Increase Conversion Rate with Privy: Email Capture and Pop-Up Tool

Increase Conversion Rate with Privy: Email Capture and Pop-Up Tool

Table of Contents

  1. What is Privy?
  2. Competitive Landscape
  3. Biggest Differentiator
  4. Metric Impact
  5. When Should You Use Privy?
  6. When Shouldn't You Use Privy?
  7. Track Integrations
  8. Pricing
  9. Set Up Time and Resources
  10. Final Thoughts

What is Privy?

Privy is an e-commerce focus pop-up building tool that helps increase on-site email capture and conversion rate. It offers easy-to-design, drag and drop form collectors that work across all browser types, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Privy also provides email marketing automations such as abandoned cart sequences and post-purchase follow-ups.

Competitive Landscape

In a market filled with competitors like Sumo, Just Uno, and Wheelie, Privy stands out as a top choice. It even competes with tools like Recart and other email abandoned cart tools. Despite the fierce competition, Privy maintains its position as the market leader due to its unique features, extensive integrations, and exceptional support.

Biggest Differentiator

One of the biggest differentiators of Privy is its extensive integration capabilities. With numerous integrations available, it is highly likely that Privy works seamlessly with your existing tool stack. Additionally, Privy now offers email automation functionality, which can serve as a substitute for tools like Clavio or delay the need for purchasing such tools until your store gains more traction. Another notable feature is the powerful segmentation components of Privy, allowing dynamic segmentation of users and personalized ad or pop-up serving based on various factors such as purchase history, visited pages, cart size, and user input fields.

Metric Impact

The most important metric impacted by Privy is the on-site conversion rate. By capturing personally identifiable information, particularly email addresses, you can nurture and market to potential customers more effectively, leading to a higher conversion rate. Additionally, Privy helps in growing your email list size rapidly, resulting in stronger brand awareness and more successful standalone sales campaigns or newsletter blasts.

When Should You Use Privy?

A pop-up builder like Privy should be utilized at all stages of your business. However, Privy becomes particularly valuable when you prioritize on-site conversion rate, test multiple creatives and offers, and drive the growth of your store. Even with traffic as low as 10,000 visitors per month, which is considered on the low end, Privy allows you to segment your audiences and target them more precisely.

When Shouldn't You Use Privy?

If you only plan on using a generic pop-up across your site without any segmentation or optimized email collection strategy, Privy may not be necessary. In such cases, considering a cheaper and simpler alternative might be more suitable. However, it is important to note that pop-ups, when executed well and with creativity, can effectively engage site visitors and drive deep interaction, contrary to the misconception that they are annoying and ineffective.

Track Integrations

Privy offers integrations with various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, and HubSpot, among others. It also provides integration with 38 different email service providers, such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Drip, Intercom, and Omnisend. Moreover, Privy integrates with Facebook Messenger platforms like Octane AI, ShopMessage, and Flash Chat, as well as other tools like for rewards programs, Recart for cart abandonment services, AdRoll for retargeting, and Slack for notifications. Additionally, Privy seamlessly works with Zapier, enabling integration with any other tools you may need.


Privy offers a free plan for sites with under 5,000 page views per month, providing access to all features. Beyond that, pricing starts at $20 per month for up to 10,000 page views. If you wish to add email marketing automation, it costs $10 per month for the first 1,000 contacts and $5 per month for every additional thousand contacts in your database. Notably, spikes in traffic will not cause excessive expenses as Privy considers your average trailing visitors to provide optimal support during peak seasons.

Set Up Time and Resources

Setting up Privy typically requires about five hours, which can be done by your head of marketing, digital marketing manager, or yourself if you are the CEO in the early stages. This time includes adding detailed segmentation, incorporating branded images, and crafting compelling offers and copywriting. After the initial setup, you may spend up to an hour per week to add and tweak various offers, conduct A/B tests, and analyze results. Privy advises following a crawl-walk-run strategy, gradually expanding and customizing offers and segmentation as you proceed.

Final Thoughts

There is a significant opportunity in collecting email addresses and other information from site visitors. This data enables the creation of personalized experiences across the website, leading to increased conversion rates, enhanced user experiences, and higher customer satisfaction. Privy is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes, provided that a segmentation and personalization strategy is implemented.

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