Printful: A Comprehensive Review

Printful: A Comprehensive Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Quick Tip Videos
  3. Clip from a Private Livestream
  4. Thoughts on Printful
  5. Comparison with Other Print on Demand Apps
  6. Pricing Analysis
  7. Product Range and Availability
  8. Quality Comparison: Printify vs. Printful
  9. Considering Alternative Options
  10. Final Thoughts


Thoughts on Printful: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Print on Demand App

In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence. People are constantly looking for quick and simple solutions to their problems. That's why quick tip videos have gained immense popularity. These videos provide quick, easy-to-understand answers to commonly asked questions. In this article, we will delve into a specific quick tip video that discussed the thoughts on Printful, a renowned print on demand app. We will explore the content of the video, share insights on Printful's pros and cons, and provide a detailed comparison with other print on demand apps.

1. Overview of the Quick Tip Videos

Quick tip videos have become a go-to resource for individuals seeking immediate answers. These videos cut through the noise and deliver concise information. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your online business journey, quick tip videos provide valuable insights in a time-efficient manner. In the clip from a private livestream, the content creator addresses a viewer's question about using Printful for their products.

2. Clip from a Private Livestream

In the clip shared from a private livestream, the content creator responds to Jovan's query regarding the viability of continuing with Printful as their chosen print on demand app. The content creator admits to not personally using Printful at present and highlights the reasons for not recommending it extensively. However, they acknowledge that Printful can deliver good-quality products.

3. Thoughts on Printful

The content creator expresses their assessment of Printful, mentioning a series of top 50 print on demand products where only a few were recommended from Printful's catalog. The key concerns highlighted include higher pricing compared to competitors and limited product range. While acknowledging Printful's credibility and product quality, the content creator emphasizes the existence of other apps that offer competitive pricing and have a broader selection of products.

4. Comparison with Other Print on Demand Apps

To provide viewers with a well-rounded perspective, the content creator offers a comparison between Printful and other print on demand apps. They posit that Printful is not the only option available and challenge the notion that the oldest and largest app is always the best. By exploring alternatives, sellers can discover print on demand apps that better align with their specific needs and preferences.

5. Pricing Analysis

Pricing plays a crucial role in the print on demand industry. The content creator mentions that Printful's prices are relatively higher, which may impact profit margins. To support this claim, they present Printify, an alternative print on demand app that offers hoodies at a significantly lower cost. By using Printify, sellers can potentially save up to $10 per hoodie, allowing for greater profitability.

6. Product Range and Availability

Printful's limitations in terms of product range are highlighted in the video. The content creator argues that if sellers solely focus on selling t-shirts and hoodies, Printful may be a suitable option. However, they emphasize that there are numerous other profitable products that Printful does not offer, making alternative apps a more viable choice.

7. Quality Comparison: Printify vs. Printful

To illustrate the variance in product quality, the content creator showcases a side-by-side comparison of a hoodie from Printify and one from Printful. By examining the color vibrancy and print clarity, they suggest that the Printify hoodie appears to be of better quality. This comparison serves to underline that Printful's reputation as the oldest and largest app does not automatically guarantee superior quality.

8. Considering Alternative Options

Taking all factors into account, the content creator advises viewers to consider alternative print on demand apps instead of solely relying on Printful. By exploring the diverse range of options available in the market, sellers can discover apps that offer better pricing, a wider selection of products, and comparable or even superior quality.

9. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the content creator does not dismiss the value of Printful as a print on demand app. They acknowledge that Printful can provide excellent products. However, they urge viewers to consider the competitive landscape and explore other options that may better suit their specific requirements. By conducting thorough research and testing different apps, sellers can optimize their print on demand business and achieve greater success.


  • Quick tip videos provide immediate answers to common questions.
  • Printful may not be the best option for all print on demand needs.
  • Printful's pricing is comparatively higher than some competitors.
  • Alternative print on demand apps offer a broader range of products.
  • Printify presents a more cost-effective solution for hoodies.
  • Quality comparison reveals potential variations between Printify and Printful.
  • Exploring alternative options can result in better pricing and product selection.
  • Thorough research and testing can lead to optimized print on demand businesses.


Q: Is Printful the best print on demand app in the market? A: While Printful is a reputable app with excellent product quality, it may not necessarily be the best option for all sellers. Other apps offer competitive pricing and a wider range of products.

Q: Is Printful's pricing higher compared to competitors? A: Yes, Printful's pricing is relatively higher. Sellers can explore alternative print on demand apps like Printify to find more cost-effective options.

Q: Can Printful's products match the quality of other apps? A: Printful does provide high-quality products, but it's essential to compare them with alternatives. The video showcases a comparison with Printify, indicating potential variations in quality.

Q: Are there other print on demand apps with a broader selection of products? A: Yes, there are several print on demand apps that offer a wider range of products compared to Printful. Sellers should consider their specific product requirements when choosing an app.

Q: How can I optimize my print on demand business? A: By conducting thorough research on different print on demand apps, testing product quality, and analyzing pricing, sellers can identify the best options for their business and achieve better results.

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