Master Your Aim in Halo Infinite

Master Your Aim in Halo Infinite

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Optimal Settings for Controller
    1. Micro Adjustments
    2. Larger Adjustments
    3. Controller Sensitivities of Top Pro Players
    4. Dead Zone
    5. Jumping and Aim
  3. Optimal Settings for Mouse and Keyboard
    1. Arm Aimers vs. Wrist Gamers
    2. Mouse Sensitivity and DPI
    3. Mouse Pad Recommendation
    4. Number of Buttons on Mouse
  4. Fundamental Aiming Habits
    1. Proper Peeking techniques
    2. Crosshair Placement
    3. Pre-Aiming and Scoping
  5. Types of Peeks
    1. Jiggle Peek
    2. Wide Swing or Ferrari Peek
    3. Jump Peek
    4. Slide Peek
  6. Aim and Movement Relationship
    1. Damage Advantage vs. Accuracy
    2. Weapon Type and Movement
  7. Positioning on the Battlefield
    1. Information and Line of Sight
    2. Defending Objectives
    3. Natural Cover and Vulnerability to Grenades
    4. Escape Ability
  8. Conclusion


The Ultimate Aiming Guide: Master Your Aim to Win Every 1v1

There's nothing more frustrating in gaming than missing a shot and losing a 1v1 duel. If you want to improve your aim and consistently come out on top in these situations, then this ultimate aiming guide is perfect for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know to enhance your aiming skills and climb to the top ranks in Halo Infinite.

Before we dive into the intricacies of aim, it's crucial to understand the optimal settings for both controllers and mouse and keyboard. Let's start with controllers. There are two categories of adjustments to consider - micro adjustments and larger adjustments.

Micro adjustments refer to small movements and corrections made with the left stick. These movements are done with your character's movement rather than looking around. On the other hand, larger adjustments are made with the right stick when players are flying through the air or encountering enemies around corners. It's essential to strike a balance between sensitivity and control to excel in both types of adjustments.

To find your optimal sensitivity, it's helpful to reference what the top pro players are using. The mean values for acceleration, horizontal sensitivity, vertical sensitivity, and more can serve as a starting point. Additionally, fine-tune your dead zone settings to reduce stick drift. However, keep in mind that dead zone is controller-dependent, so you may need to make adjustments specific to your own controller.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the layout of your controller. Make sure that jumping does not require you to remove your thumb from the right stick. Being able to jump and aim simultaneously is vital for maintaining an advantage in gunfights. Thus, ensure that your controller layout allows for seamless movement and aiming.

Moving on to mouse and keyboard settings, the key is maximizing control over your aim. While personal preference plays a significant role, arm aimers tend to have more control over movement, while wrist gamers rely on fine-grained finger movements. For a game like Halo Infinite, it's advisable to have a combination of both. This means using your arm and wrist for big and small movements, respectively.

When it comes to sensitivity, it's best to operate at a middle-of-the-pack level, such as 800 DPI and 0.9 in-game sensitivity. For lower sensitivities, invest in a large mouse pad to facilitate quick 180-degree turns and flick shots. Additionally, using a soft mouse pad can artificially reduce sensitivity for more precise aiming during longer-range engagements.

Weight also plays a role in mouse performance. A lighter mouse provides less resistance and allows for smoother movements. However, if you prefer a larger mouse for stability, compensating with a lower sensitivity and a soft mouse pad can achieve similar results. Lastly, keep the number of buttons on your mouse to a minimum, as excessive buttons can affect your aim when pressure is applied.

Now that we have covered optimal settings, let's delve into fundamental aiming habits. The first aspect to master is proper peeking techniques. Many players make the mistake of sprinting around corners, leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire. Instead, adopt a systematic approach by walking before peeking corners, allowing you to be ready to fire the moment you spot an enemy.

Crosshair placement is another critical aspect of aiming. Pre-aiming and scoping likely spots where enemies may be holding positions gives you a significant advantage. By pre-aiming, you are already lined up with your crosshair at the enemy's potential location, giving you the opportunity to secure the first shot. This approach deals initial damage, disrupts the enemy's aim by descope, and can even force them into unfavorable confrontations or positions.

Different types of peeks offer various advantages in different scenarios. Jiggle peeking, where you expose only a fraction of your character model, is beneficial for gathering information and baiting shots. Wide swings or ferrari peeks surprise enemies who are expecting a traditional jiggle peek. Jump peeks disrupt enemy crosshair placement, especially if they are aiming at head level. Slide peeks can also be effective, but caution is needed against well-armed opponents.

Understanding the relationship between aim and movement is crucial. The trade-off lies between being harder to hit versus maintaining accuracy. If you have a damage advantage, focus on maximizing accuracy rather than sporadic movement. Conversely, if you possess a lethal weapon like a sniper rifle, prioritize accuracy to secure important headshots.

Positioning on the battlefield can make or break your aim and overall success. A good position provides valuable information, optimal line of sight, and allows you to defend objectives effectively. The presence of natural cover, the ability to defend against grenades, and escape options are pivotal considerations when evaluating your position.

In conclusion, mastering your aim is essential to excel in Halo Infinite. By optimizing your settings, adopting proper peeking techniques, understanding different types of peeks, and positioning yourself strategically, you will gain a significant advantage over your adversaries. As you strive to climb the ranks and become a top player, keep refining your aiming skills and utilizing the comprehensive guides available on the gaming website to further enhance your gameplay.


  1. Learn the optimal settings for both controllers and mouse and keyboard.
  2. Master fundamental aiming habits, including peeking techniques and crosshair placement.
  3. Understand the different types of peeks and when to use them effectively.
  4. Establish the relationship between aim, movement, and the weapons you use.
  5. Position yourself strategically on the battlefield for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Utilize the resources provided by the gaming website to further improve your skills.


Q: What are the optimal settings for a controller in Halo Infinite? A: The optimal settings for a controller include adjusting sensitivity, dead zone, and ensuring that jumping does not hinder your ability to aim.

Q: How can I improve my crosshair placement in Halo Infinite? A: Pre-aiming likely enemy spots and scoping in advance can greatly improve your crosshair placement and increase your chances of securing the first shot.

Q: What are the different types of peeks I can use in Halo Infinite? A: Some common types of peeks include jiggle peeking, wide swings or ferrari peeks, jump peeks, and slide peeks. Each has its advantages and should be used strategically depending on the situation.

Q: How can I improve my aim while maintaining movement in Halo Infinite? A: The key is to find a balance between movement and accuracy. While movement can make you harder to hit, it's important not to sacrifice accuracy, especially when dealing with lethal weapons.

Q: What should I consider when positioning myself on the battlefield in Halo Infinite? A: Factors such as information, line of sight, natural cover, vulnerability to grenades, and escape ability should all be considered when evaluating your position on the battlefield.

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