Transform Your Figma Designs into a Stunning Website in Minutes!

Transform Your Figma Designs into a Stunning Website in Minutes!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Framer Sites?
  3. Importing Designs from Figma
    • Copying and Pasting Frames
    • Adjusting Fonts and Layouts
    • Making Designs Responsive
  4. Creating Components in Framer
    • Designing a Button Component
    • Adding a Hover State
    • Testing the Component
  5. Conclusion


Framer Sites is revolutionizing the web design industry with its free and efficient tool for importing Figma designs straight onto the canvas and publishing them seamlessly. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Framer Sites, along with a step-by-step guide on how to import designs from Figma and create custom components.

What is Framer Sites?

Framer Sites is a powerful tool that allows designers to import their Figma designs directly onto the canvas and publish them effortlessly. With Framer Sites, designers can not only import designs but also design directly from the platform itself. While it may not offer the same level of flexibility as Figma in terms of design capabilities, Framer Sites offers a glimpse into a future where designers can complete the entire design process within one app. From designing to publishing and managing content with the Framer CMS, Framer Sites simplifies the web design workflow and enhances productivity.

Importing Designs from Figma

To utilize Framer Sites, designers can easily import their Figma designs onto the platform. The process begins by copying and pasting frames from Figma to Framer Sites. Once imported, adjustments may be necessary, such as fixing fonts and layouts to ensure optimal display and functionality. Additionally, designers need to make designs responsive by utilizing auto layouts and correctly structuring the design elements. With these steps, designers can seamlessly import their Figma designs onto Framer Sites and achieve consistent and professional results.

Copying and Pasting Frames

To import designs from Figma, designers simply need to copy the desired frame or frames and paste them onto Framer Sites. The plugin enables a smooth transfer, allowing designers to bring their designs to life on the Framer canvas effortlessly. By following this straightforward process, designers can start working with their Figma designs within Framer Sites.

Adjusting Fonts and Layouts

Once the designs are imported, designers may need to adjust fonts and layouts to ensure accuracy and consistency. Framer Sites provides a user-friendly interface that resembles Figma, making it easy to navigate and modify the design elements. By searching for the correct fonts and making necessary tweaks, designers can optimize their designs for the web and maintain visual integrity.

Making Designs Responsive

A crucial aspect of web design is responsiveness, ensuring that the designs adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. Framer Sites allows designers to create breakpoints for tablet and mobile views, making it possible to customize the design for various devices. By adjusting margins, font sizes, alignments, and auto layouts, designers can create responsive designs that look great on any screen.

Creating Components in Framer

Framer Sites goes beyond mere design importation by offering the capability to create custom components. Designers can build their design systems within Framer Sites, including text styles, buttons, input fields, and more. This feature enhances consistency and streamlines the design process, making it easier for designers to maintain a cohesive visual identity across multiple projects.

Designing a Button Component

One of the powerful features of Framer Sites is the ability to create components, such as buttons, with ease. Designers can utilize the component canvas in Framer Sites to design and customize buttons according to their preferences. By adjusting properties like padding, rounding, color, outline, and shadow, designers can create visually appealing and interactive button components.

Adding a Hover State

To enhance the user experience, Framer Sites allows designers to add interactive states to components. With a simple click, designers can create a hover state for buttons or any other component, changing properties like size, color, and shadow. This functionality adds depth and interactivity to the designs, making them more engaging for users.

Testing the Component

Before finalizing the design, it's essential to test the components and ensure they function as intended. Framer Sites provides a preview feature that allows designers to see their designs in action. By playing the project and interacting with the components, designers can validate the functionality and user experience, ensuring a seamless design outcome.


Framer Sites offers a game-changing solution for web designers, enabling them to import Figma designs and create custom components effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Framer Sites streamlines the design process and enhances productivity. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, designers can unlock the full potential of Framer Sites and create stunning web designs with ease.


  • Framer Sites revolutionizes web design by importing Figma designs onto the platform and enabling direct publishing.
  • Designers can import designs by copying and pasting frames from Figma to Framer Sites.
  • Adjustments may be required to ensure fonts, layouts, and responsiveness are optimized.
  • Framer Sites allows designers to create custom components, such as buttons, with ease.
  • Interactive states, like hover effects, can be added to components to enhance the user experience.
  • Testing the components through the preview feature ensures a seamless design outcome.
  • Overall, Framer Sites simplifies the web design workflow and brings an efficient solution to designers.


Q: Is Framer Sites free to use? A: Yes, Framer Sites is a free tool for designers to import their Figma designs and publish them effortlessly.

Q: Can I design directly within Framer Sites? A: Yes, Framer Sites allows designers to design directly from the platform, making it a comprehensive solution for web design.

Q: Can I create custom components with Framer Sites? A: Absolutely! Framer Sites empowers designers to create custom components, ensuring consistency across projects.

Q: Can I test the functionality of my components in Framer Sites? A: Yes, Framer Sites provides a preview feature that allows designers to test and validate the functionality of their components before finalizing the design.

Q: Is Framer Sites only compatible with Figma designs? A: Framer Sites is primarily designed for importing Figma designs, but it supports other design file formats as well.

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