The Proven Path to Dropshipping Success

The Proven Path to Dropshipping Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Winning Product
    • Recent Trending on Facebook and Instagram
    • Mass Appeal
    • Good Profit Margins
  3. Building Your Store
    • Types of Stores: General, One Product, Hybrid
    • Creating a Branded Store
  4. Getting Traffic and Customers
    • Facebook Ads
    • Creating a Video Ad
    • Launching Your First Ad
  5. Fulfilling Orders and Customer Service
    • Using Oberlo to Fulfill Orders
    • Providing a Good Customer Experience
  6. Conclusion

How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Store from Scratch

Are you considering starting a dropshipping store but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps and strategies involved? With so much information available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. In this article, I will share my exact strategy for starting a new dropshipping store from scratch. Over the past few months, I have successfully built a store using this strategy, which has already generated close to $900,000 in sales. If I were to start over today, this is exactly what I would do, and I am here to guide you through the process. So, if you're ready to start your own online store and embark on your entrepreneurial journey, let's get started!

1. Finding a Winning Product

The first and most crucial step in building a successful dropshipping store is finding a winning product. Without a winning product, it is nearly impossible to achieve success in the dropshipping business. Luckily, there are numerous products available in the market that you can sell. Each week, new winning products emerge, providing fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs like you.

When choosing a winning product, there are three key factors to consider:

a. Recent Trending on Facebook and Instagram

Look for products that have recently been trending on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Trending products are those that receive a significant number of views, shares, comments, and likes on ads related to them. This indicates that people are genuinely interested in the product. By offering a slightly better version or marketing approach, you can capitalize on the existing demand and make money selling the same product.

b. Mass Appeal

Favor products with mass appeal that can be sold to a wide range of customers. While niche products targeted to specific audiences have their place, it is essential to choose products that can be sold to almost everybody. While some degree of narrowing down the target market is acceptable, the broader the appeal, the better your chances of achieving significant sales.

c. Good Profit Margins

Consider products with good profit margins. Ideally, you should be able to sell the product for at least three times the cost it takes to ship it to the customer. This ensures that you have sufficient room to cover your expenses and generate a healthy profit.

To find these winning products, you can simply monitor your Facebook and Instagram feeds. As you browse through your social media platforms, you will inevitably come across targeted ads for dropshipping products. Show interest in these ads by liking, commenting, visiting the website, and adding the product to your cart. By engaging with these ads, you will signal to the platforms that you are interested in similar products, and your feed will become a valuable product research tool. Additionally, you can leverage automation tools or services, like the one I offer, to streamline and automate this product research process.

2. Building Your Store

Once you have found a winning product, the next step is to build your store. There are different types of stores you can create, including general stores, one product stores, and hybrid stores. Here's a breakdown of each type:

a. General Store

A general store features a range of random products across various categories. While this approach offers the freedom to test multiple products, it may lack a specific focus and branding.

b. One Product Store

As the name suggests, a one product store focuses on selling a single main product. This type of store offers a more targeted approach and can have a higher conversion rate since customers perceive more trust and authority in specialized stores.

c. Hybrid Store

A hybrid store combines the best of both worlds. It maintains a branded feel like a one product store while offering the flexibility to test and sell multiple products. This approach is particularly suitable for beginners as it provides a balance between focus and variety.

When building your store, consider modeling it after what is already working. You don't need to reinvent the wheel; instead, take inspiration from successful stores in your niche. Pay attention to their design, branding, and user experience, and add your unique touch to make your store stand out.

Example of a Hybrid Store:

Flora Flow Store

3. Getting Traffic and Customers

Now that you have your winning product and a well-designed store, the next step is to drive traffic and acquire customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through Facebook Ads.

a. Creating a Video Ad

To start, create a video ad that showcases your product and its benefits. Crafting a compelling video ad is crucial for capturing your audience's attention and driving conversions. If you are new to video ad creation, there are tutorials available to help you learn the necessary skills. Alternatively, you can outsource this task to professionals who specialize in creating high-converting video ads.

b. Launching Your First Ad

To launch your first Facebook ad campaign, begin by creating a Facebook page and an Instagram page for your store. Then, set up your business manager and ad account on Facebook. Next, create a new campaign with multiple ad sets that target different audiences. Select interests related to your product and set a daily budget.

After setting up your ad sets, upload your video ad, and create compelling copy that grabs attention and drives clicks. Include a hook, three bullet point benefits, and a call to action with a discount or free shipping offer. Duplicate your ad sets, making slight changes to the targeting, and then launch your campaign.

Monitor the performance of your ads and analyze the data to determine if they are generating sales and conversions. If your product is performing well, congratulations! You can now scale up your Facebook ads, order more inventory, and potentially work with agents to streamline fulfillment. However, it is essential to continuously improve your ads, website, and overall marketing strategy to maximize your success.

If, on the other hand, your product fails to generate the desired results, do not be disheartened. It is common for beginners to experience initial product failures. To improve, carefully analyze your statistics to pinpoint areas that need adjustment. This could involve refining your website, creating better video ads, or selecting different products. Make the necessary improvements, retest the product, and if it fails again, move on to the next product. Repeat this process until you find a winning product that resonates with your target audience.

4. Fulfilling Orders and Providing Customer Service

Once you start receiving orders, it is crucial to fulfill them promptly and provide excellent customer service. Using a service like Oberlo can simplify the order fulfillment process by allowing you to seamlessly fulfill orders through AliExpress. Additionally, make it a habit to check your email daily and respond promptly to customer inquiries or concerns. Building a positive customer experience is vital, especially considering the longer shipping times associated with dropshipping.

5. Conclusion

Starting a dropshipping store from scratch may seem daunting, but by following a proven strategy, you can pave your path to success. Finding a winning product, building an attractive store, driving traffic through Facebook Ads, and providing exceptional customer service are key steps to create a profitable dropshipping business. Remember, persistence is key, and with each attempt, you gain valuable insights that will propel your entrepreneurial journey forward. So, embrace the challenge, stay dedicated, and enjoy the process as you embark on your dropshipping adventure!


  • Starting a successful dropshipping store requires finding a winning product, building a branded store, driving traffic through Facebook ads, and providing excellent customer service.
  • When selecting a winning product, consider recent trends on Facebook and Instagram, mass appeal, and good profit margins.
  • There are three types of stores to consider: general stores, one product stores, and hybrid stores, with the latter being recommended for beginners.
  • Facebook ads are an effective way to drive traffic to your store. Craft a compelling video ad and launch targeted ad campaigns to reach your desired audience.
  • Use Oberlo to streamline order fulfillment through AliExpress and prioritize delivering excellent customer service to create a positive buying experience.


Q: Can I start a dropshipping store without previous experience? A: Yes, dropshipping is beginner-friendly. While there is a learning curve, with dedication and perseverance, anyone can start and succeed in dropshipping.

Q: How much budget do I need to start a dropshipping store? A: It is recommended to have at least a few hundred dollars to cover expenses such as product sourcing, Facebook ads, and website maintenance. However, the exact budget required will depend on various factors such as your niche, product costs, and advertising strategy.

Q: How long does it take to see results in a dropshipping store? A: The timeline for seeing significant results may vary. Some entrepreneurs achieve success within a few months, while others may take longer. It depends on factors such as product selection, advertising effectiveness, and market demand. Consistency and continuous improvement are key.

Q: Can dropshipping be done part-time? A: Yes, dropshipping can be done as a part-time or side business. Many entrepreneurs start their dropshipping ventures while still working a full-time job and gradually transition into full-time entrepreneurship as their business grows.

Q: Can I sell products from multiple suppliers in my dropshipping store? A: Yes, it is possible to work with multiple suppliers and sell products from different sources. However, it is recommended to maintain consistent quality and shipping times to ensure a positive customer experience.

Q: What marketing strategies can I use apart from Facebook ads? A: While Facebook ads are popular and effective, there are other marketing strategies to explore, such as influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media engagement. It is advisable to diversify your marketing efforts for long-term success.

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