Unboxing the Great Wall of China Cross Stitch Kit!

Unboxing the Great Wall of China Cross Stitch Kit!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unbagging the Cross Stitch Kit
  3. The Great Wall of China Design
  4. Contents of the Kit
  5. Review of Colors Included
  6. Canvas and Pattern Details
  7. Size Discrepancy
  8. VIP Cross Stitch Overview
  9. Alternative Kits and Products Offered
  10. Conclusion

Unbagging the Cross Stitch Kit

Today, we have an exciting unbagging of a cross stitch kit from VIP Cross Stitch. This two-part series takes a closer look at the kit and its contents. In this article, we will focus on the unbagging experience, the design featured, and the components included. Let's dive in and unravel this stitching treasure!

The Great Wall of China Design

One of the cross stitch designs included in this kit is the iconic Great Wall of China. The kit offers a fascinating portrayal of this historical landmark. The design showcases a section of the wall with intricate details and beautiful scenery extending beyond it. With over six different designs to choose from in this collection, the Great Wall of China stands out as a captivating option to stitch.

Contents of the Kit

Upon unbagging the kit, we discover three cross stitches neatly packaged inside. The first design we explore is the Great Wall of China. The kit includes an 11 count fabric with dimensions measuring 40 by 53. It also comes with a tool kit, featuring essential items such as a poof ball, five needles, a thimble, and a needle threader. Additionally, a detailed instruction page accompanies the kit, providing guidance for the stitching process.

Review of Colors Included

The kit boasts an extensive color palette, with a total of 40 colors to work with. Each color is thoughtfully chosen to capture the essence of the design. From dark navy to vibrant blues and muted tones, the colors range from subtle to bold. This wide range allows for depth and dimension in the finished piece.

Canvas and Pattern Details

The canvas provided in the kit is surged all the way around, ensuring durability and ease of stitching. The printed pattern on paper matches the fabric canvas, making it simple to follow. The symbols are clear and easy to read, and the pattern is free from any smears or inconsistencies. However, one notable discrepancy is the size difference between the listed measurements on the paper pattern (40 by 53) and the actual size of the canvas (48.5 by 60). This inconsistency may require additional adjustments during the stitching process.

Size Discrepancy

While the size discrepancy between the listed measurements and the actual size of the canvas may initially cause confusion, it is important to note that the actual size provides a larger surface for stitching. The canvas measures approximately 52 centimeters by 37 centimeters, offering ample space to bring the Great Wall of China design to life. Although wider projects can be challenging to manage, this kit strikes a balance between size and convenience.

VIP Cross Stitch Overview

VIP Cross Stitch specializes in counted and stamped cross stitch kits. While they do not offer Diamond paintings, they have an impressive selection of needlework kits. In addition to kits, VIP Cross Stitch provides various accessories and even offers custom cross stitches. They also cater to craft enthusiasts looking for unique stitching projects. With free shipping on orders over fifty dollars, VIP Cross Stitch aims to provide a seamless stitching experience to customers.

Alternative Kits and Products Offered

Apart from the Great Wall of China design, VIP Cross Stitch offers a range of other captivating cross stitch kits to choose from. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or you are looking for a custom design, VIP Cross Stitch strives to meet the diverse preferences of stitchers. Additionally, the website features various crafting supplies and accessories to enhance your stitching projects.


In conclusion, the unbagging experience of the VIP Cross Stitch kit featuring the Great Wall of China design is filled with anticipation and excitement for stitching enthusiasts. From the intricate details of the design to the vast array of colors provided, this kit offers both complexity and beauty. While the size discrepancy may require some adjustments, the overall quality and attention to detail make this kit a worthwhile choice for cross stitch enthusiasts of all skill levels. Stay tuned for part two, where we will delve deeper into the stitching process and share our progress with this captivating design.


  • Unbagging the cross stitch kit from VIP Cross Stitch
  • The captivating Great Wall of China design
  • Contents of the kit, including fabric, tools, and instructions
  • Review of the colors included in the kit
  • Detailed canvas and pattern analysis
  • Size discrepancy between listed measurements and actual canvas size
  • Overview of VIP Cross Stitch as a brand
  • Alternative kits and products offered
  • Conclusion on the overall value and experience of the kit


Q: Are there any special techniques required for stitching the Great Wall of China design? A: The Great Wall of China design does not require any special techniques. The pattern uses common cross stitch techniques, making it accessible to stitchers of all skill levels.

Q: Can I customize the colors in the kit to suit my preferences? A: While the kit comes with a pre-selected range of colors, it is possible to make minor adjustments or substitutions to personalize the design according to your preferences.

Q: Does VIP Cross Stitch offer international shipping? A: Yes, VIP Cross Stitch offers international shipping. However, additional shipping charges may apply depending on the destination.

Q: Can I find other Oriental-themed designs in the VIP Cross Stitch collection? A: Yes, VIP Cross Stitch offers a variety of Oriental-themed designs in addition to the Great Wall of China. Customers can explore other options on their website or contact them for specific requests.

Q: Are there any video tutorials available for stitching the Great Wall of China design? A: While VIP Cross Stitch may not have specific video tutorials for each design, they provide general stitching tutorials on their website, which can be helpful for beginners or individuals seeking additional guidance.

Q: How long does it typically take to complete a cross stitch project of this size? A: The time required to complete a cross stitch project depends on various factors, including stitching speed, complexity of the design, and the amount of time devoted to stitching each day. It is advisable to set a realistic timeline and enjoy the journey of stitching without rushing the process.

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