Mastering Printful's Payment Process

Mastering Printful's Payment Process

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Printful Processes Payments for Fulfillment
  3. Personal Orders on Printful
  4. Payments for Orders Imported from an Online Store
    1. First Payment: Retail Transaction
    2. Second Payment: Order Fulfillment Transaction
  5. Setting Up and Managing the Printful Wallet
    1. Creating a Printful Wallet
    2. Ensuring Sufficient Funds in the Printful Wallet
    3. Three Ways to Maintain Funds in the Printful Wallet a. Setting Up a Billing Method b. Manual Deposits to the Printful Wallet c. Combination of Both Methods
    4. Auto Recharge Feature
  6. Billing Methods
    1. Adding Billing Methods to the Printful Wallet
    2. Setting Up Primary and Store Billing Methods
  7. Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment Services
    1. Collecting Monthly Fees
    2. Payment Process for Warehousing & Fulfillment Orders
    3. Currency Management for Printful Billing Methods
  8. Manual Deposits to the Printful Wallet
    1. Adding Funds to the Printful Wallet
    2. Saving Card Details for Quick Deposits
    3. Using PayPal as a Billing Method
  9. Combining Billing Methods and Manual Deposits
    1. Optimizing Payment Methods for Fulfillment
    2. Auto Recharge Feature for Printful Wallet
  10. Additional Functions of the Printful Wallet
    1. Refunds and Store Credits
    2. Withdrawing Funds from the Printful Wallet
  11. Conclusion

How Printful Processes Payments for Fulfillment

Printful, the leading print-on-demand and drop shipping company, simplifies the payment process for fulfilling orders. In this article, we will discuss the different payment methods and procedures involved when placing personal orders on Printful and importing orders from an online store. Additionally, we will explore how to set up and manage the Printful Wallet, ensuring smooth transactions and uninterrupted fulfillment of customer orders.


Creating and managing an online store requires attention to various aspects, including payment processing for order fulfillment. Printful offers seamless integration with online stores and handles the payment process effectively, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both sellers and customers. Let's explore how Printful processes payments for fulfillment.

Personal Orders on Printful

When placing a personal order on Printful, such as buying a t-shirt for personal use, the payment process is straightforward. Upon checkout, the customer pays the fulfillment cost directly to Printful. This single payment covers the price of the item and shipping charges.

Payments for Orders Imported from an Online Store

For online stores connected with Printful, the payment process differs slightly. When a customer places an order on your store, two separate payments come into play. The first payment is the retail transaction between the customer and you, the store owner. The second payment is the order fulfillment transaction between you and Printful.

The customer pays for the order on your storefront using the payment platform integrated into your store. You receive the payment directly. Simultaneously, Printful automatically imports the order from your store, initiating the fulfillment process. Printful uses its internal payment system, known as the Printful Wallet, to handle these payments.

Setting Up and Managing the Printful Wallet

The Printful Wallet is Printful's internal payment system, designed to process payments quickly and safely. To ensure a smooth fulfillment process, it is essential to create and manage your Printful Wallet, ensuring access to sufficient funds at all times.

Creating a Printful Wallet The Printful Wallet is automatically created when you sign up with Printful. It acts as a centralized account for managing all your fulfillment payments. As all order fulfillment payments go through the Printful Wallet, it is crucial to maintain sufficient funds in the wallet.

Ensuring Sufficient Funds in the Printful Wallet To avoid payment issues and ensure timely fulfillment, it is crucial to keep your Printful Wallet adequately funded. There are three ways to ensure sufficient funds:

  1. Setting up a billing method where funds are automatically added to the Printful Wallet as orders come in.
  2. Adding funds manually to the Printful Wallet from your bank card, PayPal, or other means of payment.
  3. Utilizing a combination of both methods to maintain a balance in the Printful Wallet.

These methods offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to choose the option that suits your preferences and requirements.

Auto Recharge Feature The Printful Wallet offers an auto recharge feature, ensuring seamless payment for orders that exceed the available funds in the wallet. By setting a specific amount for auto recharge, the Printful Wallet will automatically deposit funds from your primary account billing method whenever necessary. It is essential to ensure that your primary billing method is set up and functional to utilize this feature effectively.

Billing Methods

Printful allows you to add and manage various billing methods to facilitate payments for order fulfillment. You can add bank cards, PayPal, or other means of payment, ensuring a smooth payment process.

Adding Billing Methods to the Printful Wallet To add billing methods, navigate to the Billing section on your Printful Dashboard. Under Billing methods, you can add new billing methods, set your primary account billing method, and assign billing methods to specific stores connected to Printful. Each store can have its designated billing method, or you can use the primary account billing method as the default.

Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment Services For customers utilizing Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment services, it is essential to understand the payment process for these orders. The monthly fees associated with warehousing and fulfillment are automatically collected from your account's primary billing method. The payment process for these orders remains consistent with the payment process for all other Printful orders.

It is worth noting that you can set the billing method currency for each store separately. This feature allows you to choose the currency in which Printful charges you for fulfilling orders in each specific store. However, it does not affect the currency used on your storefront for customer transactions.

Manual Deposits to the Printful Wallet In addition to the billing methods, Printful allows manual deposits to the Printful Wallet. This option enables you to add funds to the wallet from your bank card, PayPal, or other payment methods manually. When an order comes in, the Printful system collects the required amount from the Printful Wallet to initiate fulfillment.

To make a manual deposit, navigate to Printful Wallet on your Dashboard, select the desired currency wallet, and choose the "Add money" option. Enter the desired amount, provide the necessary payment details, and proceed with the deposit. You can also save the payment method for quick selection during future deposits, ensuring ease of use.

Combining Billing Methods and Manual Deposits

Optimizing the payment process for fulfillment is essential to avoid issues such as insufficient funds and payment delays. Printful allows users to combine billing methods and manual deposits to strike the perfect balance. By utilizing both methods, you ensure that the Printful system first collects money from the Printful Wallet and then accesses additional funds from your saved billing methods if necessary. This approach prevents unnecessary clogging of your bank accounts with multiple fulfillment transactions.

Additional Functions of the Printful Wallet

Apart from facilitating payment for order fulfillment, the Printful Wallet offers two additional functions. Firstly, it serves as a storage location for any refunds generated for your orders. Secondly, the Printful Wallet allows you to withdraw funds whenever needed. The processing time for these withdrawals may vary depending on the payment method used, with PayPal being quicker than bank cards.


Managing payments for order fulfillment is vital for the smooth operation of an online store. Printful simplifies this process through its Printful Wallet and integrated billing methods. By following the guidelines presented in this article, you can ensure seamless payment processing and uninterrupted fulfillment of customer orders. For further information about taxes, legal details, and relevant documents, refer to the comprehensive resources available in your Printful Dashboard under the Billing section and explore the FAQs provided by Printful.

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