Supercharge Your Holiday Store with These Must-Have Shopify Apps

Supercharge Your Holiday Store with These Must-Have Shopify Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Bold Upsell App
  3. Using Just Uno for Email Pop-ups
  4. Managing Returns with Aftership
  5. Anticipating Supply Chain Issues
  6. Financing Options with Affirm
  7. Collecting Reviews with Looks Photo Review
  8. Implementing Smile Loyalty Rewards
  9. Conclusion
  10. Growth Strategies for Shopify



Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us. As an online store owner, this can be both your busiest and most lucrative time of the year. To ensure that you make the most of this festive period, it is crucial to get your store ready in advance. In this article, we will discuss six recommended Shopify apps that will help you set up your store for the holiday rush. So, let's jump right in!

Setting up Bold Upsell App

The first app that I highly recommend is Bold Upsell. This app allows you to offer true upsells and cross-sells on your site. Upselling and cross-selling are effective ways to incentivize customers to upgrade their purchases or add complementary products to their carts. By utilizing this app, you can increase your profit margin without solely relying on driving more traffic to your site. Bold Upsell makes it simple to set up and offers a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Using Just Uno for Email Pop-ups

The second app on our list is Just Uno. Despite the general perception that email pop-ups can be annoying, Just Uno offers targeted options to capture more email subscribers without overwhelming your visitors. You can customize when and to whom the pop-ups are displayed to increase the chances of sign-ups. Additionally, Just Uno provides features like exit offers and countdown timers to further engage customers and boost conversions. Utilizing an email pop-up or subscription service like Just Uno is particularly valuable during the holiday season as it allows you to capture potential customers' email addresses for future marketing campaigns.

Managing Returns with Aftership

With an increase in orders, it is essential to address the potential increase in returns. Aftership offers two different apps: one for order tracking and another for a return center. These apps provide a comprehensive solution to streamline the customer experience and minimize support inquiries. Customers can easily track the progress of their orders, while the return center simplifies the return process. By utilizing Aftership, you can reduce customer frustration and build trust by ensuring transparency and efficiency in resolving order-related issues.

Anticipating Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have been a significant concern lately, and it is crucial to anticipate their potential impact on the holiday season. Retail Brew, a free newsletter focused on retail and e-commerce, provides valuable insights into industry trends and predictions. According to Retail Brew, supply chain issues may result in longer delivery times or insufficient stock. As a proactive measure, consider incentivizing customers to start their holiday shopping early. By encouraging early orders, you can manage the shipping time effectively and mitigate any potential supply chain challenges.

Financing Options with Affirm

To accommodate customers who are looking to make larger purchases or need more flexibility, consider integrating the Affirm app. Affirm allows customers to pay for their orders in installment payments while ensuring that you receive the full payment upfront. This financing option can attract customers who may hesitate to make a significant purchase due to the upfront cost. By offering this service, you enhance customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of upselling or multiple item purchases, thus boosting your sales.

Collecting Reviews with Looks Photo Review

Reviews and user-generated content play a vital role in establishing trust and credibility for your store. Looks Photo Review is an excellent app for capturing authentic reviews and images from your customers. By utilizing this app, you can encourage more customers to leave reviews, providing social proof and valuable feedback. Moreover, these reviews and photos can be leveraged for marketing purposes, creating a repository of user-generated content that can be utilized in 2022 and beyond. It is crucial to set up Looks Photo Review before the holiday rush to ensure a steady stream of reviews and user-generated content.

Implementing Smile Loyalty Rewards

Retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases is key to sustainable growth. Smile Loyalty Rewards app offers a range of incentives to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. By implementing rewards based on customer activities, such as making purchases or referring friends, you can create a loyal customer base and transform them into brand ambassadors. Offering loyalty rewards during the holiday season not only drives repeat business but also enhances customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of customer referrals.


As the holiday season approaches, it is crucial for online store owners to prepare in advance. By utilizing the recommended Shopify apps discussed in this article, you can streamline your store operations, enhance the customer experience, and maximize your sales opportunities. From upselling to managing returns and capturing customer reviews, each app plays a vital role in ensuring a successful and profitable holiday season. Embrace these apps, plan your promotions, and get ready to make the most of this festive time.

Growth Strategies for Shopify

In addition to the recommended apps, there are various growth strategies that you can implement to further boost your Shopify store's performance. Whether it's optimizing your website for search engines, leveraging social media marketing, or implementing email marketing campaigns, there are ample opportunities to drive traffic, increase conversions, and amplify your brand's reach. Explore these growth strategies and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.


  • Get ready for the holiday season by preparing your online store in advance
  • Utilize Shopify apps like Bold Upsell, Just Uno, Aftership, Affirm, Looks Photo Review, and Smile Loyalty Rewards to streamline operations and drive sales
  • Anticipate supply chain issues and incentivize early holiday shopping
  • Collect authentic customer reviews and leverage them for marketing purposes
  • Implement loyalty rewards to encourage repeat purchases and customer referrals
  • Explore growth strategies such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email campaigns to further enhance your Shopify store's performance


Q: How can Bold Upsell benefit my online store during the holiday season? A: Bold Upsell allows you to offer upsells and cross-sells, incentivizing customers to upgrade their purchases or add complementary products to their carts. By increasing your profit margin per customer, you can maximize your earnings during the busy holiday season.

Q: Why should I consider using email pop-ups with Just Uno? A: Just Uno provides targeted options for email pop-ups, ensuring that they are displayed to the right people at the right time. This allows you to capture more email subscribers while minimizing annoyance for your visitors.

Q: How can Aftership help me manage returns and improve the customer experience? A: Aftership offers two apps: one for order tracking and another for a return center. These apps simplify the return process for customers and provide order tracking information, minimizing support inquiries and enhancing transparency.

Q: What are some ways to incentivize customers to shop early and mitigate supply chain issues? A: Offer early-bird discounts, limited-time promotions, or exclusive pre-shopping experiences to incentivize customers to place their holiday orders in advance. This helps ensure smoother logistics and avoid potential supply chain delays.

Q: How can the Affirm app benefit my store and customers during the holiday season? A: Affirm allows customers to pay for their orders in installments, making higher-priced items more accessible. By offering flexibility in payment options, you can attract more customers and increase sales.

Q: Why is collecting reviews with Looks Photo Review important for my store? A: Reviews and user-generated content build trust and credibility for your store. Looks Photo Review enables customers to leave reviews along with photos, providing social proof and valuable feedback for potential customers.

Q: How can Smile Loyalty Rewards help me retain customers during the holiday season? A: Smile Loyalty Rewards offers incentives for customers to make repeat purchases and refer others to your store. By implementing a rewards program, you can foster customer loyalty and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Q: What are some growth strategies I can implement for my Shopify store? A: Some growth strategies to consider include search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website's visibility, social media marketing to reach a wider audience, and email campaigns to engage and retain customers. These strategies can help drive traffic and increase conversions for your store.

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