Master Website Translation with Weglot

Master Website Translation with Weglot

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Weglot Works
  3. Using Weglot to Translate a Website
  4. Editing Translations
  5. The Visual Editor
  6. Creating Glossary Rules
  7. Importing and Exporting Translations
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

How to Translate a Website Easily with Weglot


Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to translate a website without any coding or technical knowledge? Look no further! In this article, we'll introduce you to Weglot, a user-friendly translation solution that makes website translation a breeze. Whether you're a professional translator or a bilingual colleague, Weglot provides an intuitive interface to help you deliver accurate and high-quality translations. Let's dive in and explore how you can make the most of Weglot for your translation project.

How Weglot Works

Before we delve into the details, let's quickly understand how Weglot works. Weglot is a powerful translation solution that automatically detects and translates all the content on a website. It begins with a first layer of machine translation, which can later be edited by website owners, bilingual colleagues, or professional translators like you. Weglot simplifies the translation process by providing an intuitive dashboard where you can manage and review translations effortlessly.

Using Weglot to Translate a Website

Now that you have an understanding of how Weglot operates, let's see how you can use it to translate a website. Once you access your Weglot dashboard, you'll find a list of language pairs available for translation. By clicking on a specific language pair, you can access a detailed translation list. This list organizes the website's content under different URLs, making it easy for you to navigate and identify the sections that require translation.

Editing Translations

When you initially access the translation list, you'll notice that all the unedited content on the second row is automatically translated. However, you have the freedom to make edits as necessary. Simply modify the translated content where required, and Weglot will save it automatically as a manually edited translation. Alternatively, you can manually mark translations as edited by using the designated button. This ensures clarity and ease of reference when reviewing and assessing translation progress.

The Visual Editor

In addition to editing translations through the translation list, Weglot offers a visual editor as an alternative option. With the visual editor, you can make edits directly on a live preview of the website, allowing you to understand the context better and deliver more accurate translations. This feature is particularly helpful in ensuring that translations do not disrupt the overall layout of the page, as different languages may occupy varying amounts of space.

Creating Glossary Rules

Sometimes, there are words or terms that you don't want to be translated, such as your brand name or specific industry jargon. In such cases, Weglot allows you to create glossary rules to ensure consistent translation. By accessing the glossary tab, you can define the type of rule you want to create, add the words or terms, specify the language (or languages), and save the rule. This way, Weglot will apply the defined rule to translations automatically.

Importing and Exporting Translations

Weglot offers convenient import and export features for translators who prefer working in their own tools. To export your translations, simply click the export button and choose the desired format, language pair, quality, and type. Whether you wish to export the original content or the automatic translations, Weglot provides flexibility to suit your needs. Importing translations is equally effortless: click the import button and drag your files to the designated area. All the translations you add will be marked as manually edited, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred translation workflow.


In conclusion, Weglot is an excellent solution for translating websites with ease. Whether you're a professional translator or someone with limited technical knowledge, Weglot simplifies the entire process, from content detection to editing translations. By utilizing the translation list, visual editor, glossary rules, and import/export features, you can deliver accurate and high-quality translations. Should you have any additional questions or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Weglot's support team at Good luck with your translation project, and happy translating!


Q: Can I use Weglot to translate any type of website? A: Yes, Weglot is compatible with all types of websites, regardless of their platform or content management system.

Q: Can multiple translators work on the same project using Weglot? A: Absolutely! Weglot allows multiple translators to collaborate on the same project, ensuring efficient teamwork and consistent results.

Q: Can I customize the translation workflow according to my preferences? A: Yes, Weglot provides various customization options, such as filter features, translation type categorization, and notification settings, allowing you to tailor the workflow to your preferences.

Q: Is it possible to review and restore previous versions of edits made to translations? A: Yes, Weglot keeps a comprehensive history tab for each translation, allowing you to review and restore earlier versions if needed.

Q: Does Weglot offer support for additional languages beyond the language pairs provided? A: Yes, Weglot supports an extensive range of languages. If the desired language is not included in the available language pairs, you can contact Weglot's support team for assistance.

Q: Is Weglot compatible with SEO best practices? A: Absolutely! Weglot prioritizes SEO optimization, ensuring that translated websites maintain their search engine rankings and visibility.

Q: Can I translate the website in real-time using Weglot? A: Yes, Weglot provides real-time translations, allowing visitors to switch between languages effortlessly without the need for manual page refreshing.

Q: Does Weglot offer any integrations with other tools or services? A: Yes, Weglot seamlessly integrates with popular website building platforms, content management systems, and translation management tools, streamlining your translation workflow.

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