Making Infinite Money with Fiverr, TikTok & Dropshipping

Making Infinite Money with Fiverr, TikTok & Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Idea and Game Plan
  3. Product Research
  4. Hiring Fiverr Sellers
  5. Warming Up the TikTok Account
  6. Posting Videos on TikTok
  7. Building a Following
  8. The First Sale
  9. Dealing with Video Quality Issues
  10. Launching TikTok Ads
  11. Results and Conclusion



Have you ever wondered if it's possible to make infinite money using Fiverr, TikTok, and dropshipping? Well, that's exactly what one person set out to explore in a fun little experiment. This article will take you through the journey of this unique challenge, from the initial idea to the final results. Get ready to dive into the world of viral videos and online entrepreneurship.

The Idea and Game Plan

The idea behind this challenge was simple yet intriguing. The person came across a listing on Fiverr where someone claimed they could create hundreds of video ads for a low cost. The plan: create a TikTok account, try to go viral with these videos, hire someone on Fiverr to build a website, and then sell products through the website. It seemed like the ultimate infinite money glitch, and the challenge was set.

Product Research

To make this challenge a success, a good product that was already popular on TikTok was essential. The challenge initiator embarked on product research by browsing through the TikTok app and searching for trending keywords like "free shipping," "50% off," and "get yours now." After some exploration, a talking cactus toy caught their attention. The product had already gone viral on TikTok and had a substantial amount of content available, making it perfect for the challenge.

Hiring Fiverr Sellers

With the product chosen, it was time to hire Fiverr sellers to create the videos and build the website. The challenge initiator found a seller who offered to make 100 videos for $175. In addition, another seller was hired to build a one-product store for $100. This hands-off approach allowed the challenge initiator to focus on other aspects of the challenge while relying on the expertise of Fiverr sellers.

Warming Up the TikTok Account

To increase the chances of going viral on TikTok, the challenge initiator decided to "warm up" the TikTok account. This involved following various people, liking posts on the For You page, and engaging in activities that would convince TikTok that the account was legitimate and not a bot. By doing so, the account had a higher chance of gaining traction and reaching a wider audience.

Posting Videos on TikTok

Once the videos were ready, it was time to start posting on TikTok. The challenge initiator aimed to post a video every five to ten minutes to maximize content exposure. The goal was to create a consistent presence on TikTok and capture the attention of the viewers. The challenge initiator had a folder filled with the videos and began uploading them periodically over the course of several days.

Building a Following

As the videos started to gain views and likes, the TikTok account began to attract followers. With each video, the following grew, and engagement increased. Eventually, the account reached a point where it could add links in the bio, allowing the challenge initiator to direct traffic to the website. Although still far from profitability, the growing following was a positive sign that the challenge was moving in the right direction.

The First Sale

After several days of consistent posting and engagement, the first sale was made. It was an exciting moment for the challenge initiator, as it validated the efforts put into the TikTok account and the website. Replying to every comment and directing people to the website paid off, even without a thousand followers. While the challenge was still far from profitable, the first sale gave hope for future success.

Dealing with Video Quality Issues

However, as the challenge progressed, a significant issue was discovered. Upon reviewing the videos, the challenge initiator realized that some were of low quality and not enticing enough to drive conversions. Approximately 40 to 50 of the videos fell short in terms of audio, product usage demonstration, and interaction with the talking cactus toy. To address this issue, the challenge initiator reached out to the Fiverr seller, requesting a redo of certain videos.

Launching TikTok Ads

While waiting for the videos to be redone, the challenge initiator decided to launch TikTok ads as a final attempt to boost sales. However, the initial results were underwhelming, with only three clicks generated from a $20 ad spend. The video quality and call-to-action elements of the ad were not optimal, leading to poor performance. Despite this setback, the challenge initiator remained determined to see the challenge through to the end.

Results and Conclusion

In the final days of the challenge, the TikTok account continued to grow, reaching 164 followers and accumulating close to 2,000 likes. One video even garnered over 53,000 views. However, the TikTok ads did not perform as expected, with minimal clicks and a low conversion rate. In terms of sales, the challenge generated approximately $46, which fell short of the desired outcome. Although the challenge did not result in significant profits, valuable lessons were learned along the way.

In conclusion, while the idea of leveraging Fiverr, TikTok, and dropshipping to make infinite money may seem enticing, this challenge demonstrated the complexities and challenges involved. Creating engaging content, building a following, and optimizing ad performance are crucial components that require careful attention. Dropshipping remains a lucrative business model, but shortcuts and stolen content are not the paths to success.

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