Revolutionizing E-commerce Shipping: The Aftership Story

Revolutionizing E-commerce Shipping: The Aftership Story

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning of Aftership
  3. The Transformation of E-commerce
  4. The Challenges in Shipping
  5. The Importance of Shipping in E-commerce
  6. The Three-sided Marketplace of Aftership
  7. Democratizing Shipping Options
  8. Scaling and Growth Strategies
  9. The Evolution of Aftership's Product
  10. Andrew Chan's Personal Journey

Building Aftership: Revolutionizing E-commerce Shipping

In this article, we will delve into the incredible journey of Andrew Chan, the co-founder and chief product officer of Aftership, a leading post-purchase and tracking platform for e-commerce businesses. With over 10 years of experience in SAS product development and sales, Andrew has witnessed the transformation of the e-commerce industry firsthand. We will explore the challenges faced in shipping, the importance of shipping in the e-commerce ecosystem, and how Aftership is revolutionizing the way merchants handle shipping logistics. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together and discover the key insights and strategies that have propelled Aftership to success.

The Beginning of Aftership

Aftership was born in 2011 when Andrew Chan and his co-founders participated in a startup event called Startup Weekend. They aimed to solve the tracking problem faced by merchants who struggled to provide their customers with real-time updates on their shipments. Initially, the dream was simple - survival as a startup and helping merchants improve their post-purchase experience. However, as Aftership gained recognition, attracted major customers, and expanded its team, the dream evolved into something much bigger.

The Transformation of E-commerce

Over the past decade, the e-commerce landscape has undergone remarkable transformations. While the essence of buying and selling remains the same, technological advancements and key players like Amazon have shaped customer expectations. Shopify and other e-commerce solutions have flourished, providing merchants with powerful tools to enhance their online presence. With the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, the post-purchase experience has become a crucial aspect for merchants to differentiate themselves and retain customers.

The Challenges in Shipping

Shipping is a complex problem for merchants, involving aspects such as inventory management, shipping costs, delivery times, and even external factors like weather conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic. Aftership recognized the need for proactive shipment tracking and simplified returns processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. By providing real-time updates to customers and assisting merchants in managing their shipping performance and customer feedback, Aftership aims to alleviate some of the challenges faced in the logistics of e-commerce.

The Importance of Shipping in E-commerce

While the quality of the product itself remains a top priority for merchants, the shipping experience has become equally significant. Customers expect transparency, convenience, and timely delivery. Aftership understands that the initial attraction of a well-designed website is important, but it is the shipping experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers. By enabling merchants to provide accurate shipping information, proactive notifications, and hassle-free return processes, Aftership helps them build customer trust and satisfaction.

The Three-sided Marketplace of Aftership

Aftership operates as a three-sided marketplace, catering to the needs of merchants, delivery service providers, and customers. With partnerships with over 900 carriers worldwide, Aftership offers a wide selection of delivery options to merchants. By simplifying the decision-making process and democratizing access to shipping services, Aftership empowers merchants to make informed choices that suit their specific requirements. Simultaneously, Aftership strives to enhance the post-purchase experience by providing customers with an intuitive tracking interface and personalized notifications.

Democratizing Shipping Options

A critical aspect of Aftership's mission is to democratize the ability for merchants to choose the right shipping solutions for their businesses. By offering a vast range of carrier options, Aftership ensures that merchants can find the most cost-effective and reliable shipping partners. This flexibility allows merchants to optimize their shipping processes, minimize costs, and provide customers with exceptional post-purchase experiences.

Scaling and Growth Strategies

As Aftership continues to grow, the company faces the challenge of scaling its operations while remaining relevant in an ever-changing industry. With the recent establishment of marketing and sales teams, Aftership aims to reach more merchants and expand its customer base. However, growth is not just about acquiring more customers; it also involves continually evolving the product to meet the needs of a dynamic market. Aftership focuses on improving its software, providing merchants with better dashboard analytics, enhancing shipping performance, and streamlining the post-purchase experience.

The Evolution of Aftership's Product

Aftership's commitment to its customers is evident in its ongoing efforts to create an evolving product that keeps up with changing technology and consumer behaviors. While many e-commerce software solutions have become outdated, Aftership remains dedicated to delivering a software solution that evolves with time. By understanding market needs, leveraging technology, and prioritizing user experience, Aftership aims to provide merchants with a cutting-edge tracking and post-purchase platform.

Andrew Chan's Personal Journey

Building Aftership has been a dream come true for Andrew Chan. Witnessing a group of talented individuals coming together, equally passionate and driven to fulfill a shared dream, has been an unrealistic yet satisfying experience. The sense of unity and dedication displayed by the Aftership team reassures Andrew that they are on the right path. As the company continues to grow and attract more exceptional talent, Andrew's aspirations and dreams for Aftership expand, solidifying their mission to provide the best e-commerce solutions and elevate the customer experience.


Andrew Chan's journey as the co-founder and chief product officer of Aftership is an inspiring testament to the power of dreams, perseverance, and dedication. By recognizing the evolving needs of merchants and consumers in the e-commerce industry, Aftership has revolutionized the way shipping logistics are handled. With a focus on delivering exceptional post-purchase experiences, Aftership has become a trusted partner for merchants worldwide. As Aftership continues to scale and evolve its product, their commitment to empowering merchants and elevating the e-commerce ecosystem remains constant.


  • Aftership, a post-purchase and tracking platform for e-commerce, is revolutionizing the industry.
  • The e-commerce landscape has witnessed significant transformations over the past decade.
  • Shipping is a complex challenge for merchants, and Aftership aims to simplify the process.
  • The post-purchase experience and shipping logistics are crucial for customer satisfaction.
  • Aftership operates as a three-sided marketplace, serving merchants, delivery service providers, and customers.
  • Democratizing shipping options and providing valuable analytics are key aspects of Aftership's strategy.
  • Scaling and growth involve expanding the customer base and evolving the product to remain relevant.
  • Andrew Chan's personal journey highlights the fulfillment of building a passionate and dedicated team.
  • Aftership's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions sets it apart in the industry.


Q: What is Aftership? A: Aftership is a leading post-purchase and tracking platform for e-commerce businesses, revolutionizing the way merchants handle shipping logistics.

Q: Why is shipping important in e-commerce? A: Shipping plays a vital role in the post-purchase experience, influencing customer satisfaction, retention, and overall brand perception.

Q: How does Aftership democratize shipping options? A: Aftership partners with over 900 carriers worldwide, providing merchants with a wide range of shipping choices to suit their specific needs.

Q: How does Aftership help merchants scale and grow? A: Aftership focuses on expanding its customer base while continuously evolving its product to meet the changing needs of the e-commerce industry.

Q: What is Andrew Chan's role in Aftership? A: Andrew Chan is the co-founder and chief product officer of Aftership, overseeing product development, sales, and marketing teams.

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