Protect Your Privacy with DeleteMe

Protect Your Privacy with DeleteMe

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Data Brokers
  3. The Threat of Data Broker Sites
  4. The Challenges of Opting Out
    • Difficulty in finding opt-out options
    • Automation blocks and convoluted processes
    • Republishing of data
  5. The Solution: DeleteMe
    • What is DeleteMe?
    • How DeleteMe Works
    • Pros and Cons of DeleteMe
  6. Why Choose DeleteMe?
    • Personal Experiences and Testimonials
    • Benefits of Outsourcing the Opt-Out Process
  7. How to Sign Up for DeleteMe
    • Membership Options and Pricing
    • Trust and Security Concerns
    • Filling out the Opt-Out Information
  8. Reports and Monitoring
    • Quarterly Reports
    • Monitoring Process and New Data Brokers
  9. Tips and Best Practices
    • Checking Data Brokers Independently
    • Updating Information
    • Masking Social Media and Credit Cards
  10. Conclusion


In today's digital age, protecting personal information is vital. With the rise of data breaches and the proliferation of data broker sites, it has become increasingly important to take control of our online privacy. This article will explore the world of data brokers, their impact on personal privacy, and how DeleteMe can help individuals remove their personal information from various data broker sites effortlessly.

Understanding Data Brokers

Data brokers are websites that compile and sell personal information from various sources. They collect public records, marketing data, and other sources to create extensive profiles containing personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and even occupation and property value. These data broker sites can pose significant privacy and security risks, as the information they collect can be used for malicious purposes like social engineering attacks and identity theft.

The Threat of Data Broker Sites

Data broker sites present several threats to personal privacy and security. Firstly, they make personal information easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Secondly, they often make it difficult for individuals to opt out of having their data listed on their platforms. These sites may have convoluted opt-out processes, require ID verification, or simply republish the removed data at a later time. These factors make it frustrating and time-consuming for individuals to protect their privacy effectively.

The Challenges of Opting Out

Opting out of data broker sites manually can be a daunting task. The process often involves searching for opt-out forms, filling them out, and following up to ensure the removal of personal information. However, many data brokers make this process unnecessarily complicated or refuse to honor opt-out requests. Additionally, it is challenging to keep track of which data brokers have been successfully opted out from and monitor for any possible republishing of personal data.

The Solution: DeleteMe

DeleteMe is a service designed to simplify the opt-out process from data broker sites. It offers a comprehensive solution by identifying, targeting, and sending opt-out requests on behalf of individuals. DeleteMe removes the burden of manually navigating through numerous data broker sites, thus saving time and effort for the subscribers.

What is DeleteMe?

DeleteMe is a privacy service that actively searches for an individual's personal information across various data broker sites. It sends out opt-out requests and monitors the data quarterly to ensure its removal and absence from future republishing. DeleteMe provides comprehensive reports and updates to keep individuals informed about the status of their personal information.

How DeleteMe Works

Upon signing up for DeleteMe, users provide the necessary information they wish to have removed. DeleteMe's team of experts then search for matches of this data across popular data broker sites and send opt-out requests on behalf of the individuals. Quarterly reports inform users about the removal progress, indicating which sites have cleaned the personal information and which are in the process of removal.


  • Time-saving solution for opt-out requests
  • Human assistance in ensuring opt-out success
  • Quarterly monitoring of data broker sites
  • Peace of mind in protecting personal privacy


  • Inability to remove search results directly from search engines
  • Lack of hardware token support for two-factor authentication

Why Choose DeleteMe?

DeleteMe offers numerous benefits that make it an appealing option for safeguarding personal privacy. The service has garnered positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who value the peace of mind it brings. The ability to outsource the opt-out process allows individuals to focus on other responsibilities and obligations while still actively protecting their privacy.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

Many individuals have found value in DeleteMe's services due to personal experiences with stalking, identity theft, or the need for professional privacy. Content creators, cyber security consultants, victims of stalking, and those seeking job privacy are just a few examples of individuals who have benefited from DeleteMe's assistance.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Opt-Out Process

Given the increasingly busy lives we lead, outsourcing the opt-out process to DeleteMe provides a significant advantage. The subscription-based service handles the tedious and time-consuming task of removing personal information from data broker sites, freeing up individuals to focus on other priorities. By relying on DeleteMe, users can be confident that their privacy is being actively protected by a dedicated team with years of experience.

How to Sign Up for DeleteMe

Signing up for DeleteMe is straightforward and involves providing basic payment information. Subscribers can choose between different membership options, including options for adding family members. DeleteMe offers competitive pricing plans, starting at around 10.75 cents per month for one person for a year. Trusting DeleteMe with personal information may initially raise concerns, but the company's 12-year track record and positive reviews from cybersecurity experts provide reassurance.

Membership Options and Pricing

DeleteMe offers flexible membership options to suit individual needs. The pricing varies based on the number of people being covered and the duration of the membership. The affordability of the service compared to other monthly subscriptions further justifies the cost, considering the time-saving benefits and stress reduction it offers.

Trust and Security Concerns

Trusting a service like DeleteMe with personally identifiable information requires careful consideration. Word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews from cybersecurity experts have been crucial in building trust. DeleteMe ensures the security of personal data by employing various protective measures and following industry-standard practices.

Filling out the Opt-Out Information

After signing up for DeleteMe, users provide the relevant information they want DeleteMe to search for and remove. Although it may initially seem concerning to input personal information on another platform, DeleteMe's reputation, user testimonials, and lack of viable alternatives justify this step. Adding as much information as possible increases the effectiveness of DeleteMe's opt-out requests.

Reports and Monitoring

DeleteMe provides users with quarterly reports that detail the results of their opt-out requests and the status of their personal information on data broker sites. These reports offer transparency and allow individuals to track the progress of the removal process. DeleteMe's ongoing monitoring ensures that any republished personal information is promptly identified and addressed.

Quarterly Reports

Users receive detailed reports on a quarterly basis, keeping them informed about DeleteMe's activities regarding their personal information. The reports provide insights into the number of records reviewed, matching profiles removed, and the duration taken for removal. With each passing report, more sites are likely to show a clean status, indicating successful removal of personal data.

Monitoring Process and New Data Brokers

Data broker sites constantly evolve and new ones emerge, making it necessary for DeleteMe to adapt and provide effective protection. DeleteMe continues to add new data brokers to its service, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Users are encouraged to independently check for their personal information occasionally, keeping DeleteMe aware of any previously unidentified data brokers. DeleteMe's commitment to addressing new threats reinforces its status as a reliable privacy protection service.

Tips and Best Practices

While DeleteMe offers an efficient solution for removing personal information from data broker sites, taking additional steps can further strengthen personal privacy and security. These tips can complement the service and enhance overall protection:

  1. Checking Data Brokers Independently: Occasionally conducting personal searches on data broker sites can help identify any information that may have been missed or requires updating.
  2. Updating Information: Keeping personal information, such as addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, up to date in DeleteMe's system ensures accurate and comprehensive removal from data broker sites.
  3. Masking Social Media and Credit Cards: Privatizing social media accounts and using alternative mailing addresses or private mailboxes can reduce the availability of personal information and further protect privacy.


In an era of increasing concerns about personal privacy, DeleteMe provides a reliable and effective solution for removing personal information from data broker sites. Through its comprehensive opt-out service, DeleteMe saves time and effort, granting individuals peace of mind knowing that their personal information is actively protected. By offering ongoing monitoring and quarterly reports, DeleteMe ensures that personal information remains absent from data broker sites. With its commitment to privacy, transparent practices, and positive customer experiences, DeleteMe emerges as an invaluable tool in the fight against data broker sites and the protection of personal privacy.

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