Unlock Your Competitor's Traffic with Shopify Audiences

Unlock Your Competitor's Traffic with Shopify Audiences

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Shopify Audiences?
  3. Benefits of Shopify Audiences 3.1. Finding your next best customer 3.2. Helping your paid ads perform better 3.3. Decreasing conversion costs
  4. How Shopify Audiences Works
  5. Integration with Shopify Admin Dashboard
  6. Creating an Audience
  7. Choosing a Product for Audience Targeting
  8. Exporting the Audience to Ad Accounts
  9. Tracking Audience Performance
  10. The Game-Changing Potential of Shopify Audiences
  11. Conclusion

Unlocking Competitor Traffic with Shopify Audiences

Shopify, the popular e-commerce platform, has recently announced a game-changing update called Shopify Audiences. This new tool allows marketers to tap into their competitors' traffic and target their audiences directly. In this article, we will explore how Shopify Audiences works and the impact it can have on your marketing strategies.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, finding new and effective ways to reach and engage potential customers is crucial. Shopify Audiences aims to revolutionize the way marketers approach audience targeting by enabling them to leverage their competitors' traffic.

What is Shopify Audiences?

Shopify Audiences is a powerful tool available exclusively to Shopify Plus members. Designed to assist marketers in enhancing their paid advertising efforts and customer acquisition, this tool provides access to a shared audience network, enabling the generation of high-intent buyers with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Shopify Audiences

1. Finding your next best customer

With Shopify Audiences, you can identify and target your next best customer effortlessly. By leveraging the built-in algorithm and the extensive user base of Shopify, the tool analyzes previous buyers across the platform and compiles an audience of individuals who have shown interest in products similar to yours. This audience consists of verified and valid email addresses, ensuring better targeting and a higher likelihood of conversion.

2. Helping your paid ads perform better

By utilizing Shopify Audiences, you can enhance the performance of your paid advertising campaigns. The tool allows you to create custom audiences based on specific products from your online store. By targeting individuals who have displayed an interest in these products, you can optimize your ad campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

3. Decreasing conversion costs

Shopify Audiences enables you to decrease your conversion costs significantly. By tapping into a pool of potential customers who have already expressed an interest in similar products, you can drive more targeted traffic to your website. This highly focused approach reduces wasteful ad spend, leading to a higher return on investment.

How Shopify Audiences Works

Integration with the Shopify Admin Dashboard makes utilizing Shopify Audiences a seamless experience. It is conveniently located within the admin dashboard, allowing users to create custom audiences effortlessly. The intuitive user interface provides an estimated size of the target audience, similar to the familiar features on platforms like Facebook.

Creating an audience with Shopify Audiences is a straightforward process. After selecting a product from your store, you can create an audience of interested buyers. By exporting this audience directly to your ad accounts, you can seamlessly synchronize your advertising efforts with Shopify's database.

Tracking the performance of your audiences is an added advantage of Shopify Audiences. You can monitor sales, orders, average order value, and new customers generated by a specific audience. While the specifics of how this tracking works are not entirely clear, it promises to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

The Game-Changing Potential of Shopify Audiences

What makes Shopify Audiences truly game-changing is its reliance on first-party data. Instead of relying on data from external platforms, Shopify compiles data from its vast network of stores' purchasers. The algorithm looks at buyers who have purchased similar products across the platform and creates audiences based on their intent to buy. This feature sets Shopify Audiences apart from other audience targeting tools, as it provides a direct link between Shopify and platforms like Facebook. This means audiences can be updated in real-time, reflecting changes in the Shopify database, ensuring the utmost accuracy and relevance.

By leveraging Shopify Audiences, you can tap into your competitors' pool of customers. Anyone who has purchased a comparable product from a competitor's store becomes eligible to receive your targeted ads. This invaluable resource allows you to expand your reach and attract highly qualified leads, potentially boosting your sales and revenue.


Shopify Audiences presents an exciting opportunity for marketers to unlock the potential of competitor traffic. With its ability to leverage first-party data, powerful targeting capabilities, and seamless integration with ad accounts, this tool has the potential to redefine audience targeting strategies. If you are a Shopify Plus member and meet the monthly spending threshold, Shopify Audiences can prove to be a valuable asset in your marketing arsenal. Consider leveraging this game-changing tool to stay ahead of the competition and drive meaningful growth for your e-commerce business.


  • Shopify Audiences allows marketers to target their competitors' traffic and audiences directly.
  • The tool is exclusive to Shopify Plus members and provides access to a shared audience network.
  • Benefits of Shopify Audiences include finding high-intent buyers, improving paid ad performance, and decreasing conversion costs.
  • Integration with the Shopify Admin Dashboard makes creating and exporting audiences seamless.
  • Shopify Audiences relies on first-party data, making it highly reliable and accurate.
  • By tapping into competitor traffic, businesses can expand their reach and attract qualified leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Shopify Audiences available to all Shopify members? A: No, Shopify Audiences is currently exclusive to Shopify Plus members who meet the monthly spending threshold.

Q: Can I track the performance of my audiences created with Shopify Audiences? A: Yes, Shopify Audiences provides insights into sales, orders, average order value, and new customers generated by a specific audience.

Q: Can I target my competitors' customers with Shopify Audiences? A: Yes, Shopify Audiences allows you to create custom audiences based on customers who have purchased similar products from your competitors' stores.

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