone to work towards in the future.

4. The Cost of Shopify Plus

Upgrading to Shopify Plus does come at a cost. The pricing is typically 0.25% of your monthly revenue, with a minimum fee of $2000 and a maximum fee of $40,000. If you are already hitting the $1 to $2 million revenue mark, this investment can be well worth it considering the exclusive features and support that Shopify Plus provides. However, if you haven't reached this revenue level yet, it may not be the right choice at the moment. Evaluate your business's financial situation and growth projections before making the decision to upgrade.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, Shopify Plus offers a range of benefits that differentiate it from regular Shopify. From a dedicated account manager to script customization and high bandwidth capacity, Shopify Plus provides the tools and resources necessary for scaling your ecommerce business. However, it is essential to assess your revenue level and business needs before making the switch. If you are not yet hitting the $1 to $2 million mark, regular Shopify can still meet your requirements and provide a solid foundation for your growth. Keep Shopify Plus as a goal to strive towards as you progress on your ecommerce journey.

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