From Struggles to Success: My Journey in TikTok Dropshipping

From Struggles to Success: My Journey in TikTok Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Good Product
    • Using a TikTok Burner Account
    • Scrolling and Researching
    • Selecting a Product
  3. Setting Up the Store
    • Creating the Logo and Social Media Accounts
    • Building the Website
  4. Making Videos
    • Copying Competitor's Videos
    • Implementing Controversial Elements
    • Posting on TikTok and Instagram
  5. Understanding Viral Ecom Ads
    • Introducing Viral Ecom Ads
    • Benefits of Using Viral Ecom Ads
  6. Targeting the Right Audience
    • Using a USA SIM Card
    • Optimizing Content for the US Market
  7. Improving Video Quality
    • Comparing Competitor's Videos
    • Upgrading to a New iPhone
  8. Trying a New Product - The Mini Snipe
    • Exploring a New Product Opportunity
    • Making Unique Videos
    • Enhancing Video Quality with Sound Effects
  9. Going Viral and Increasing Sales
    • A Breakthrough with Controversial Content
    • Making Entertaining Videos
    • Reaping the Benefits of Virality
  10. Overcoming Conversion Challenges
    • Troubleshooting Low Conversion Rate
    • Dealing with Negative Reviews
  11. Conclusion

From Struggling to Succeed: My Journey in Drop Shipping


For the past five months, I've been on a challenging journey to succeed in the world of drop shipping. I have experimented with various products, strategies, and tactics, with little success. However, after months of frustration, I am thrilled to share that things have finally turned around for me.

Finding a Good Product

The first step in starting a successful drop shipping store is to find a product with strong market potential. To identify such a product, I employed a strategy using a TikTok burner account. This account allowed me to optimize my feed to showcase content exclusively from other drop shipping stores. After scrolling and researching for a couple of days, I stumbled upon a product that showed promising signs. It stood out from the rest due to its increasing popularity and reasonable pricing.

Setting Up the Store

Once I found the ideal product, I proceeded to set up my drop shipping store. This involved creating a compelling logo, setting up social media accounts, and building an appealing website. Within a few days, I had all the necessary elements in place and eagerly awaited the arrival of the product.

Making Videos

As I received the product, I faced a new challenge: creating engaging videos for marketing purposes. Given the lack of success with my previous video attempts, I decided to take inspiration from a competitor who was garnering attention for their controversial videos. I noticed that controversial content tends to go viral, so I incorporated elements that would spark debate or curiosity. Though my initial videos did not go viral, I persisted by re-uploading them on Instagram, where they gained significant traction and visibility.

Understanding Viral Ecom Ads

To enhance my marketing efforts, I delved into the world of viral Ecom ads. Viral Ecom Ads is a renowned company that specializes in creating high-converting ads specifically for drop shippers. With over 50,000 ads made for 25,000 clients, they are a trusted resource for many successful drop shippers. Their diverse range of ad formats, quick delivery, and proven track record made them an invaluable asset in my advertising strategy.

Targeting the Right Audience

Realizing that the majority of online buyers are based in the United States, I purchased a USA SIM card to target this market more effectively. By modifying my TikTok account settings, I was able to view content primarily from the US. This targeted approach proved beneficial, especially since my main competitor was receiving considerably more views.

Improving Video Quality

Upon comparing my videos to my competitor's, I identified a significant discrepancy in camera quality. Knowing that I couldn't compete with their superior equipment using my old iPhone SE, I made the decision to invest in a new iPhone. The upgrade not only improved the visuals but also boosted my confidence in creating more captivating content.

Trying a New Product - The Mini Snipe

Despite my initial success with the first product, I decided to venture into a new opportunity known as the Mini Snipe. This relatively unknown product caught my attention because it was being promoted by the same person who had previously achieved success with the fidget product. To differentiate myself from competitors, I crafted unique videos inspired by existing viral drop shipping content.

Going Viral and Increasing Sales

After multiple attempts, one of my videos featuring the Mini Snipe gained unexpected traction, accumulating over 500,000 views overnight. This success renewed my determination to achieve viral status consistently. By enhancing the production quality of my videos through sound effects, cuts, and zooms, I managed to maintain and even surpass the level of interest generated by my first viral video. As a result, I witnessed a significant increase in store visitors and experienced five satisfying sales.

Overcoming Conversion Challenges

While sales were steadily increasing, I encountered a hurdle in the form of a negative review. Upon investigating, I discovered that the review widget on my store was poorly configured, which affected the conversion rate. Swiftly rectifying the issue by improving the review system, I regained customer trust and witnessed a resumption of sales.


After five months of persistence and experimentation, my journey through drop shipping has finally transitioned from struggles to success. By implementing strategies such as finding a good product, creating engaging videos, leveraging viral Ecom ads, targeting the right audience, and enhancing production quality, I managed to overcome obstacles and achieve significant sales growth. As I continue in this entrepreneurial pursuit, I eagerly anticipate discovering new winning products and sharing my progress with you.

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