How Crown and Paw Made $1 Million/Month with Shopify

How Crown and Paw Made $1 Million/Month with Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Store: Crown and Paw
    1. Branding and Product Description
    2. Business Model: Print on Demand
    3. Pricing and Profitability
  3. Marketing Strategies
    1. Facebook Advertising
    2. Pinterest Marketing
    3. YouTube Promotion
  4. Scaling the Business
    1. Employing a Team
    2. Automation and Systems
  5. Conclusion

The Store: Crown and Paw

Crown and Paw, a Shopify store that achieved a remarkable feat of making a million dollars in a single month, serves as a perfect example for aspiring entrepreneurs. The store's branding is clean and simple, focusing on turning customers' pets into renaissance masterpieces. By uploading a pet's photo, the store promises to work their magic and create unique custom products. This print-on-demand business model has proven to be a successful venture for Crown and Paw.

Branding and Product Description

Crown and Paw's branding strategy revolves around simplicity and creativity. The store's main headline instantly captures the attention of pet owners: "Turn your pet into a renaissance masterpiece." This catchy phrase sets the tone for the store and creates curiosity among visitors. Their process of creating custom products may sound like magic, but in reality, it's a straightforward and attainable goal.

The store's product line is not limited to dogs but also includes other pets, showcasing the effectiveness of their strategy. By expanding their offerings, Crown and Paw can target a wider audience and increase their chances of success. They also offer different canvas sizes, enabling customers to personalize their orders and increase the average order value.

Business Model: Print on Demand

Crown and Paw's business model relies on the concept of print on demand. When customers upload a photo of their pet, a dedicated team, potentially sourced from platforms like Fiverr, brings their vision to life. With a four-day delivery timeline, Crown and Paw ensures that customers receive their canvas prints promptly. The use of integrated print-on-demand services, such as Printful, streamlines the fulfillment process, making it seamless and efficient.

While the exact details of Crown and Paw's cost structure remain unknown, it is reasonable to assume that they generate a significant profit margin. With an $18 profit on an $100 product, the business can cover design, manufacturing, and shipping costs and still make a substantial profit. Leveraging services like Printful further simplifies the process, making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to replicate Crown and Paw's success.

Pricing and Profitability

Determining the profitability of Crown and Paw's business is challenging without access to their financial data. However, the store's ability to drive a substantial amount of organic traffic and its diverse marketing strategies suggest that they have established a profitable operation. The nearly 7,000 views on one of their YouTube videos alone demonstrates their ability to reach a wide audience and generate social proof for their brand.

Moreover, Crown and Paw's focus on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest indicates that they understand the power of reaching consumers through multiple channels. By running various Facebook ads and posts on Pinterest, they can target different audiences effectively. This omni-channel approach can boost their overall brand visibility and potentially increase their profitability.

Marketing Strategies

Crown and Paw's success can be attributed to their effective marketing strategies, primarily focused on Facebook advertising, Pinterest promotion, and YouTube promotion.

Facebook Advertising

One of the key drivers of Crown and Paw's success is their extensive use of Facebook ads. The store runs a remarkable number of ad variations, ensuring they constantly test new creatives and find the winning formula. This dedication to testing different ad variations demonstrates the importance of ongoing experimentation to maintain strong results and avoid ad fatigue.

By leveraging the Facebook Ad Library, a free tool provided by Facebook, we can witness the extensive ad campaigns of Crown and Paw. Scrolling through the library reveals a multitude of ad variations, showcasing their relentless pursuit of optimizing their marketing efforts. This commitment to testing different creatives highlights a valuable lesson for other Shopify store owners: never settle for a single ad but continuously seek improvement and innovation.

Pinterest Marketing

Crown and Paw's success on Pinterest is commendable, as it drives over 5% of their total visitors. With 6.6 million monthly viewers, a significant portion of their traffic comes from organic reach. While their Pinterest ads might not convert as well as expected, they generate brand awareness and potentially lead visitors to convert through other channels like Facebook or email.

Becoming an omni-channel brand is crucial for future success, especially due to the upcoming iOS update. By expanding their presence beyond Facebook and utilizing platforms like Pinterest, Crown and Paw can diversify their reach and mitigate risks associated with relying solely on a single platform.

YouTube Promotion

In addition to their active presence on Facebook and Pinterest, Crown and Paw also tap into YouTube for marketing purposes. Though the specifics of their YouTube ads remain unknown, their videos garner significant organic views, such as the one with almost 7,000 views. Committing to multi-channel marketing ensures that Crown and Paw maximizes their brand exposure and maintains a strong online presence.

Scaling the Business

Crown and Paw's immense success can be attributed to more than just their marketing strategies. Scaling their business required careful planning, team-building, and the implementation of efficient systems and automation.

Employing a Team

To handle the high demand and constantly expanding product line, Crown and Paw likely relies on a dedicated team. While the exact size of their team remains unknown, it is safe to assume that they have a significant workforce. This enables them to manage product design, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service efficiently. Building a team is essential for scaling any business, as it allows for increased productivity and specialization in various areas.

Automation and Systems

Automation plays a vital role in Crown and Paw's ability to scale their operations effectively. By integrating a service like Printful into their Shopify store, they streamline the process of printing and shipping canvas orders. This simplifies the fulfillment process and allows the business to focus on serving their customers and growing their brand. Automating repetitive tasks and implementing efficient systems are key elements to achieve long-term success and scalability.


Crown and Paw's million-dollar success story serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. Through effective branding, a print-on-demand business model, successful marketing strategies, and scalability, they have achieved remarkable results. While profitability remains speculative, their ability to drive substantial organic traffic and diversify their marketing efforts indicates a promising future. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Crown and Paw's journey, emphasizing the importance of innovation, multi-channel marketing, and building efficient systems to thrive in the e-commerce industry.


  • Crown and Paw: A Shopify store that made a million dollars in a single month
  • The store's branding is clean, simple, and focused on turning pets into renaissance masterpieces
  • Print-on-demand business model enables customization and quick fulfillment
  • Extensive use of Facebook advertising and Pinterest marketing drives traffic and brand visibility
  • Successful YouTube promotion contributes to organic reach and social proof
  • Employing a team and implementing automation systems are crucial for scaling the business


Q: How much profit can I expect to make with a similar business model? A: Profitability can vary based on various factors such as pricing, advertising costs, and operational efficiency. While Crown and Paw's exact profit margins remain unknown, their success indicates that significant profits are feasible.

Q: Do I need a large team to run a print-on-demand business like Crown and Paw? A: While having a team can help manage high demand and ensure smooth operations, it is possible to start with a smaller team and gradually scale as the business grows. Outsourcing certain tasks, like design or customer service, can also be an option for solo entrepreneurs.

Q: Can I replicate Crown and Paw's success with a different niche? A: Absolutely! The key to success lies in understanding your target audience, creating a unique offering, and implementing effective marketing strategies. While pet portraits may have been Crown and Paw's niche, there are countless other niches that can yield similar success with the right approach.

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