Shopify vs Square: Which is Best for Your Business?

Shopify vs Square: Which is Best for Your Business?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Shopify
  3. Pros and Cons of Shopify
  4. Overview of Square
  5. Pros and Cons of Square
  6. POS Apps Comparison: Shopify vs Square
  7. Hardware Options Comparison: Shopify vs Square
  8. Ease of Use Comparison: Shopify vs Square
  9. Customer Support Comparison: Shopify vs Square
  10. Choosing the Right Service: Shopify or Square
  11. Conclusion


In today's competitive business landscape, it is essential to choose the right platform for your business needs. Shopify and Square are two of the most popular all-in-one merchant solutions available in the market. Both platforms offer a range of features and tools to help merchants run their brick and mortar shops or online stores efficiently. In this article, we will compare Shopify and Square to determine which platform is best suited for your business. We will delve into their similarities, differences, pros, cons, and various aspects to help you make an informed decision. So, let's get started and find out which platform is the right fit for you!

Overview of Shopify

Shopify, established in 2006, started as an eCommerce software and has since become a leading platform for online merchants. It provides a user-friendly interface and all the essential tools needed to run an online store effectively. Shopify offers over 2,000 integrations and apps to bridge any feature gaps and cater to a wide range of business needs. It boasts robust reporting and CRM features, a comprehensive POS system, and reliable 24/7 tech support. Additionally, Shopify is renowned for its inventory management capabilities, gift cards, and countless integrations. However, it is important to note that Shopify charges a monthly fee, and the cost of add-ons can accumulate quickly. Furthermore, while Shopify offers offline capabilities, its offline mode is not as strong as some competitors.

Pros and Cons of Shopify

Pros of Shopify:

  • Strong reporting and CRM features
  • Robust POS system
  • Wide range of integrations and apps
  • 24/7 customer service support

Cons of Shopify:

  • Monthly fee
  • Additional costs for add-ons
  • Weak offline mode for POS

Overview of Square

Square, founded in 2009, revolutionized the payment processing industry by making card processing widely accessible. It started with a free card reader and a smartphone, and it has since evolved into a comprehensive suite of business products. Square caters to in-store, online, and on-the-go businesses without charging any monthly fees. It offers affordable chip card readers, a feature-packed POS system, and a wide range of integrations. Square's POS app is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it versatile for different business settings. However, it's important to note that Square's customer service is not available 24/7, and there have been some account stability issues reported. Additionally, costs can accumulate with add-ons.

Pros and Cons of Square

Pros of Square:

  • Free mobile POS with no monthly fees
  • Affordable chip card readers
  • Extensive feature set
  • Ton of integrations available

Cons of Square:

  • Limited customer service hours
  • Account stability issues
  • Cost accumulation with add-ons

POS Apps Comparison: Shopify vs Square

Both Shopify and Square offer robust POS systems with a wide range of features. Shopify's POS system is versatile, supporting both iOS and Android devices. It accepts all forms of payment, allows split tender, offers discounts, invoicing, extensive reporting, inventory tracking, and much more. Square, on the other hand, offers a base POS app for credit card payments, as well as more advanced apps for retail and restaurant industries. Square's premium app for retailers, called Square for Retail, is exclusive to iPad and comes with advanced features. Both platforms have their unique set of features, and it is essential to analyze your specific business requirements before choosing between the two.

Hardware Options Comparison: Shopify vs Square

Shopify and Square offer a range of hardware options to cater to different business needs. Both platforms provide mobile card readers that can easily connect to smartphones or tablets. They also offer more advanced retail kits for businesses looking for a conventional register setup. Shopify and Square provide additional hardware options such as receipt printers, cash drawers, stands, and shipping label printers. It's crucial to consider your business setup and budget when choosing the appropriate hardware option.

Ease of Use Comparison: Shopify vs Square

When it comes to ease of use, both Shopify and Square have user-friendly interfaces designed to simplify operations for small businesses. Shopify and Square target similar audiences with similar needs, aiming to make the process of running a business as seamless as possible. Their products are designed to minimize the learning curve for users, ensuring that merchants can quickly adapt and utilize all the available features. While there may be some differences between the two platforms, they don't significantly impact day-to-day operations or functionalities.

Customer Support Comparison: Shopify vs Square

Customer support plays a vital role in any product or system, and it is crucial to have access to timely assistance when needed. Shopify stands out in terms of support, offering 24/7 access to their support team. They have a reputation for timely responses and helpful solutions. Shopify's online knowledge base is also comprehensive, providing users with a wealth of information. Square has made improvements in its customer service and offers an outstanding knowledge base and community forum. However, their live support is only available during business hours and requires users to go through an online support system before making a call. Unless you have a specific account-related issue, it is usually possible to find answers to common queries through Square's online resources.

Choosing the Right Service: Shopify or Square

Choosing between Shopify and Square depends on your specific business requirements. If you need a POS app that can be used on multiple devices without additional fees, or if you are building a large and complex eCommerce site, Shopify might be the better choice for you. Shopify also provides the security of 24/7 live customer support, which can be crucial for some businesses. On the other hand, if you already use Square for payment processing and are satisfied with the service, or if you want to sell items online without paying a monthly fee, Square might be the ideal solution. The restaurant industry can benefit from Square's POS system with its excellent inventory and team management features, along with impressive offline capabilities. Ultimately, consider your budget and prioritize the features that are most important for your business when deciding between the two platforms.


Both Shopify and Square offer a range of advantages and transparent pricing options. They have become popular choices for merchants looking for all-in-one merchant solutions. In this article, we have examined the key components of both platforms, including POS apps, hardware options, ease of use, and customer support. While there are some variations between Shopify and Square, they both offer powerful tools to simplify your business operations. Determine your budget and identify the features that align with your business needs to make an informed decision. For a more detailed comparison, please refer to our comprehensive article in the description below. We value your feedback, so if you have experience with either Shopify or Square, or both, please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. For more articles and advice to help boost your business success, visit our website at See you next time!

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