Unleash Destruction: Annihilating Enemy Ships in Infinite Lagrange

Unleash Destruction: Annihilating Enemy Ships in Infinite Lagrange

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes in System Damage
  3. The Importance of System Damage
  4. Annihilating Enemy Ships
  5. Annihilating Utility Ships
  6. Hunting Miners
  7. Attacking Bigger Fleets
  8. Ships That Prioritize Propulsion Systems
    1. Frigates
    2. Zamaru Serenitas
    3. Rayleigh Stealth Version
    4. Stingrays
    5. B192 Newlander
    6. Mistrial
  9. Building Effective Fleets
  10. Conclusion

Annihilating Enemy Ships: The Power of Targeting Propulsion Systems

In the vast universe of Infinite Lagrange, battleships reign supreme. With every patch and update, new strategies emerge, shaking the foundations of the galactic warfare. Today, we delve into a recent patch that brought about a significant change in system damage, specifically targeting propulsion systems. At first glance, this alteration may seem perplexing, but as we explore further, we'll uncover the true potential that lies within annihilating enemy ships by disabling their method of escape.

Changes in System Damage

Before we embark on our journey of destruction, let's take a step back and understand the changes that have occurred. In the recent patch, the attack priority for propulsion systems has been elevated, making them a prime target for those seeking to cripple their foes. This adjustment has raised eyebrows among seasoned commanders who were accustomed to prioritizing the disabling of main weapon systems or hangars of carrier ships.

The Importance of System Damage

Understanding the significance of system damage is critical in unleashing the full potential of your fleet. In the past, it was a futile endeavor to target utility ships, as they would always retreat before succumbing to defeat. However, with the recent changes, disabling the propulsion system of these utility ships prevents them from escaping, resulting in their ultimate demise. This game-changing development opens up new possibilities for domination and enables commanders to effectively dismantle their enemies' forces.

Annihilating Utility Ships

The ability to neutralize utility ships, such as miners or resource collectors, was once an elusive dream. These ships were considered untouchable, always slipping away to safety before any real damage could be inflicted. But now, with the targeted assault on propulsion systems, a new era of farming fleet destruction has arrived. Imagine stumbling upon an enemy farming resources, a sight that would light up any opportunist's eyes. In the past, attacking mining platforms was the only viable option, albeit costly. However, with the newfound ability to disable propulsion systems, miners can be obliterated without the chance of escape. This not only inflicts significant losses on the enemy but also imposes a substantial burden in terms of resources required for rebuilding.

Hunting Miners

Equipped with this newfound knowledge, commanders can assemble a fleet specifically designed for the hunting of miners. Among the available options, frigates like Zamaru Serenitas and Rayleigh Stealth Version shine. These frigates not only prioritize the propulsion system but also possess the firepower to swiftly dismantle their targets. While the Rayleigh Stealth Version may be elusive to some, the Zamaru Serenitas proves to be an excellent choice, striking fear into the hearts of unsuspecting miners.

Attacking Bigger Fleets

The thrill of encountering a formidable fleet is something all commanders crave. Taking down the big fish in the vastness of space is the ultimate testament to one's prowess. Previously, targeting large fleets often resulted in a tedious battle of attrition with ships retreating en masse. But now, with the ability to disable propulsion systems, victory is within reach. Powerful fighters like the Vitas, B192 Newlander, Stingrays, and the Mistrial emerge as potent choices. By focusing their attacks on the propulsion systems of these powerful warships, commanders can ensure that the defeated ships are lost forever, inflicting heavy casualties on their adversaries and disrupting their war efforts.

Ships That Prioritize Propulsion Systems

To truly harness the destructive potential of targeting propulsion systems, commanders need ships that prioritize this approach. Alongside the frigates mentioned earlier, the Vitas, B192 Newlander, Stingrays, and the Mistrial come into play. These ships possess the firepower and strategic advantage to disable propulsion systems effectively. Each ship offers distinct attributes that cater to different tactical situations, allowing commanders to tailor their fleets to their specific needs.

Building Effective Fleets

With an array of ships capable of prioritizing propulsion systems, commanders have the tools to construct formidable fleets. The primary application of such fleets lies in player-versus-player (PvP) encounters. It's essential, however, to approach this newfound power responsibly. We encourage commanders to use their fleets judiciously and refrain from bullying other players. Instead, focus on utilizing these tactics to gain an advantage during times of war. By increasing the losses suffered by your enemies, you tilt the balance in your favor, bringing you closer to victory.


Infinite Lagrange continues to evolve, providing commanders with strategies they never deemed possible. The recent change in system damage, emphasizing propulsion system targeting, has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Whether it's annihilating utility ships or decimating larger fleets, the ability to disable propulsion systems has proven pivotal. As you embark on your interstellar conquests, remember to utilize this newfound power responsibly and seize victory in the depths of space.


  • The recent patch in Infinite Lagrange introduced a crucial change in system damage by prioritizing propulsion system targeting.
  • Disabling propulsion systems prevents utility ships from retreating, offering an opportunity to annihilate them and inflict heavy resource losses on the enemy.
  • Specifically designed fleets, such as those comprising frigates and powerful fighters, can effectively hunt down miners and disrupt enemy war efforts.
  • Ships that prioritize propulsion systems, such as the Vitas, B192 Newlander, Stingrays, and Mistrial, allow commanders to strategically disable their adversaries' means of escape.
  • Responsible usage of this new strategy in PvP encounters can increase enemy losses and provide an advantage during times of war.


Q: How do the recent changes in system damage affect gameplay in Infinite Lagrange?
A: The targeting of propulsion systems in system damage has opened up new possibilities for commanders to disable the means of escape for enemy ships, allowing for the annihilation of utility ships and disrupting enemy fleets.

Q: Which ships prioritize propulsion systems in Infinite Lagrange?
A: Frigates like Zamaru Serenitas and Rayleigh Stealth Version, as well as fighters like the Vitas, B192 Newlander, Stingrays, and Mistrial, prioritize propulsion systems, offering commanders the ability to strategically disable their adversaries.

Q: What are the benefits of targeting propulsion systems in battles?
A: By disabling the propulsion systems of enemy ships, commanders can prevent retreat and ensure the ultimate destruction of the targeted ships. This allows for significant losses to be inflicted on the enemy and disrupts their war efforts.

Q: How should commanders utilize these new strategies responsibly?
A: While the targeting of propulsion systems provides a significant advantage, it is important to use this power responsibly and refrain from bullying other players. Instead, commanders should focus on gaining an advantage during times of war by increasing enemy losses.

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