From Zero to $80k Revenue in Two Weeks - A Shopify Drop Shipping Case Study

From Zero to $80k Revenue in Two Weeks - A Shopify Drop Shipping Case Study

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background Story
  3. The First Day of Testing
  4. Day Two: Scaling Up
  5. Day Three: Rinse and Repeat
  6. Day Four: A Small Setback
  7. Day Five: Another Successful Day
  8. Day Six: Hitting the Pedal
  9. Day Seven: Scaling to New Heights
  10. Day Eight: Cash Flow Issues
  11. Day Nine: Applying for Amex Business Credit Card
  12. Day Ten: Another Massive Profit Day
  13. Day Eleven: Implementing Email Flows
  14. Day Twelve: Collaboration and New Opportunities
  15. Day Thirteen: More Profits and Growth
  16. Day Fourteen: Sustainable Profitability
  17. Conclusion

Article: From Zero to 80k Revenue in Two Weeks - A Shopify Drop Shipping Case Study


In this Shopify Drop Shipping case study, we will delve into how I achieved extraordinary success in a short span of time, going from zero to 80k revenue in just two weeks. This case study will not only serve as a testament to my e-commerce journey but also provide valuable insights, lessons learned, and strategies that contributed to this remarkable achievement.

Background Story

Like many of you, I embarked on my e-commerce journey by exploring TikTok Drop Shipping and testing various products. The experience I am about to share with you marked the beginning of my e-commerce career's significant breakthrough and served as a profound learning experience.

The First Day of Testing

On the 9th of June, I tested a new product which proved to be a game-changer. With an initial ad spend of $70, I generated a return of $391, resulting in a profit of $131 on the very first day. This unexpected success was a clear indication that I was onto something groundbreaking.

Day Two: Scaling Up

Encouraged by the success of the first day, I replicated the same campaign three more times on the second day. The result? A return of $1.5k with a profit of $400. This was an unprecedented achievement for me, surpassing my previous benchmarks.

Day Three: Rinse and Repeat

Building on the momentum of the previous days, day three witnessed remarkable consistency and profitability. By sticking to the same campaigns and adding a few more, I achieved a return of $1,200 on a modest ad spend of $338. This consistency instilled a profound sense of confidence as I realized the immense potential of this product.

Day Four: A Small Setback

Monday, day four, proved to be a slightly disappointing day with only five orders and $180 in revenue. However, given my relative inexperience in scaling and fears of losing money on Mondays, I played it safe by not pushing too hard. In hindsight, I realized that I missed an opportunity to capitalize on this day, as subsequent days demonstrated.

Day Five: Another Successful Day

Rebounding from the previous day's setback, I once again hit the $1k mark in profits. By maintaining the same campaigns and continuously adjusting budget allocations, I generated a return of $1.3k, reinforcing the sustainability and potential of this venture.

Day Six: Hitting the Pedal

Taking a leap of faith, I decided to scale further on the 14th day. Launching additional campaigns with increased budgets, I witnessed unprecedented success, hitting $3.2k in profits. This marked a significant turning point for me, both financially and personally.

Day Seven: Scaling to New Heights

Building on the previous day's success, I continued to ramp up my campaigns. With a total ad spend of $793, I achieved a staggering daily profit of $3.2k. This remarkable feat surpassed my initial expectations and propelled my confidence to new heights.

Day Eight: Cash Flow Issues

As my campaigns reached new heights, I encountered cash flow challenges. Spending rapidly and necessitating instant transfers from my PayPal to my bank account, I sought alternative solutions. Applying for an Amex Business Gold credit card proved to be the perfect remedy, providing the much-needed credit line to sustain my scaling efforts.

Day Nine: Another Massive Profit Day

Continuing with my scaled campaigns, I achieved another monumental day of success. With an ad spend of $1,000, I generated a return of $3.8k, adding to my growing profits. This reinforced the notion that strategic scaling and constant adjustments were key to maintaining profitability.

Day Ten: Implementing Email Flows

Recognizing the importance of leveraging email marketing, I collaborated with a business partner to implement email flows on my store. This simple addition yielded a staggering $3.6k in revenue within mere days, essentially translating to free money that enhanced my overall profit margins.

Day Eleven: Collaboration and New Opportunities

Fortunate to have connected with an experienced partner, who shared valuable insights and strategies for scaling and optimizing my store, I witnessed exponential growth. Our collaboration led to a range of opportunities, including negotiations with suppliers for lower costs and the establishment of an LLC and business bank account.

Day Twelve: Sustainable Profitability

Maintaining a consistent strategy and disciplined approach, I sustained profitability. With minor setbacks and adjustments, I continued to generate impressive returns. On the 16th day, I spent $8.7k and achieved a return of $21k, marking another milestone and further solidifying my success.


In this two-week journey, I achieved staggering success, generating a total profit of $20.4k. As I reflect on this experience, I realize that consistency, perseverance, and willingness to adapt were the driving forces behind my success. Furthermore, leveraging email marketing, collaborating with a knowledgeable partner, and adopting efficient scaling strategies allowed me to transcend previous limitations and achieve unprecedented results.

While this case study represents my personal journey, it serves as a testament to the potential within each aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur. With dedication, continuous learning, and a willingness to embrace challenges, anyone can experience transformative success in the world of drop shipping.


  • Achieving $80k in revenue in just two weeks through Shopify Drop Shipping
  • Overcoming challenges and setbacks
  • The importance of consistency and perseverance
  • Leveraging email marketing to enhance profitability
  • Collaborating with knowledgeable partners
  • Implementing efficient scaling strategies


Q: How long did it take to achieve $80k in revenue? A: The remarkable revenue was achieved within a span of just two weeks.

Q: What were the main factors contributing to the success? A: Consistency, perseverance, leveraging email marketing, collaboration with a partner, and strategic scaling played crucial roles in the exceptional results.

Q: Were there any setbacks? A: Yes, there were minor setbacks, but the ability to adjust and adapt quickly helped overcome them.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring drop shippers? A: Focus on consistency, continuous learning, and building effective partnerships. Embrace challenges and be willing to adapt strategies for sustained success.

Q: Will you be sharing more insights and strategies? A: Yes, through my Discord community, Rippy Club, I will be sharing in-depth tutorials, product reveals, and ad strategies to help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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