Unleash the Style: Customize Brooklyn Theme for Your Shopify Store

Unleash the Style: Customize Brooklyn Theme for Your Shopify Store

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Brooklyn Shopify Theme
  3. Features of Brooklyn Theme 3.1 Slideshow Section 3.2 Transparent Menu Section 3.3 Slider Card 3.4 Responsive Design 3.5 Featured Collections
  4. Classic vs Playful Style
  5. Customization Options 5.1 Banner Section 5.2 Header Section 5.3 Collection List 5.4 Newsletter Section 5.5 Footer Menu
  6. Contact Page Design
  7. Utilizing Brooklyn Theme
  8. Tutorial: How to Customize Brooklyn Theme
  9. Pros of Using Brooklyn Theme
  10. Cons of Using Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn Shopify Theme: A Free and Stylish Choice for Your Store


Brooklyn Shopify theme is a popular and free theme offered by Shopify. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the Brooklyn theme, its features, customization options, and more. If you are considering using Brooklyn for your Shopify store, this article will give you a clear understanding of what to expect and guide you through the customization process.

Overview of Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Brooklyn theme is specifically tailored for modern apparel stores, although it can be used for other types of products as well. The theme offers an impressive slideshow section where you can showcase multiple products and even add videos to tell your brand's story. One of the standout features of Brooklyn is its slider card that allows customers to add items to their cart without leaving their current page.

Features of Brooklyn Theme

3.1 Slideshow Section

The slideshow section in Brooklyn theme is visually appealing and allows for a seamless browsing experience. You can add numerous slides, each highlighting a different product or promotion. The clean and transparent design of the slides gives your store a modern and professional look.

3.2 Transparent Menu Section

Brooklyn theme features a transparent menu section, adding a touch of elegance to your store. This design choice enhances the visual appeal and creates a clean and sophisticated navigation experience for your customers.

3.3 Slider Card

The slider card functionality in Brooklyn theme is a convenient and user-friendly feature. Customers can easily add items to their cart without being redirected to a separate page. This quick and hassle-free process enhances the user experience and encourages smooth purchasing.

3.4 Responsive Design

Brooklyn theme is fully responsive, ensuring that your store looks great on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablets. The theme's design and layout automatically adjust to provide an optimal browsing experience for your customers, regardless of their device.

3.5 Featured Collections

Brooklyn theme offers a visually appealing and consolidated display of featured collections. Whether it's for men, women, or different product categories, you can showcase your collections in an organized and attractive manner. This feature allows customers to easily navigate to relevant sections of your store.

Classic vs Playful Style

Brooklyn theme comes in two different styles: classic and playful. The classic style exudes a timeless elegance, while the playful style adds a fun and trendy vibe. Choose the style that best matches your brand and target audience.

Customization Options

5.1 Banner Section

The banner section of Brooklyn theme allows you to showcase your brand logo and customize the menu bar. You can also add announcements and rich text sections to convey important messages to your customers.

5.2 Header Section

Customize the header section to include your logo, create a transparent or opaque menu bar, and choose whether to display announcements site-wide or only on the homepage. This section enables you to personalize your store's branding and messaging.

5.3 Collection List

In Brooklyn theme, you have the flexibility to add multiple collections and consolidate them into a visually appealing collection list. This feature allows for easy navigation between different product categories and enhances the overall browsing experience.

5.4 Newsletter Section

Engage with your customers by incorporating a newsletter section. This enables visitors to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your store, keeping them informed about promotions, new products, and updates.

5.5 Footer Menu

Customize the footer menu to include essential pages, social media links, payment gateways, and more. Make it easy for customers to find the information they need and connect with your brand across various platforms.

Contact Page Design

Brooklyn theme offers a unique and visually captivating contact page design. Stand out from the crowd by providing an engaging and user-friendly contact page that aligns with your store's overall aesthetic.

Utilizing Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn theme provides great versatility for various types of stores, despite being marketed primarily for modern apparel. Whether you're selling clothing, accessories, or other products, Brooklyn theme can be customized to suit your brand and create an inviting online shopping experience.

Tutorial: How to Customize Brooklyn Theme

To assist you in customizing Brooklyn theme to match your store's unique style and branding, we have provided a tutorial video. The step-by-step guide covers all the essential customization options, ensuring you can make the most of this theme and create a truly personalized store.

Pros of Using Brooklyn Theme

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Free to use
  • Responsive and optimized for mobile devices
  • Easy customization options
  • Convenient slider card feature for a seamless shopping experience
  • Visually appealing slideshow and featured collection sections

Cons of Using Brooklyn Theme

  • Primarily marketed for apparel stores, which may not fit all types of products
  • Limited additional features compared to premium themes
  • Potential for similarity with other stores using Brooklyn theme


Brooklyn Shopify theme offers an attractive and intuitive design for your store, with an array of customization options to match your brand's unique style. Despite being primarily advertised for modern apparel stores, Brooklyn can be utilized for various product categories. Whether you're a new entrepreneur starting your online business or an established brand looking for a fresh and stylish update, Brooklyn theme is worth considering.


Q: Can Brooklyn theme be used for stores selling products other than apparel? A: Yes, Brooklyn theme can be customized to suit different product categories, making it suitable for a wide range of online stores.

Q: Is Brooklyn theme responsive and mobile-friendly? A: Yes, Brooklyn theme is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for customers on all screen sizes.

Q: Are there any downsides to using Brooklyn theme? A: While Brooklyn theme offers a stylish design and customization options, it may not have as many additional features as premium themes. Additionally, it is primarily marketed for apparel stores, which may not fit all types of products.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the contact page? A: Yes, Brooklyn theme provides a unique and visually captivating contact page design that can be customized to align with your store's branding and aesthetic.

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