Print on Demand Success: 6 Month Results!

Print on Demand Success: 6 Month Results!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Initial Challenges
  3. Brainstorming for Solutions
  4. Using Social Media Platforms for Free Advertising
  5. Utilizing TikTok for Print on Demand Advertising
  6. Results and Progress
  7. Fulfillment with Printify
  8. Increasing Prices and Holiday Sales
  9. Celebrating the First Profit
  10. Scaling the Profit and Exploring Other Opportunities
  11. Conclusion


Welcome back to my print on demand journey! In this fourth video of the series, I will be updating you on everything that has happened since the last update. I have some exciting results to share with you, so let's dive right in.

The Initial Challenges

In my previous update, I mentioned that all of my profits were being lost due to advertising costs. This prompted me to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm new strategies. Despite facing some challenges, I was able to make sales and determine that my storefront was effective and my designs were not terrible.

Brainstorming for Solutions

Realizing that I needed to improve my advertising skills, I started exploring alternative ways to promote my products. This led me to the idea of using social media platforms as a form of free advertisement. I delved into the world of TikTok and observed how others were successfully using it for dropshipping. With this inspiration, I hatched a plan to showcase my print on demand products on TikTok and attract viewers to my store.

Using Social Media Platforms for Free Advertising

Social media platforms offer tremendous opportunities for free advertising if utilized effectively. By consistently posting on TikTok and creating captivating videos, I aimed to grab the attention of viewers and drive them towards my store. I experimented with different videos and strategies, which I will discuss in detail in a separate video dedicated to my TikTok and print on demand advertising experience.

Utilizing TikTok for Print on Demand Advertising

My decision to use TikTok for advertising proved to be a game-changer. Through consistent posting and gaining traction with some videos, I started generating sales without having to spend any money on paid advertising. This not only allowed me to make a profit but also boosted my confidence in the potential of print on demand.

Results and Progress

Since the last update, my store received 1,210 visits, with the majority occurring in November when I was actively posting on TikTok. From these visits, I managed to secure 13 orders, resulting in a conversion ratio of 1.1%. While this conversion rate might not be ideal, it signifies room for improvement in my product offerings. The total revenue from these orders amounted to $397.58, with a total sales amount of $452.10 before deducting Etsy fees and production costs.

Fulfillment with Printify

To efficiently handle the fulfillment process for my print on demand store, I rely on Printify. Their platform offers low shipping and production costs, as well as quick fulfillment times. Whether you're starting your own print on demand store or already have one, I highly recommend considering Printify for seamless and cost-effective fulfillment.

Increasing Prices and Holiday Sales

In my pursuit of better profit margins, I made two significant changes. Firstly, I increased my prices to ensure healthier profit margins. Secondly, I introduced holiday sales to entice customers with promotional offers and encourage impulse purchases. These strategies aimed to maximize sales and increase profitability.

Celebrating the First Profit

Despite the modest amount, I believe it is essential to celebrate achieving a profitable store. This milestone serves as motivation to continue growing and exploring new avenues for success. While it may not be a full-time income yet, it marks a significant step forward in my print on demand journey.

Scaling the Profit and Exploring Other Opportunities

Now that my store is profitable, I am eager to scale this success. I plan to expand my product offerings by posting more designs and targeting trends and holidays to capitalize on peak sales periods. Additionally, I am exploring the possibility of working with a designer to create more appealing designs and enhance the conversion rate of my store. Furthermore, I aim to explore Amazon Merch on Demand and return to paid advertising to further expand my reach.


In conclusion, my print on demand journey has taken an exciting turn with the implementation of free advertising through TikTok. By harnessing the power of social media platforms and continuously adapting my strategies, I have achieved profitability for my store. This newfound success paves the way for scaling my profit and exploring additional opportunities within the print on demand industry. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on my journey ahead.


  • Overcoming the challenge of advertising costs
  • Recognizing the potential of free advertising on social media platforms
  • Utilizing TikTok as an effective advertising tool for print on demand
  • Generating sales and achieving profitability without paid advertising
  • The importance of Printify for seamless fulfillment
  • Strategies to increase profit margins, such as raising prices and offering holiday sales
  • Celebrating the first profitable store milestone
  • Scaling the profit through expanding product offerings and targeting trends
  • Exploring opportunities with Amazon Merch on Demand and paid advertising


Q: How did you overcome the challenge of advertising costs? A: By leveraging free advertising on social media platforms, specifically TikTok.

Q: What role did TikTok play in your print on demand journey? A: TikTok served as a game-changer by allowing me to generate sales and achieve profitability without paid advertising.

Q: How did you handle fulfillment for your print on demand store? A: I utilized Printify for fulfillment, benefiting from their low costs, quick fulfillment times, and seamless processes.

Q: What strategies did you implement to increase profitability? A: I increased prices to improve profit margins and introduced holiday sales to drive impulse purchases.

Q: What are your plans for scaling the profit and exploring other opportunities? A: I aim to post more designs, target trends and holidays, work with a designer, explore Amazon Merch on Demand, and consider paid advertising to further grow my business.

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