Maximize Shopify Tracking with 17 Track

Maximize Shopify Tracking with 17 Track

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing 17 Track 2.1 Learning Center 2.2 Adding Carriers 2.3 Connecting Shopify and PayPal Accounts 2.4 Setting Up Email Notifications 2.5 Customizing the Tracking Page
  3. Customizing the Tracking Page 3.1 Order Tracking Features 3.2 Tracking Statuses 3.3 Adding Marketing Assets 3.4 Product Recommendations 3.5 Styles and Colors
  4. Setting Up Email Notifications 4.1 Email Templates 4.2 Editing Columns 4.3 Adding Products
  5. Enabling Buyer Protection 5.1 Service Overview 5.2 Choosing a Plan
  6. Conclusion

How to Use 17 Track for Tracking Shipments on Shopify

In today's e-commerce world, efficient order tracking is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. With the help of tools like 17 Track, you can streamline your shipment tracking process on Shopify. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up and using 17 Track to enhance your Shopify store's tracking capabilities.

1. Introduction

In the introduction, we will briefly discuss the importance of order tracking in e-commerce and how 17 Track can help Shopify store owners improve their tracking efficiency.

2. Installing 17 Track

2.1 Learning Center: In this section, we will explain how to access the Learning Center within 17 Track to get familiar with its features and functionality.

2.2 Adding Carriers: Here, we will guide you through the process of adding carriers to 17 Track for seamless tracking of various shipping methods.

2.3 Connecting Shopify and PayPal Accounts: Learn how to connect your Shopify and PayPal accounts to ensure automatic order status updates and email notifications.

2.4 Setting Up Email Notifications: This section will show you how to set up email notifications for different tracking statuses to keep your customers informed about their order progress.

2.5 Customizing the Tracking Page: Customize the tracking page with your branding elements and design preferences to provide a cohesive experience for your customers.

3. Customizing the Tracking Page

3.1 Order Tracking Features: Explore the various features available on the tracking page, including order number, email, phone number, and tracking information.

3.2 Tracking Statuses: Understand the different tracking statuses available and how they can be customized to fit your specific e-commerce needs.

3.3 Adding Marketing Assets: Utilize marketing assets to promote related products or special offers to your customers while they track their orders.

3.4 Product Recommendations: Learn how to set up product recommendations based on customer interests and previous purchases to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

3.5 Styles and Colors: Customize the colors and styles of the tracking page to match your branding and create a visually appealing experience for your customers.

4. Setting Up Email Notifications

4.1 Email Templates: Discover how to edit email templates, including order delivery confirmations, tracking number notifications, and product recommendations.

4.2 Editing Columns: Edit and customize the columns in your email notifications to highlight important information such as shipping items and carrier details.

4.3 Adding Products: Maximize revenue potential by adding relevant product recommendations within your email notifications to encourage additional purchases.

5. Enabling Buyer Protection

5.1 Service Overview: Understand the benefits of enabling buyer protection services to safeguard orders against loss, delay, and damage.

5.2 Choosing a Plan: Explore the available plans for buyer protection offered by 17 Track and select the one that aligns with your business requirements.

6. Conclusion

In the conclusion, provide a summary of the key points covered in the article and emphasize the importance of using 17 Track for Shopify order tracking. Additionally, invite readers to reach out with any questions they may have.


  • Streamline your order tracking process on Shopify with 17 Track.
  • Customizable tracking page to match your branding and enhance customer experience.
  • Set up email notifications for different tracking statuses.
  • Use product recommendations to boost sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Enable buyer protection services for added security and peace of mind.


Q: Can I integrate 17 Track with other e-commerce platforms? A: Currently, 17 Track is primarily designed for use with Shopify, but you can check for available integrations with other platforms.

Q: Is 17 Track a free service? A: The basic features of 17 Track are free to use. However, there may be additional premium features or plans available at a cost.

Q: Can I customize the email templates in 17 Track? A: Yes, you can customize the email templates in 17 Track to align them with your brand's voice and style.

Q: How does buyer protection work with 17 Track? A: Buyer protection services provided by 17 Track offer coverage against order loss, delay, and damage. The details of coverage and process may vary based on the selected plan.

Q: Can I track orders from multiple carriers using 17 Track? A: Yes, 17 Track supports tracking orders from multiple carriers, allowing you to streamline the tracking process regardless of the shipping method used.

Q: Are there any limitations to customizing the tracking page design in 17 Track? A: While 17 Track offers customization options, there may be some limitations in terms of design flexibility. However, you can still personalize it to align with your branding.

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