From Zero to Hundreds: My 1 Week Dropshipping Journey

From Zero to Hundreds: My 1 Week Dropshipping Journey

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Perfect Product
  3. Creating a User-Friendly Website
  4. Marketing on Instagram
  5. Targeting College Students
  6. Consistency in Posting
  7. Analyzing Sales and Conversion Rates
  8. Evaluating Profitability
  9. Lessons Learned
  10. Conclusion

How I Took a dropshipping Store from Zero to Hundreds of Dollars Every Single Day in Just One Week

Introduction: In this article, I will share my journey of how I successfully built a dropshipping store and generated hundreds of dollars in sales every day within just one week. I will provide a step-by-step guide on finding the perfect product, creating a user-friendly website, marketing on Instagram, targeting college students, ensuring consistency in posting, analyzing sales and conversion rates, evaluating profitability, and discussing the lessons learned throughout the process.

Finding the Perfect Product: To kickstart our dropshipping business, the first step was to find a product that would resonate with our target audience. We wanted to sell something that was in high demand, useful, and already going viral. Utilizing platforms like TikTok, we discovered a portable washer machine that was gaining immense popularity. We conducted further research to ensure the product was available on AliExpress and analyzed the success of a competitor selling a similar variation of the product.

Creating a User-Friendly Website: With our product in hand, we moved on to creating a user-friendly website using Shopify. Utilizing the available free themes and customizing them with our brand colors, we aimed to make our website look professional and trustworthy. We focused on simplicity and emphasized the benefits of the product rather than overwhelming potential customers with lengthy product descriptions. High-quality images, including our branding of "As Seen on TikTok," were added to enhance the visual appeal.

Marketing on Instagram: Instead of relying on paid ads, we decided to leverage the organic reach and viral potential of Instagram to market our product. After careful analysis of our competitors' videos, we identified the target audience most likely to purchase our product – college students. By creating engaging videos discussing the product's relevance to college life, we aimed to capture the attention of both current and former college students. Consistency in posting was crucial, and we constantly strived to improve the quality of our content.

Targeting College Students: The key to our Instagram marketing strategy was targeting college students. We identified the pain points and needs unique to this demographic and crafted videos that resonated with their experiences. By highlighting how our product solved their problems, we were able to generate interest and drive sales among this specific audience segment. This approach allowed us to tap into a niche market and stand out from our competitors.

Consistency in Posting: To work in harmony with the Instagram algorithm, we prioritized consistent posting. By regularly uploading videos, we increased our chances of reaching a larger audience and gaining traction. We kept refining our content, focusing on good lighting, attention-grabbing visuals, and clear messaging. We understood that the success of our videos might not be immediate, but consistent efforts paid off in the long run.

Analyzing Sales and Conversion Rates: As sales started trickling in, we closely monitored our website traffic, conversion rates, and the performance of our videos. Despite obtaining significant views and website visitors, our conversion rates remained lower than anticipated. This prompted us to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing strategy, the quality of our website, and our competitors' performance. While profitability was still attainable, we recognized the potential for higher returns if we found another product with even greater demand.

Evaluating Profitability: After evaluating our profits and considering the potential for scaling up our business, we decided to shut down our current venture and explore new opportunities. Although we had achieved decent earnings within a week, we understood that finding a product that had the potential to generate tenfold sales was the smarter choice. Emphasizing profitability, we remained adaptable and recognized the importance of not becoming emotionally attached to a specific product.

Lessons Learned: Throughout our dropshipping journey, we learned valuable lessons that can benefit aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry. These lessons include the importance of consistency, the need for high-quality content, being mindful of audience preferences, analyzing conversion rates, and the necessity of adapting and evolving to maximize profits.

Conclusion: In conclusion, our experience demonstrated the potential of dropshipping to generate significant profits within a short period. By employing effective product research, creating a user-friendly website, adopting a targeted marketing strategy on Instagram, and maintaining consistency, we were able to achieve commendable success. However, it is crucial to remain adaptable, evaluate profitability, and continuously learn and evolve to unlock even greater possibilities in the dropshipping business.


  • The journey of building a successful dropshipping store in just one week
  • Finding the perfect product through viral trends and competitor analysis
  • Creating a user-friendly website that emphasizes simplicity and benefits
  • Harnessing the power of Instagram marketing and targeting college students
  • The importance of consistency in posting and the quality of content
  • Analyzing sales, conversion rates, and profitability
  • Lessons learned and the need to adapt and evolve in the dropshipping industry


Q: How long did it take for sales to start coming in? A: Sales started coming in on the fifth day, after consistent posting and gaining traction on Instagram.

Q: Why did you decide to shut down the business despite making profits? A: We recognized that finding another product with even greater demand and potential for higher profits would be a smarter choice in the long run.

Q: Was it necessary to target college students specifically? A: Targeting college students allowed us to tap into a niche market and resonate with a specific audience segment, increasing the chances of generating sales.

Q: What were the key factors in achieving success in just one week? A: Consistency in posting, high-quality content, effective product research, and a user-friendly website were the key factors that contributed to our success.

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