Maximize Your E-commerce Store with PageFly 3.19

Maximize Your E-commerce Store with PageFly 3.19

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is PageFly 3.19?
  3. About the Onboarding Webinar
  4. New Pricing Model
    1. Reason for the New Pricing Plan
    2. Benefits of the New Pricing Plan
    3. How Slots Work
    4. Legacy Plan and Upgrading to the New Pricing Plan
    5. The Enterprise Plan
    6. Referral Programs
  5. New Improvements and Features
    1. Global Section Feature
    2. 3D Product Image
    3. Content List Element
    4. Social Sharing Image Feature
  6. Q&A Session



Welcome to our webinar on making the most of PageFly 3.19! Thank you for joining us today. In this onboarding webinar, we will dive deep into the latest version of PageFly and answer any questions you may have. I'm Phoebe, your host for today, and I'm here with PageFly co-founder Victor Bowie and our product designer Wu. Together, we will explain the new pricing model, discuss the improvements in features, and address any queries you may have.

What is PageFly 3.19?

PageFly 3.19 is the latest version of the PageFly app, a powerful page builder for Shopify. It introduces several new features and improvements to enhance your e-commerce experience. With PageFly 3.19, you'll have more flexibility in building and customizing your online store.

About the Onboarding Webinar

Our onboarding webinar aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of PageFly 3.19. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to navigate the new version and make the most of its features. If you have any questions during the webinar, feel free to ask them in the chat, and we'll address them as we go along.

New Pricing Model

Reason for the New Pricing Plan

In the previous pricing plans, we had fixed numbers of pages for each type, which lacked flexibility. With the new pricing plan, we have introduced a concept called "slots," where you can publish pages of any type and section. This means you only pay for what you actually use, providing enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of the New Pricing Plan

The new pricing plan offers several benefits to users. Firstly, you can publish pages of different types and sections without restrictions. For example, with a plan of 20 slots, you can publish one homepage, 10 regular pages, six collection pages, three product pages, and more. This gives you the freedom to create and customize your store without being limited by fixed page numbers.

Secondly, the new pricing plan allows for more options in the free plan. Previously, the free plan only allowed one regular page. With the new plan, you get three slots for regular pages, providing more value and flexibility for users on the free plan.

How Slots Work

Slots are a key feature of the new pricing plan. They represent the number of pages you can publish, regardless of type or section. Each type of page or section consumes one slot. For example, if you have a plan of 20 slots, publishing one homepage, 10 regular pages, six collection pages, and three product pages would use up 20 slots.

Legacy Plan and Upgrading to the New Pricing Plan

If you are currently on the legacy pricing plan, rest assured that you can continue using it. The new pricing plan will only be automatically applied to new app installations. However, if you wish to upgrade to the new pricing plan, you can do so by clicking on the banner in the application. It's important to note that once you upgrade, you cannot revert to the legacy plan.

The Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is designed for customers who require a large number of pages, specifically over 200. This plan offers unlimited slots for publishing an unlimited number of pages and sections. In addition, enterprise plan users receive priority support, including one-on-one video calls, and a page speed optimization service. The enterprise plan is ideal for those who have high demands and need extra services to support their business.

Referral Programs

We have introduced a referral program that allows you to earn "berry coins," our own currency, by inviting friends to join PageFly. These coins can later be redeemed as Shopify app credits, which can be used to pay your Shopify bills, including PageFly and other applications. Stay tuned for more campaigns and opportunities to earn more coins.

New Improvements and Features

Global Section Feature

One of the standout features of PageFly 3.19 is the global section feature. This allows you to publish sections at a page level and customize them with the super-fine team editor, making your pages more elegant and professional. You can also see which pages the sections are being used in, enabling easy editing and updates across multiple pages.

3D Product Image

The new version of PageFly introduces the option to display 3D product images on your store. Customers can now view products in their real-life environment by scaling the size and visualizing how they would look. This feature enhances the customer's decision-making process and provides a more immersive shopping experience.

Content List Element

The content list element is designed to save you time when building beautiful pages. Instead of styling each item individually, you can now make changes to one item, and the styling will be applied to all similar items in the content list element. This saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Social Sharing Image Feature

To make it easier for you to share your pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, PageFly now supports social sharing images. When you share a link to your page, the link will appear with an image from the page. This feature saves you time and effort in manually uploading images for each social media post.

Q&A Session

During the webinar, we conducted a Q&A session where we addressed questions about the new pricing model, referral programs, and the new features. We appreciate all the questions that were asked, and for those we didn't get to, we will follow up with email responses. Thank you all for being a part of this webinar!


  1. PageFly 3.19 introduces a new pricing model based on slots, offering more flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  2. The free plan now allows for three slots, providing more options for users.
  3. The enterprise plan offers unlimited slots, priority support, and page speed optimization services.
  4. Referral programs allow users to earn berry coins, which can be redeemed as Shopify app credits.
  5. The global section feature enables easy customization and editing across multiple pages.
  6. The 3D product image feature allows customers to visualize products in their real-life environment.
  7. The content list element saves time by applying styling changes to all similar items.
  8. Social sharing images streamline the process of sharing pages on social media platforms.


Q: Can I still use the legacy pricing plan? A: Yes, you can continue using the legacy plan. The new pricing plan will only be automatically applied to new app installations.

Q: How can I earn berry coins? A: The primary way to earn berry coins is through the referral program. More campaigns and opportunities to earn coins will be introduced in the future.

Q: Is the 3D feature supported on all devices? A: The 3D feature is supported on all devices but requires a device with a camera to visualize products in a real-life environment.

Q: Why do we need to publish a section before being able to use it? A: Publishing a section makes it usable on both PageFly and Shopify's online team editor, ensuring seamless integration and ease of access.

Q: Can I customize individual items in the content list element? A: Yes, with the updated content list element, you can customize individual items while keeping the styling consistent across the other items.

Q: How can I share my pages on social media platforms? A: PageFly's social sharing image feature automatically includes an image from your page when you share the link on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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