Unlocking Unique Products: Top Print-On-Demand Apps for Shopify

Unlocking Unique Products: Top Print-On-Demand Apps for Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Choose Alternatives to Printful?
  3. The World of Print on Demand
  4. Printify: The Middleman App
  5. Printify's Product Catalog
  6. The Benefits of Printify's Premium Option
  7. Dispelling the Stigma
  8. The Free Month of Printify Premium
  9. Subliminator: Over-Printed Products
  10. Subliminator's Free Design Options
  11. Unique Products Offered by Subliminator
  12. T-Launch: Personalization Features
  13. Creating Personalized Products with T-Launch
  14. T-Launch's Combo Apparel Option
  15. Shine On: The Leader in Print-on-Demand Jewelry
  16. Engraving Upsell with Shine On
  17. AOP Plus: Perfect for European Sellers
  18. AOP Plus' Unique Product Offerings
  19. Benefits of Using AOP Plus for European Sellers
  20. Conclusion

Alternatives to Printful: Exploring the World of Print on Demand

If you're new to print on demand (POD), you may be tempted to blindly choose Printful as your supplier. However, the world of print on demand goes beyond what Printful offers. In this article, I will introduce you to some alternative print on demand apps that can be connected to your Shopify store, allowing you to sell unique products in 2021.


Before we dive into the alternatives, let's address the reason behind exploring these options. Many newcomers to print on demand simply default to Printful solely because it is the largest and longest-standing print-on-demand company. However, this video aims to expose you to the vast possibilities within the print on demand industry.

Why Choose Alternatives to Printful?

Although Printful is a great app that delivers high-quality products, it's important to consider other apps to sell something more unique. By exploring alternative print on demand apps, you open up a world of possibilities beyond apparel and houseware products.

The World of Print on Demand

Print on demand is not limited to traditional apparel and houseware products. There are numerous apps you can connect to your Shopify store that offer a wide range of unique products. It's essential to explore beyond Printful's offerings to tap into the full potential of print on demand.

Printify: The Middleman App

One popular alternative to Printful is Printify. Unlike Printful, Printify acts as a middleman, connecting you to various suppliers worldwide. They do not print their own products but instead fulfill your orders using different suppliers from around the world. This allows you to access competitive pricing and choose suppliers that best fit your budget and target market.

Printify's Product Catalog

Printify offers a vast product catalog featuring different print providers. When using Printify, you can choose from multiple suppliers to find the one that offers the best pricing, production times, and print quality for your specific needs. Their platform provides detailed information about each print provider, allowing you to make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Printify's Premium Option

Printify offers a premium option that provides significant cost savings. For just $29 per month, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all orders fulfilled through Printify. This makes Printify one of the most cost-effective print on demand apps available. Even if you fulfill only a few orders per month, the savings from the premium account can quickly cover the monthly fee.

Dispelling the Stigma

There is a common misconception that Printful offers the best quality, while other print on demand apps fall short. However, this stigma is unfounded. As an experienced print-on-demand seller, I can assure you that other apps, including Printify, deliver products of comparable quality. I have personally ordered samples from various print-on-demand companies and can attest to the satisfactory quality provided by many alternative apps.

The Free Month of Printify Premium

As a special offer to my audience, Printify has provided a code that allows you to enjoy a free month of Printify premium. This code can be found in the description of this video. Taking advantage of this offer grants you an opportunity to experience the benefits of Printify at no cost.

Subliminator: Over-Printed Products

Another alternative to Printful is Subliminator. Subliminator specializes in all-over printed products, which offer a higher level of quality compared to standard direct-to-garment printing. With all-over printing, the design covers the entire product, resulting in vibrant colors and no visible fading over time.

Subliminator's Free Design Options

One of the standout features of Subliminator is the availability of free print on demand designs. Simply by installing their app, you gain access to a wide range of free designs that you can immediately add to your store. This eliminates the need for design skills or hiring designers, making it effortless to start selling unique products.

Unique Products Offered by Subliminator

Subliminator offers unique products that can significantly expand your product offering. One of their best-sellers is the print-on-demand car seat cover, a highly sought-after product. They also provide all-over printed cloaks, hooded blankets, and dog hoodies, among other exciting options. These products can cater to various niches and add a distinctive touch to your store.

T-Launch: Personalization Features

T-Launch is an excellent choice for sellers who want to offer personalized products. Their app includes impressive personalization features that allow customers to upload photos and create customized designs. With T-Launch, you can offer products like mugs and apparel with personalized images, enhancing engagement and customer satisfaction.

Creating Personalized Products with T-Launch

T-Launch simplifies the process of creating personalized products. You can create designs around mugs or apparel and provide a designated space for customers to upload their own photos. It's a fantastic way to unlock new niches and cater to customers seeking unique, customized items. Additionally, T-Launch offers a manual review option, allowing you to put orders on hold while customers upload new design files.

T-Launch's Combo Apparel Option

An exciting feature offered by T-Launch is the combo apparel option. With this feature, you can create listings that include two different pieces of clothing with separate designs. T-Launch will fulfill both products together, streamlining the ordering process. Whether you want to offer coordinated t-shirts, a hoodie and a t-shirt combo, or any other combination, T-Launch has you covered.

Shine On: The Leader in Print-on-Demand Jewelry

If you're interested in selling jewelry, Shine On is the go-to print-on-demand app. They offer a wide range of unique jewelry products and excel in the field. With Shine On, you can provide customers with high-quality prints and even offer built-in engraving upsells, increasing your revenue potential.

Engraving Upsell with Shine On

An exciting feature of Shine On is the built-in engraving option. When selling jewelry through Shine On, you can incorporate an engraving upsell into your products. By offering personalization through engraving, you can enhance the perceived value of your jewelry and generate additional sales. Upselling the engraving service enables you to tap into the desire for personalized items, making your products even more appealing to customers.

AOP Plus: Perfect for European Sellers

For European sellers, AOP Plus is an ideal print-on-demand app. Being based in the United Kingdom, AOP Plus eliminates the concerns about import fees when selling to European customers. Instead of shipping products from outside the European Union, AOP Plus ensures timely and hassle-free deliveries.

AOP Plus' Unique Product Offerings

AOP Plus offers an extensive selection of all-over printed items and unique homeware products. Their product range includes sequin cushion pillows, which feature hidden designs that appear when you run your hand over the sequins. Additionally, they offer pillows uniquely cut out to be in the shape of the design uploaded by the customer. These one-of-a-kind products can set your store apart and attract customers seeking exclusive offerings.

Benefits of Using AOP Plus for European Sellers

By utilizing AOP Plus, European sellers can streamline their shipping process and ensure faster delivery to customers within the European Union. Offering products that ship from within Europe eliminates the need for customers to pay import fees, enhancing the overall shopping experience. AOP Plus provides a convenient solution for expanding your print on demand business in Europe.


While Printful is a reputable print-on-demand app, it's crucial to explore alternatives to discover unique products and expand your business. Printify, Subliminator, T-Launch, Shine On, and AOP Plus are just a few examples of the many print-on-demand apps available. By venturing beyond Printful, you can unlock countless opportunities in the print on demand industry and offer your customers a broader range of exciting and customized products.

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